Welcome to the drama club for tvN's newest drama, Answer Me 1994! It's me, Shai, and I am back with Lore and June. I didn't see Answer Me 1997 until way after it aired, and I loved it, so I was excited to know that another one was in the works. Instead of seeing H.O.T. and Sechs Kies fangirls, now we get to see an equally obsessive fan of basketball star Lee Sang Min and Seo Taiji.

In this first post, we'll just give our overall impression of the first 2 episodes and it seems that no one was really disappointed.

June: Words cannot explain how excited I am for Answer Me 1994 but I had to tell myself that this was different from Answer Me 1997! I'm ready for all the craziness Answer Me 1994 will bring me! I've missed all the nostalgia, dialects and most importantly the computer and its dial-up noise!

After watching the first episode, it reminded me so much of my past trips to Seoul. I couldn't help but remember how complicated Seoul can be. Though thankfully, I was quickly able to figure out the subway system. One of my favorite moments has to be when Il Hwa was giving out directions to the home stay! It reminded me of the directions I was given to get to my hostel! So I feel you Sam Chun Po, I feel for you! So far, I'm really enjoying that this drama is based in Seoul!

One thing I'm really hoping is that they don't try to replicate Answer Me 1997. They have already replicated the whole "who is the husband" thing but I really hope it doesn't go beyond that. But other than that, I am starting to really enjoy this drama! I love all the crazy banter between Na Jung and her brother but also the fan girl element that this drama brings. It reminds me of Answer Me 1997, but in a different way! I definitely can't wait for more episodes.

Lore: I forgot how much the sheep noise makes me laugh. Sad, I know, but I still find this sound effect freaking hilarious. …baaaaaaah!

After finishing episode 2 I realized it was a slow process on my part to remember the feel of the Answer Me shows. The long conversations and moments that just are not always pushing the story somewhere (I am still looking at you episode 1). AM94 feels like dropping in on actual people having a conversation: sometimes it is boring sometimes it is hilarious, but it is always real. This is a strong point of the Answer Me series, and the reason it delivers nostalgia so well (because to remember things fondly we kind of need realism).

My opinion is not all roses, however. I am not digging the duplicate hook to the story: guess who the heroine ended up marrying?! I was hoping this show presented a different mystery to ponder and not just a copy of what kept me hooked to AM97. Even with the duplicate hook, there is a lot of things here to like. The characters are fun and endearing; the actors are doing a phenomenal job. The story so far is interesting and the setting – a homestay – offers endless possibilities for comedy. My initial impression is me likey what I see, I am hoping that AM94 continues leaving me feeling this way. Cheers!

Shai: Like I had said, I was happy that they were creating another one but I also had concerns about whether or not they'd try to recreate what they had with AM97 with AM94. As June said, so far we already have the whole "Who is her husband?" thing, but minus the whole pregnancy thing. So far, I can see it has it's own colors and I am happy about that. I am really enjoying how the characters are interacting and dealing with life in the big city. One of my favorite parts came in episode 2 when Haetae and Sam Chun Po went on their blind dates and were confused by the orders at KFC. It was cute and sad how accidentally ordering too much could ruin a date.

I like how episode 1 showed us Na Jung and Trash's sibling relationship and then episode 2 threw it on us that they were in no way related. I mean, I saw that coming but I like how it was handled. We didn't really hear her say it to his face, but we discovered it in a little flashback from Na Jung when she was talking about her dream. We saw Trash laying in bed with her from an entirely different perspective after learning who he was. I have to say, so far so good. I love all the characters and the setting. Even if you aren't Korean, you can still get a sense of the hardships that came from living away from home for the first time. You are now living in a new place surrounded by new people and experiences. It can be hard, but also fun once you find yourself adapting. They did a good job at capturing everyone's thoughts and feelings, well except for the ever elusive Seo Taiji fangirl, Yoon Jin.

What are your first impressions of the drama so far? Love it? Hate it? Haven't seen it yet so you're not sure? Let us know!

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