After the first two episodes of Angel Eyes, we were left feeling so many emotions. They were both such wonderfully heartbreaking episodes that I was worried these next two might not live up to the first two. But of course, episodes 3 and 4 were great! Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon transitioned amazingly into their roles. So let's get started talking about this week's episodes!

Fast forward 12 years and Dong Joo is now back in Korea. He's an accomplished doctor, and he's accepted the job as Department Chair in Se Young Hospital which is where his mother died 12 years ago and where Soo Wan's father works. His entrance into the hospital is rather humorous because the hospital's employees did not realize that Dong Joo (who now goes by Dylan) was actually their new superior!

Dylan quickly proves that he is still the sweet Dong Joo that we remember from the first two episodes by consoling a crying child about his mother and making sure that she is taken care of completely. After successfully completing an almost miraculous surgery on the boy's mother in record time, he comes out to assure the little boy that she is alright.

After Kang Ha Neul's flawless performance as the young Dong Joo, Lee Sang Yoon had some pretty big shoes to fill. However, Sang Yoon definitely won over our hearts in his first two episodes already! And speaking of our two leads, Gu Hye Sun's portrayal of Soo Wan was also wonderful! She is ten times as feisty as she was in the past, but I love it. She is taking full advantage of having her vision back, and she isn't taking anything from anyone. Having once been blind has made her appreciate all of the little things so much more. I also love that she still uses the cooking cassettes that Dong Joo's mom made for her. You can tell how much Dong Joo and his family still mean to Soo Wan. She even admits this at the end of the fourth episode.

Even though Soo Wan is supposed to be engaged, she still has a special fondness in her heart for Dong Joo and his family after all these years. Of course we knew as soon as Ji Woon said that he had someone to introduce to Dylan, it was going to be Soo Wan. The second lead syndrome is already very strong with Ji Woon because he's basically perfect. I'm just hoping two things: 1) That he stays wonderful and nice and 2) That he doesn't get too hurt throughout the show as it is inevitable that Soo Wan and Ji Woon are going to break up.

Yes, and so are we (but for both of you to be honest). Stay tuned for part 2 of the Angel Eyes Drama Club where we discuss Dong Joo and Yoon Jae Bum's relationship, Seung Ri, the murder mystery, and more!

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