Tanya: Welcome to the last official Angel Eyes drama club post! We are a little sad to see it go, but at the same time, we finally have an end to our story… Well girls, they really just couldn’t leave well enough alone, right? We had to have one more heart wrenching moment before it was over.

Wendilynn: With how stubborn and masochistic Soo Wan is, nearly killing Dong Joo off was the only way to get her to come to her senses….I guess.

Gina: But she was just SO stubborn! I’m not going to lie, she did come off as selfish to me at a few points.

Tanya: Well are least we know who will be getting the “most stubborn” awards at the next DF awards. I literally facepalmed when Dong Joo got hit with the care though. Hasn’t this poor guy been through enough for this girl? I think it was a little drastic. Also, can we please thank random guy from the island for being the only voice of reason?

Gina: Seriously! Dong Joo was breaking my heart!

Wendilynn: Although, I was glad he had another girl trying for him, even if she never had a chance. I thought it was a funny counterpoint to the heartbreak of watching Dong Joo miss Soo Wan.

Tanya: Ah yes, let’s throw him a celebrity stalker. It did have it’s fun points though, especially when he kissed Soo Wan in the middle of the emergency room to get his point across to the woman. At least she backed off… And they live happily ever after? What are your thoughts?

Gina: I’m just going to say that they do! Because these characters went through so much to get here and they more than deserve it! lol

Wendilynn: I also think they were going to be happy with each other. Although I wouldn’t want to be in Dong Joo’s shoes the next time Soo Wan thinks she’s to blame for something. And what was up with the “if only life had gone like this….” sequence? I just did not see the point in that at all, even if I was happy to see our teen leads again.

Tanya: That broke my heart honestly. It made my emotions about everything so much stronger because we actually saw the “what could have been” instead of just imagining it for ourselves. It bred so much disdain for me.

Gina: Same here! I cried more in those 15 minutes or so than I did during the rest of the last two episodes. It’s horrible because their lives would just have been so much easier and happy! Although it was a bit cruel to show us that happiness and just rip it away.

Wendilynn: There are a lot of people who live miserable lives because they cannot be happy in the now that they have because they spend all their time thinking about what could have been. In my mind, that was part of Soo Wan’s problem. She was so busy blaming herself for what might have been and was lost that she couldn’t grasp happiness in what she had. And she had a lot of reasons to be happy.

Tanya: To bring up the happiness in the now, I’m also content with the way the triangle between the Chief, Teddy and Hae Joo ended. I’m happy that, while difficult, Jin Mo finally knows the truth so they can move on. Also, the fact that Teddy finally has some resolve even if she passed out before he could tell her that he likes her. I think he’s actually stepping up now.

Gina: I agree about the little “love triangle,” and that scene with Jin Mo broke my heart into a million pieces! Jun Ji Hoon is such a great actor already!

Wendilynn: Agreed. I was thoroughly impressed with how they played that. Jin Mo was played very well and watching Dad get all angry from being scared. Oh, I’ve been there. And then to see Teddy be able to carry passed out Hae Joo and even say out loud that he liked her was huge.

Tanya: His statement after he realized that she was passed out made me happy for him. He was certain he would tell her every single day for the rest of his life. I’m happy that he could get there. I don’t understand why he wasn’t there to begin with. Oh! And props to the grandma for being the wingman. It was hilarious.

Wendilynn: Grandma rocked. You could tell though that Hae Joo understood that she was being referred to from that little smile she gave at the end of the scene. Which is probably why she said what she said when she got drunk later about how you need to say it for it to mean anything.

Gina: And we can’t forget about Ji Woon! I thought it was so adorable how he made Dong Joo go help out on the island because he knew Soo Wan was there!

Tanya: I have a feeling that is was part of the way he was atoning for his sins. If he could bring them back together, surely there was some forgiveness. I think that it helped some. Obviously he can speak to Dong Joo without the latter trying to take him out, so they still have a friendship. I was also happy to see that he and his mother have come to some sort of peace, although I’m not sure she deserves it.

Wendilynn: I really liked the scene between Ji Woon and his mother. So often you get these characters that think that death is preferable to living with a mistake. Mistakes are there to learn from and to grow better. You could see that Ji Woon’s mom was able to wake up from the obsessive insanity she had been living in.

Tanya: I would have liked to know what happened to Prosecutor Kang and the police chief for their involvement in the whole situation. She obviously wasn’t alone… She shouldn’t be the only one dealing with punishment.

Gina: What I liked about Ji Woon’s mother is that we often see characters that remain one dimensionally evil throughout the run of a show, and it was nice to see a character admit they were wrong and want to atone for their sins.

Tanya: Two more! Cha Min Soo and Kim Woo Chul. I was happy seeing them both happy and healthy! They have very much turned into a father-daughter sort of thing. Very cute.

Wendilynn: Yes, it was nice to see Woo Chul in a job that he liked and back with his wife. That interplay at the traffic stop was funny.

Gina: That was so cute! I’m glad he told her they should see each other more often! I loved their relationship.

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