Tanya: Another heartbreaking week for Angel Eyes, but I’m glad that progress seems to be happening quickly. I did have momentary feels for Ji Woon, but they quickly disappeared once he decided to start acting like a brat.

Wendilynn: I totally understood where Ji Woon was coming from. So did Dong Joo, which is why he let him hit him. lol

Tanya: I do understand, but I’m also one of those people that sees if a person I love no longer wants me, then I’ll move on and do better.

Wendilynn: I also am that type. I don’t hold on, but I can see why Ji Woon is still trying to. But his story is just not going well. This decent person has got hell running after him.

Tanya: And we saw more sort-of scary/evil from his mother. I’m really afraid of what she’s going to turn out to be by the end of all of this.

Wendilynn: Agreed. We don’t know if it was her or her husband behind the wheel, but she is our bad guy willing to do whatever it takes to keep her status quo. I’m bothered by what she is wanting from that blackmailer. She put a drug addict in charge of the pharmacy. What is she expecting him to do? And I’ve got a sneaky suspicion is has to do with hurting the Dad somehow. Covering her bases.

Tanya: That’s entirely possible. Speaking of parents, still less than thrilled with Soo Wan’s father. They ended up like this because of him and yet he sits there and blames them for everything. My heart broke when Soo Wan found all the letters that Dong Joo sent to her.

Wendilynn: My breath caught in my throat. All those times he wrote to her. I’m glad Dong Joo convinced her to forgive her Dad, though. It really shows the heart of Dong Joo and how much he loves the Dad. Which he’s going to need to get past when its revealed his part in his mother’s death. Even though we know she was murdered before he could screw up.

Tanya: I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to handle those feels… Or when Soo Wan learns why she can see, which I anticipate happening.

Wendilynn: I was actually expecting the Dad to use that as his trump card to keep them apart. Instead, he tells Dong Joo to make her happy.

Tanya: At least they got to have a good kiss this week! And under the stars, which is their thing so it made it a bit more meaningful.

Wendilynn: How many of us re-watched that scene over and over just to enjoy that sweet kiss? *raises hands*

Tanya: I think I was too distracted by the Hae Joo and Jin Mo cuteness!

Wendilynn: Spiderman and Catwoman. ROFL!! Teddy was in heaven. I love watching Seung Ri. I hope he does more dramas because he’s really a hoot to watch.

Tanya: I think he’s being somewhat under-utilized in this drama, but that typical of first roles. The same thing happened to Lee Hong Ki, but we see how far he’s grown now. More about that another time! Did the shopping make you laugh as much as I did?

Wendilynn: Yes, it did. I love it when they call each other for medical advice. Talking about flirting in a fun way. Comatose patients, indeed. LOL!

Tanya: So we have concluded that we’re on this Soo Wan-Dong Joo ship. And then after all the happy, Soo Wan finds the letter from the hospital.

Wendilynn: At least she now knows that she wasn’t abandoned for real. All doubt is now at rest.

Tanya: That is true. I did actually kind of come to peace with Soo Wan’s father when he went to visit his wife’s grave and explained himself… Although I think he owes apologies to more than just her.

Wendilynn: I’m really curious where the writer wants to take us with his character. Right now, he could go in so many different directions. Same for Ji Woon.

Tanya: I want them to tell me how they make the fish bite on cue…

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