Welcome to this week’s Answer Me 1994 drama club! Even with only one episode airing this week (the MAMA awards took the spot of the other episode) a lot happened, so as usual we have a lot to discuss. In the words of Chilbongie “Let the games begin”!

: I am on Team Trash Oppa all the way, but even I have to admit it took the guy forever to just confirm that he like Na Jeung back (and he has yet to actually confess that to the girl herself)! The Soju with Haitai and the angry game of catch with Chilbongie did a world of service for the viewers in confirming Oppa’s feelings. Ahhhh, angry catch with Chilgongie and Trash. I feel like this could be a show on its own.

In regards to the reasons why Trash Oppa could not confirm or deny for so long, I was on board with his explanation. His long standing relationship with Na Jeung’s family does add a layer of hurdles to overcome, so I understand why it was not as simple as a “I like you too” on his part. But it could still have happened a few episodes ago.

A few random things: Haitai / Na Jeung ship? Hilarious. Yoon Jin and Cheun Po declaring their relationship (to the shock of everyone) was golden. Oh, and the cameo by Song Dong Il’s real life son Joon (complete with a “Dad Where are we going” line) made me squeal in delight. If I could physically hug this show I would, and it would probably be one of those hugs where the show would eventually have to tell me to let go because things were getting awkward. Sorry show, I won’t get handsy. I promise!

I am really missing the second episode this week, especially with the Chilbongie cliff hanger. I was less surprised about him moving in (I mean, the kid practically already lives there) and more thrilled with his game on speech. This man is not going to give up and as of the end of episode 11 there is no indication that Trash has actually told Na Jueng how he feels. So, who will win among the baseball metaphors? I am guessing we will find out in the 9th inning (also known as episode 20). Cheers!

June: Wow, what can I say about this week’s episode! I seriously wish that we had gotten two episodes this week but I’ll make do. This episode gave me so many feelings! I love what they keep doing with the character relationships. It just sends me to fan girl heaven. I always get super excited when relationships are revealed and when love rivals declare their war on each other for the female character! It seriously just means that it’s game on and it’s war!

First off, how adorable are Yoo Jin and Sam Chun Po! I seriously don’t know how anyone didn’t pick up on the couple-ly things. I find them to be so, so cute and I’m so happy for them. But aside from their cuteness, can we just talk about Chilbongie and Trash Oppa basically saying it’s game on for Na Jung’s heart. What I wouldn’t do to be in Na Jung’s position! She is seriously so lucky! But seriously, I’m curious to see to what lengths they will go to get with Na Jung. It’ll definitely be a very interesting next couple of episodes considering Trash Oppa is moving out and now Chilbongie is moving in officially. Of course, I will be the first to say that I really, really hope Chilbongie will eventually win Na Jung’s heart. I mean he’s just so charming and cute, plus they would make such a cute couple.

Also, once again Yoon Jin’s drunken habit has struck again! It’s always hilarious when we see that side of her because she’s basically spill’s everyone’s secrets but at least it always ends with something good happening. Poor Haetae though, I seriously hope he gets some loving from someone in the show. Well for now, I shall patiently wait on the edge of my seat for more episodes.

Shai: Let me start off by saying "Let the games begin!" Oppa moved out to be with his brother and Chilbongie has moved in..all within a week's time. I mean I knew he was going to move in, he practically lived there anyways, might as well make it official. Now it's Chilbongie time muahahaha! He looks determined to at least try to win Na Jung's heart lest he live with regret for years and we know how that happens in drama land. Rule#304 Lol I do like how even though he knows Trash Oppa and Na Jung's feelings are mutual, he's not to going merely give up because of that. Oh no then he'd be going out like a sucker (I had to lol), he needs to try to sway her heart. I also like everything was a baseball reference even though I know nothing about the sport so most of it was lost on me *shrugs*

The highlight of episode 11 to me was Sung Kyun (Samchunpo) and Yoon Jin's cuteness. Everyone in the boarding house is terrible clueless and blind because I am not sure how they failed to notice the couple t-shirts. Isn't that like sign#1 that they're together? But I found it quite hilarious how everyone thought she was desperate or owed him money or something. Him being considerate of her not being able to eat spicy food and her wiping his mouth. Aww it was just so cute! Anyone notice Yoon Jin already calls him 'honey'? It was when she was drunk, but for them being in a 3 month relationship those terms are coming quick.

While Na Jung has a pretty useless and painful drunk habit, Yoon Jin's isn't completely terrible. Her blabbering everyone's business does have a positive effect. It has forced Oppa to really analyze his feelings for Na Jung otherwise he'd still be stalling and other thinking things. Thank you Yoon Jin for getting drunk at the right times. Although her laughing at Haetae's condom expiring was pretty hilarious because Sung Kyun told her that and it must be a running joke with them. Even though we got one episode this week, it was an hour and a half long so they packed it with so much development which is great. I like development even if it took Oppa 11 episodes.

The wedding scene this episode was especially cool because Sung Dong Il's son Song Joon had a cameo as young Sook Sookie and said "Dad, where are we going?" when Dong Il was leading him away from the wedding ceremony after his bathroom trip. Thank you writers for the reference.

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