Welcome to part two of this week’s Angel Eyes Drama Club. Gina, Tanya and I will be chatting about our favorite moments in episodes 5 and 6. We saw a lot of movement this week between Dong Joo and Soo Wan. All the little pieces were starting to click together for our girl.

Gina: I loved that Soo Wan picked up on all of the little things that reminded her of Dong Joo! It is even cuter because she never actually saw him, and she was still able to figure out that Dylan was him!

Tanya: This week was so good! I really do love this show. I was actually a little surprised that it took so long to click for her, but I think any faster would have ruined the storyline.

Wendilynn: There were a lot of things for her to pick up. The movie and song on his phone were big clues and then the principle letting it all go.

Gina: Yes! I was so glad when the principal screamed “Dong Joo!!!” It definitely made for faster plot development! I’m just really glad they didn’t drag on the secret for too long.

Wendilynn: Yeah, because you know you have to give plenty of time to drag out the agony of whether she breaks off her engagement and breaks Ji Woon’s heart or not. lol

Tanya: I kind of feel like he knew what he was in for because she’s always been very straightforward about waiting for Dong Joo. I think heartbreak is bound to happen...

Gina: Very true. Although it looked like that may be happening soon based on next week’s preview. Poor Ji Woon. He got in the middle of our OTP for this drama.

Wendilynn: I would imagine it would be hard to not be upfront about it all. Soo Wan doesn’t exactly hide her emotions. Ji Woon’s mom should be happy, though.

Gina: She so will be! I hope Ji Woon gets a happy ending too because he is such a sweetheart! I wonder if Min Soo will end up having a crush on him at some point.

Wendilynn: A detective or a Chancellor’s daughter...hmmmm, I wonder who mom would approve of. lol Dad won’t be happy either. He’s trying desperately to keep Soo Wan from learning about the lens donor. Thankfully, Dong Joo doesn’t want her to know either.

Tanya: It’s actually really heartbreaking. I am very sure she will know soon though.

Gina: When she finds out though (which she eventually will) she will be so upset and hurt. I feel bad for her already.

Wendilynn: Remember, though, Mom already told her that she would donate her eyes if she ever got the chance because she loved her so much. Hopefully, she remembers that.

Gina: I think she will remember that, but I’m just hoping that she doesn’t blame herself for her father not trying to save her.

Wendilynn: Now there is one secret that I would be happy to never be told. I think the Dad has gone above and beyond paying her back for his momentary lapse of judgment.

Gina: I’m glad that he immediately regretted it, and tried to save her at least. You could see that he was desperately driven to it because of his guilt about his daughter losing her sight. It still was a horrible thing to do in the first place, but he has made up mostly for it.

Tanya: Everyone makes bad decisions, including doctors. I am actually happy that he did try to fix it by trying to save her. He also took care of Dong Joo in his own way, although that also doubled as a way to keep him away from Soo Wan, but I think he’s been trying to repent.

Wendilynn: Its unfortunate that there is a blackmailer as well as a killer on the loose. Our lovebirds have enough obstacles as it is.

Gina: Very true. I’m happy that the truth is out about Dong Joo’s feelings for Soo Wan at least! I’m glad that she was able to listen to his recording throughout the years and realize that he never forgot about her, despite what he has said to her.

Wendilynn: I would love to have an mp3 player full of thoughtful recordings like that. Boys, pay attention, this is how you earn lots and lots of brownie points.

Tanya: Seriously! Collect all the points… and such a simple method too!

Gina: That scene at the end at the airport was so emotional. Goo Hye Sun’s acting was on point; you could feel her heartbreak as well as relief that he hadn’t forgotten her.

Wendilynn: When she started blowing the whistle, I got a little teary. I’m so glad Dong Joo didn’t walk away.

Tanya: I was sure he would come running, but he was already there. I’m glad he faced her.

Gina: Same here! At least he finally admitted to the truth after being mean to her all those other times just “for her benefit” or whatever that was.

Wendilynn: no kidding. His respect for Ji Woon was the big reason he was keeping his distance and willing to go home. He knew she was in good hands and he didn’t want her finding out about the eyes. But I think he would have died a little if he had got on that plane never having had the chance to say he missed her.

Gina: Oh definitely. He would have regretted it forever. I do love the bromance between Dong Joo and Ji Woon though. It’s a shame that it will probably be ruined soon due to the love triangle. Ji Woon really is a sweet person (at least so far!).

Now that Dong Joo and Soo Wan have let each other know how they missed each other, what's going to happen next? Will Soo Wan be able to break the hearts of her Dad and Fiancee? Will Dong Joo be able to stay friends with that adorable rascal Ji Woon? And who in the world is the mystery killer? I'm a little surprised that we're at episode 6 and haven't even been given a hint of who it could be yet. Tell us in the comments what your impressions have been so far.

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