We were blown away by another crazy turn of events this week in Angel Eyes. Come discuss!

Tanya: So we go from the most amazing reunion scene with the whistle to her being left alone?! I was a little blown away by that actually.

Wendilynn: Well he did have obligations in the states he had to wrap up. But I still couldn’t believe he left. In a way I am glad they are playing their story a little differently, because I find the secondary stories more interesting than their love story so I appreciate the shock moments.

Tanya: I am honestly happy the detective, Kim Woo Chul, is so interested in the case again. He seems to have new motivation to find closure.

Gina: I also love Min Soo’s relationship with him. They are super adorable together! But I also agree about the secondary characters. I am already loving Hae Joo all grown up. I’m excited to see her interactions with Teddy especially!

Wendilynn: I was so happy to see her. I was sad thinking we wouldn’t see her again. And Teddy’s dumbstruck look was too cute.

Tanya: I also was worried they wouldn’t be bringing Hae Joo back in, but I’m so glad they did! She’s going to shake things up and make it interesting just like she did when she was younger. Hae Joo will be bringing more of the relief this serious drama needs.

Wendilynn: I don’t know, Chief and Teddy were doing a pretty good job. I guess they needed a triangle too. lol

Gina: Chief’s son has also been hilarious with Teddy too! One of the sweetest moments so far was also when Teddy surprised him with birthday presents from his mom in the States. Even though it’s not good to keep pretending that his mom is still alive, it was still such a sweet thing to do.

Wendilynn: Spiderman and the tied up villains. I was laughing so much. That was adorable. Then we get the surprise return of Dong Joo.

Gina: Another thing that I liked was how direct Soo Wan was with Ji Woon about her feelings. Even though he’s so nice and perfect, she was completely right to tell him the truth about her feelings. It’s never good to string someone along like that.

Wendilynn: Especially someone who is as decent and awesome as Ji Woon. I can only imagine how many viewers have serious cases of SLS this time around.

Tanya: I actually respect the writers for working that in. I really don’t like when the lead drags someone around for their own benefit, whether male or female, so honestly props to the writers this time. And even I have SLS…. Kim Ji Suk really needs to pick a role that gives him the girl!

Wendilynn: I think after this drama, the clamor for him to get his own girl will be pretty loud. I haven’t seen all his dramas yet, so I don’t know if he’s already played a character that does. Most the time, he plays scumbags.

Gina: Both Kim Ji Suk and Kang Ha Neul will hopefully be leads/get the girl in their own dramas soon!

Wendilynn: What about the move Dad pulled to try and stop Soo Wan and Dong Joo by publicly calling him his son?

Tanya: I was so angry. Don’t even get me started.

Wendilynn: Agreed, totally a low blow. But I have to say I was surprised that Dad told Ji Woon’s Mom about the attempted murder. Now of course, we know she was murdered by someone else. I found Mom’s reaction about parents protecting their children to be telling. Perhaps she’s our bad guy after all? Which would double suck for Ji Woon.

Tanya: I don’t even know if I could handle that, although she’s always been a little too calm about everything, which made me suspicious. It could have been planned out for so long… Ah! Gives me the creeps just thinking about it!

Wendilynn: Ji Woon is getting screwed by the writers if that's the case. He’s been having a bad night on his 2000 day anniversary as it is.

Gina: I hope that’s not the case, but I definitely think that there is something suspicious about her. Poor Ji Woon, losing his girl and his mom may be evil.

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