Gina: So this week’s episodes of “Angel Eyes” were a great follow up to last week’s heartbreakingly beautiful episodes! Our lead actors found their footing in their respective roles and blended very well with the acting of their younger counterparts. Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon have already made me feel like they are the same characters from last week!

W: I would agree with you Gina. I had no problem with Lee Sang Yoon portrayal of Dong Joo, now named Dylan. He channeled Ha Neul well. Hye Sun also pulled off her character well. I would expect someone who was sick and tired of having everyone doing everything for them because they were blind to be aggressive in her own life now that she could see.

Gina: Very true! I love how feisty Soo Wan is! I’m also really glad that there are still flashbacks to their younger selves as well. What’s really interesting to me is how Soo Wan’s father has become a father figure in Dong Joo’s life. It’s very weird because it doesn’t make sense why he would still hide his letter from Soo Wan.

W: I know why he’s doing that. One, he’s taking care of Dong Joo because after all, his mother gave his daughter her eyes. Two, right now, his daughter is marrying into a “complete family” and won’t have the conflict that he imagines there will be if she stays with Dong Joo knowing that her eyes come from his mom. Then there is the whole guilt factor now that we know we didn’t try to save his mom nearly as hard as we were led to believe last week.

Gina: Very true. He’s probably completely paranoid about everything coming out about Dong Joo’s mom’s eyes because he could lose all of his credibility as a doctor.

W: That’s the irony, too, because we know she was murdered. Even if he hadn’t paused, she would have still died. We also know that whoever hit her also framed the cop to get him out of the way from investigating. So we now have a mysterious bad guy who is fully aware of the score.

Gina: That’s what’s really scary! Who would go through all the trouble to murder an innocent woman and what were they trying to hide?

W: No kidding. And I’m sure it will come out of left field when they show up. To change direction a little bit, I’d like to mention a couple of the supporting cast. I’m so excited to see “Jin Joo” from Bride of the Century playing a nurse in the ER. I feel like a friend followed me to the Drama Club. And Seung Ri trying to put a southern drawl on his Korean was hysterical. I laughed every time he opened his mouth.

Gina: Oh same here! It was so funny when they tricked him into thinking Soo Wan was choking. Also, Kim Ji Suk’s character has already made me love him! I hope he stays charming and nice, but I don’t know if that will be the case yet. At this point at least, Ji Woon seems like he’s absolutely perfect.

W: What is up with him always suffering from second lead syndrome? Always the best friend never the groom? He is really wonderful with Soo Wan. You can understand why Dong Joo is willing to back away because he sees she is in good hands. As much as he wants to hate the guy, you just can’t. At least not yet.

Gina: For real! When is Kim Ji Suk going to get the girl in one of his dramas? I’m just hoping that it’s not Ji Woon’s family that is somehow responsible for Dong Joo’s mom’s murder. Because that would be just horrible.

W: It was very touching how all three characters end up rescuing the mom and baby in the end of episode 4. Then we get Dong Joo and Soo Wan drinking away the stress at the observatory. I could feel Dong Joo’s conflict as he was listening to his memory being loved and hated by Soo Wan.

Gina: It is also so frustrating because Soo Wan keeps getting so close to figuring out the truth! I hope they don’t take too long for the big reveal. I know that Dong Joo is hiding who he is for Soo Wan’s benefit, but I just hope it comes out soon!

W: I expect her to figure it out here next week. She’s right on the edge of putting the pieces together. And I think Dong Joo now knows that she never knew why he left her. That she somehow didn’t get his letter.

Check back next week as we find out the answers to some of our questions! Will Soo Wan find out about Dong Joo’s identity? Will her father continue hiding that he knew about Dong Joo’s letter? And just who is our mystery murderer?

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