Sadly, we only got one episode of Answer Me 1994 this week, but the Answer Me 1994 Drama Club was very pleased with the episode! A lot of things happened, and it's an official "Game On!" for some characters and their quest for Na Jung's heart. Come join in and read our thoughts on this week's Answer Me 1994 episode.

Lore: So, can I start with "Game On!" Hahaha!

June: Man this episode was awesome!

Shai: Yes! Let the game begin!

Lore: That was one angry game of catch if I do say so myself.

Shai: So much underlying baseball talk I couldn't understand lol Yeah that was a very angry game of catch. Scared me a little. Then Dad came in and made it all funny

Lore: Gotta love Dad, showing up at the tension filled moment to bring the funny!

June: I was glad Dad came when he did! Things were getting intense!

Shai: I was happy that Oppa acknowledged his feelings for Na Jung. Took us 11.5 episodes for this

Lore: True. I love the guy, but he did kind of beat around the bush, and around, and around, and around....

June: As always! Dramas love to drag it out!

Shai: I swear this show better not get extended. I will have to fly to Korea if that happens

Lore: I will be on the plane with you. These hour and a half episodes are already killing me!

June: If it does, I will seriously not be happy! I just want to know who the husband is already! Ugh!

Shai: Well at least we get Sung Kyun and Yoon Jin cuteness while we wait

Lore: True! I love them. The matching tees were too cute!

Shai: How did no one notice the matching shirts? lol it was so obvious

June: I've always wanted to have couple-ly stuff with someone! I know right! They were so obvious!

Shai: 3 months of secret dating and no one knew. How?

Lore: How could you not see that they had couple tees on?! I mean, seriously...were they all staring at the magic eye puzzles until they were blind?!

June: They must have been! I mean 3 months is a long time not to notice things!

Shai: They were being all cutesy together during breakfast. Ah! It was so cute how Oppa was smiling at them

June: I know! He looked happy for them! It was sweet.

Lore: It was! So thoughts on the weird Haetae maybe liking Na Jeung weirdness? Yes, I had to use weird two times there.

Shai: I don't think he's ever really liked her like that, maybe he just thought of the possibility. I mean he hasn't shown any signs of liking her.

June: Yeah that was interesting, I was about to scream if they added someone else into the mix on the quest for Na Jung's heart!

Shai: I will laugh so hard if the husband is neither Oppa or Chilbongie lol

Lore: I can't tell if he likes her or not. I mean, it was not serious but it was serious. It was kind of like Haetae was saying "You have a lot going on already, but if things were different..."

Shai: Binggurae! Haha

Lore: And then I would throw my laptop!

June: I know right! Or Haetae! They can't do that to us!

Shai: That picture in the wedding hall had him in the middle

June: Yeah I noticed that!

Lore: Very true! I noticed that as well. How weird, because I would assume the groom would be in the middle....

Shai: They're doing it to throw us off since the husband can change

Lore: Tricky, tricky show!

June: Man how I wish I knew what they were thinking with this show!

Shai: I don't like being tricked like this lol But what if it's him?

Lore: Ummmm...I think my head would explode.

June: I will be very confused it ends up as him! But it seems like Mom likes him!

Shai: Hop on a flight to Seoul?

June: Heck yes!

Lore: Yes!

Shai: Mom likes Grae and Dad likes Chilbongie. Both are indifferent about Oppa lol

Lore: Poor Oppa!

June: Dang but then he can be her husband because no one takes notice to him?

Lore: Yeah, and apparently no one will notice. Because they were clueless to the 3 month relationship going on right under their noses.

Shai: The PDs did say it could change.

June: So true! Darn those PDs!

Shai: Hahah Right! No one noticed Sung Kyun & Yoon Jin for 3 months so who knows lol

Lore: Na Jeung and Oppa could get married in episode 12 and only reveal it in episode 20, no one would be any wiser! They just need to distract everyone with those dang magic eye puzzles!

Shai: Lol People in that house are really clueless sometimes

June: It's so funny just how clueless they are

Lore: Considering they shower / go to the bathroom with other people there (too close for my comfort) they are shockingly clueless when it comes to other things.

Shai: Anyone notice: Appa, odiga?

June: Yes!!

Lore: Yes! I love that show - I was cheering when I saw our little Joon!

June: It was so cute!

Shai: I loved that little scene. Anyone notice the drinking scene? While Na Jung is biting Haetae's arm, Yoon Jin is blabbing up a storm again lol

June: I was laughing so hard at Na Jung just like biting his arm! What a strange habit she has!

Lore: Yeah, I am surprised they still drink with her!

Shai: Well give Sung Kyun credit, he was taking her drinks from her lol

Lore: I am of the opinion Yoo Jin's drunken ramblings are actually good for the group - she gets a lot out in the open through her drunken rants. Or maybe I am just happy at how she moves the story forward.

June: I agree! At least it does get out there in the open!

Shai: That's what I was thinking. If she didn't say anything then Oppa wouldn't acknowledge his feelings

June: Exactly! It was about time too lol

Lore: Yes, it was. But I am still Team Trash Oppa all the way! So- have either of you jumped ship away from Chilbongie or am I still the minority?

Shai: I'm still Team Chilbongie, I feel like he's going to end up alone or sad for like 4 episodes lol But I do love Oppa so it's a plank walk for me lol

Lore: Haha- nice pirate reference!

Shai: Lol Had to

June: I'm definitely Team Chilbongie! But I do have a soft spot for Trash Oppa. I just don't want either of them sad or lonely.

Lore: So, parting thoughts?

June: The preview for next week left me in pure curiosity. I need to know what happened to Na Jung!

Shai: I wonder when Oppa is going to confess to Na Jung. You can't tell other people your feeling and not the person involved. He needs to step up and show her he really cares. Yoon Jin and Sung Kyun just need to stay adorably cute

Lore: I am ready for 2 episodes next week- because I was really missing two entries this week! I am hoping Na Jung and Oppa have a full on heart to heart next episode, but I will not hold my breath!

June: Time will only tell how the couples will play out and I am losing patient! I need to see how ends up married to Na Jung! But I guess I have to sit down and enjoy it for now.

Shai: We're only at episode 11 lol I think we need patience

Lore: Which is why I cannot live through an extension!

June: True lol This is around the time of dramas where my patience is tested!

Shai: No extensions.

June: We should be called the No Extensions for Answer Me 1994 Club

Shai: I'm sure almost every viewer will join lol

Lore: Yeah, because the wait is already too much! Who the bleep is her husband already?!

Shai: That should be the name of this drama lol

June: That would be great!

Lore: Haha! It would be fitting....

What do you all think? Do you agree with us on the no extension for this drama? Are you also excited to have two episodes again next week!

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