Last week we were all left with a million questions as Soo Wan regained her sight and ran off. It seems like Angel Eyes still had more in store for us as we waited for the last two episodes.... limitless drama! Let's jump in and see how the series concluded!

Poor Dong Joo wakes up to find Soo Wan gone. After searching for her, he resists most of the depression and keeps moving forward, wearing the ring that she intended for him, waiting for her to return. The man has the patience of a saint. Ji Woon returns to Korea for an expedition and asks Dong Joo to go to the next place for him. You can tell the Jo Woon is trying to help bring Dong Joo and Soo Wan back together to make up for some of the hardship he had put them through and I appreciated his effort.

Speaking of Ji Woon, he goes to visit his mother in jail. It was a profound scene. You could tell mother and son are both struggling, but are finally reaching a point where they can understand each other. You can also clearly see that his mother has realized all that she has done because of her obsession over her son and genuinely feels bad about. She is learning and growing as an individual.

Dong Joo does go to the island and happens upon Soo Wan when a mother goes into labor. Although there is a lot of shock, it becomes clear that Soo Wan doesn't want to return home. Dong Joo's love is relentless though. He returns to the island several times and, with the assistance of the family Soo Wan is staying with, convinces her to return.... just to have Dong Joo be hit by a car. Hasn't the poor man been through enough yet? It must have been just what Soo Wan needed to return to reality though, because she does return home to Dong Joo and her former position as an EMT.

We also saw the conclusion to many of the situations involving our supporting characters. After constant urging from the Chief and grandma, Teddy manages to tell Hae Joo how he feels. Even if she passed out before she could hear him, he states that he'll keep telling her every day until she knows. Jin Mo also learns the truth about his mother's passing. Although he tries to run away, after a bit of discipline from his father, I have a feeling their relationship will improve a lot. There will be no more hiding between the two and that is what they will need to heal.

Min Soo and Woo Chul are also seen at the end. Min Soo has been supporting Dong Joo since Soo Wan disappeared, which speaks volumes to her character. Later we see Woo Chul pull her over as joke, where it is clear both are happy with their current situations. After Soo Wan returns, we get to see that Woo Chul has reunited with his wife and has stopped smoking and drinking, leading to a happier and more productive person. He and Min Soo father/daughter-esque is adorable.

There were a few loose ends I would have liked to see tied up. Although we learn that Ji Woon's parents have divorced, I would have liked to have seen the punishment his father received for being involved in the hit-and-run situation. Further, I wish there would have been more elaboration about what happened to the police chief, however knowing that Min Soo and Woo Chul are now happy, there must have been something. Overall, Angel Eyes had a great ending.

All right lovely readers! Now that we have an end to Angel Eyes, what did you think? Were you happy with where the story led our characters? Anything you wanted to happen that didn’t quite get there? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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