Welcome back K-drama fans. The Angel Eyes Drama Club is glad to be with you guys once again as the stations start airing our favorite shows again. Did you give any new shows a try the last few weeks while we waited? I certainly did. This week saw a lot of pushing and pulling between our love birds.

Suspicions and discoveries mark most of episodes 5 and 6. It's easy to get lost in the love story of Dong Joo and Soo Wan that we might not pay as much attention to our secondary stories. Thanks to Teddy and his red pajamas (laughter) I just had to give them a little attention.

Due to the upsetting events taking place in South Korea with the passengers of the capsized ferry, the entertainment industry decided to not release any new episodes in respect for those who are in mourning. We here at the Angel Eyes Drama Club also send our warmest prayers and condolences to the families during this difficult time.

Let’s get started with our conflicted parents shall we? Long time friends and business partners at the hospital, they are currently pending in-laws, but all is not well in Wonderland. The Mom, played by Jung Ae Ri is not really all that thrilled with having Soo Wan as a daughter in law. She was her doctor who did the eye surgery, she knows her inside and out and while she loves her as a niece, she wants someone with a little more prestige for her son, who she has plans for. She doesn't like that Dong Joo keeps showing up her son. Having the Chancellor offer to introduce his daughter I'm sure thrilled her with its possibilities.

The Dad, played by Jung Jin Young, has finally come clean with Dong Joo about why he withheld the information about our lovebirds. Both find themselves in agreement that Soo Wan should never know about whose eyes she has. The Dad quickly buys a plane ticket for Joo Wan to get him out of there before anyone finds out who he is. Dong Joo doesn't want to go, but he doesn't have a good reason to stay either.

Our hapless detectives. Kim Woo Chul, retired, currently estranged from his wife and family and living life as a useless bum. Up to this point, I believe he was ruined by whoever didn't want to be discovered as the owner of the hit and run. It's hard when one's life is ruined because you didn't keep your nose short. He currently feels like he's let Dong Joo down because he never solved the case.

Cha Min Soo, Soo Wan's best friend and owner of a mean right hook. She has appointed herself as caretaker of Woo Chul and keeps him from completely falling into the gutter. She is in the unenviable task of being someone EVERYONE feels they can talk to and unload on. I imagine she will become the owner of all the secrets as this series progresses. Let's just hope our shadowy bad guy doesn't try to ruin her as well.

BLACKMAIL!! Our Dad is in a rough spot. Someone saw him try to kill Jung Hwa and now can cause a lot of trouble. Right now all he wants is money, but I don't see this playing out well. It doesn't matter that he did try to save her in the end. We all have those momentary lapses of good judgment. Its just inconvenient when they get observed by someone who has no reason to be understanding. Is our blackmailer in any way connected to our killer?

Poor Ji Woon. It's hard to not like someone you'd just love to hate but is so darn adorable, you just can't. Dong Joo doesn't really want to like this guy but he's too decent to screw over. If anyone less upstanding and warm was engaged to Soo Wan, I have no doubt Dong Joo would have stepped in. Our Ji Woon is in a tough situation. He's head over heels for a girl whose pining for someone else and his mom wants him to raise his status with a "proper" marriage. Unlike most characters suffering from Second Male Lead Syndrome, he is not passive and brotherly. He's actively pursuing the girl he's in love with and engaged to. He is not taking anything for granted because he knew he was fighting an uphill battle against the mysterious "first love" when he got started.

Somebody is missing their grandma a little too much. I am so thankful for Teddy. Unlike romantic comedies, melodramas are a little short in the humor department. Thankfully, the writers have given us our adorable maknae EMT who can't help but be funny. Seung Ri does a great job giving us reasons to laugh and smile as he plays our Korean American who doesn't quite understand Korean culture and phrases. This scene with the red pajamas cracked me up. I laughed so hard. I know you miss your grandmother, but WHY would you put the resuscitation dummy in the pajamas?!! The Chief screaming when he saw him just slayed me. You know this is going to follow Seung Ri for awhile? I wonder how many fans are going to be sending him silk pajamas? (wink) Lacking family can be hard and I'm glad the Chief allows Teddy to come join in some family time with his son.

This is just a little taste of some of the under currents going on in Angel Eyes. Join us in the next article as Tanya and Gina join me and we hash out what we liked and didn't like in our love story this week. Tell in the comments what you think of our secondary characters? Did you laugh as much as I did when you saw that dummy wearing the pajamas? What new dramas did you discover while we were waiting for new episodes?

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