Angel Eyes has continued to be an intense drama with twists and turns, so it is certainly no surprise that this week was no exception!

I was honestly surprised that Dong Joo actually left Soo Wan after that touching reunion scene last week. Although he did return after some time, it was hard watching Soo Wan go through more heartbreak because she was once again left behind by her first love. Also, we clearly know that phones exist in their world, so why didn't Dong Joo call her and let her know he would be returning?! Soo Wan may have been angry and upset, she may have possibly hung up on him a few times, but it would have saved so much heartache.

I am still uncertain whether I should feel sorry for Ji Woon or just call him stupid and be done. I understand that he loves Soo Wan, however he has always know that he was not first in her heart and the fact that he is clinging so persistently after she has ended it with him leads to me to this confusion I have. I am all for persistence, but buying a house and saying "This is where we'll live" right after a girl leaves you does not seem to be the most sane move ever. Both Ji Woon and Soo Wan need time and space, but Ji Woon seems to be unwilling to except that.

I was actually concerned that they may not bring Hae Joo back into the picture, but I am sure glad she did. The character is going to add another interesting comedy dynamic to this rather serious show that I think is well-needed. She has already caught Teddy's interest, and although she created momentary friction between Dong Joo and Soo Wan, now that it is clear she is Dong Joo's sister, I think she will become an important confidant for Soo Wan.

The bromance between Teddy and the station chief, Ki Woon Chan, is undeniable. I appreciate that he was willing to take interest in Teddy and help him feel at home in Korea. I also love the fact that Teddy is willing to help with Chief's son Jin Mo. Although Teddy doesn't understand why the Chief has not told Jin Mo about his mom, he cares enough that he's willing to do anything to help, including coming up with a last minute birthday gift. That Spiderman scene was precious!

So what did you think of this week's episodes? Will Teddy and Woon Chan escape Spiderman? Will Dong Joo and Soo Wan be able to be together? Can Ji Woon move on? Will Hae Joo be interested in Teddy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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