Welcome to part 2 of this week’s Answer Me 1994 Drama Club! Today the Drama Club will be chatting about why we are cheering for Chun Po, the identity of suitor #5, and other bits of drama goodness from the first two episodes. Remember to let us know what you think in the comments!

Lore: So where do we want to start?

Shai: Characters?

June: Sounds great!

Lore: I don't know about you guys, but I already have a major soft spot for Chun Po!

Shai: I love him! He's so innocent.

June: Omg me too! I felt so bad for him when he was trying to get to the home stay.

Lore: I know!

June: Seoul can get a little overwhelming.

Shai: That scene was so sad it almost broke my heart

June: Especially when he was talking to his mom!

Lore: That got to me too! Poor kid. I am loving his dynamic with his roomie.

June: Same. I can foresee a lot of funny moments from them in the future.

Shai: I laughed when they were arguing. Both of them with their accents were just hilarious.

June: I love how this drama has all the different dialects!

Lore: The entire cast has a mad, funny dynamic going on. Thoughts about the leads?

June: I am already betting that Na Jung's husband is the brother's friend!

Shai: I know that there were concerns about Go Ara, but I think she fits the role well.

June: I agree. I think she is going a great job in her role!

Lore: I agree times three, Go Ara is doing an awesome job. It is hard to imagine a heroine as like-able as Shi Won (from AM97), but Go Ara’s portrayal is seriously a contender for spunky heroine of the year.

June: I agree- because I won't even lie, Shi Won has to be my most favorite character in the history of KDramas, but Na Jung is awesome as well!

Shai: Am I the only one who loves her yelling "Oppa-ya!" Haha.

Lore: Haha- love it too! Am I the only one laughing at the sheep noises again?!

June: I love the whole yelling of the "Oppa-yah" lol. Lol, I missed the sheep noises too!

Shai: I laugh every time that sheep noise plays. I think my favorite female lead has to be Noh Min Jung from All About My Romance, but I am loving Na Jung.

Lore: Thoughts on suitor’s #4 and #5 (as introduced in episode 2)?

June: I'm excited to see what role they will play in the drama! I know that the dad already likes Chil Bong because of his baseball history. I'm very interested to see how well Baro can act!

Shai: Hmm I have nothing real to say about Baro's character because he showed up so late. Trash was suitor #5 right? I squealed when he was shown as number 5.

Lore: Trash was suitor #5! I forgot...that dangnabit plot twist!

June: Oops… wait- I think I got the suitors wrong haha!

Shai: Haha Idk I think it’s because she said out of the men, one is her husband. Darn, we gotta go through that again….

Lore: That plot twist messed up our logical suitor list! Aish!

June: I'm about to double check it now!

Shai: Ahaha! Stupid plot twist, But I loved it, I looked at him comforting her in bed from a different light once we found out the truth.

Lore: I was so surprised! I would have never guessed...

June: I agree! I was super surprised by that twist. I've already seen comments throughout the interwebs about people liking Na Jung and Trash together!

Lore: I ship them. This ship has been built. It is kind of iron clad, thank you for asking.

Shai: I am also on that ship! They are so perfect.

June: Honestly for me it's super early to decided who I like with her!

Lore: Um....I guess you are not on the ship?

Shai: June will join a ship soon!

June: Not yet! I probably will by next week!

Lore: Cause we have plenty of room.....on the ironclad ship of Na Jung and Garbage…In case you are interested.....okay, I am totally too invested already!

Shai: I honestly laughed every time trash called for Na Jung and she named another thing he lost!

Lore: Haha! That was great. I think that is why it surprised me that he is a med student- we were introduced to him being an absentminded messy guy.

Shai: Hope his absentmindedness doesn't go over into his med school life…

June: I was super surprised to see him as a med student! I was pretty impressed by it too. Did anyone else just love the parents? They are so crazy and I can't help but love them.

Lore: Loved seeing them again!

Shai: Yes the parents are awesome! Great to see them again.

June: The dad especially cracks me up!

Lore: I second that!

Shai: Oh goodness, Dad's singing was just...wow...

June: Yes! The scene with the karaoke was just too awesome and hilarious.

Shai: I just realized - Jung Woo who plays Trash was in Cinderella Man.

Lore: Really! I have never watched that drama but it has been on my to-do list for a while. Is it any good?

June: I haven't seen that drama either.

Shai: It's not the best, but I really enjoyed it. Kwon Sang Woo and Yoona had good chemistry.

June: Queen Yoona! I shall watch it then!

Shai: Yes, Yoong was in it. Loved her character, wasn't very weak.

Lore: I will have to check it out sometime. So, any parting thoughts?

June: I'm really looking forward for more episodes! Especially since we were introduced to two new characters. I also look forward to some craziness and Na Jung's fan girl-ness!

Shai: *sigh* Na Jung's fan-girliness is just off the charts.

June: It really is!

Shai: But I am really looking forward to Yoon Jin, she's kinda quiet right now…

Lore: I am loving the characters, and cannot wait to find out how our story progresses. I am hoping this does not turn into AM v2 and makes a unique mark on the AM series!

June: I agree! I think AM94 has some real potential to be just as great as AM97 !

Shai: I am also hoping it doesn't turn into AM 2.0, but so far it does have its own colors.

Lore: And what awesome early 90's colors they are!

June: Indeed!

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