Welcome back to this week’s Answer Me 1994 Drama Club! I hope everyone enjoyed lasted week's episodes and drama club posts! We are really enjoying this drama and I hope everyone is as well. This drama continues to get better and better each each. Also, I like how it really is turning out to be different from Reply 1997. I think this drama has some really good potential. This week we will discuss the strong undercurrent of family, our curiosity about who Na Jung's future husband could be and so much more!

Lore: I am thankful that Korean Drama watching has taught me to always keep tissues handy – because episode 4 was a tear jerker. Granted, there were plenty of times I was laughing, but the scenes referencing the memorial day had me in tears. Mom’s speech in the taxi - that it is harder as time goes on, especially had my tear ducts working overtime. Sorry, need a tissue.

My overabundance of weepiness aside, there was a lot going on in these two episodes to add to my already strong foundation of love for this show. I have gotten over being hung up on the duplicate hook (AM94’s husband mystery déjà vu) and am reveling in the well fleshed out characters residing in 1994. I will fully admit to being a Chun Po fan girl – that kid is too freaking adorkable. Oppa Garbage, yep I will be making an I heart Trash t-shirt soon (I expect strong reactions from my co-workers). At the center of my fandom is Na Jung, who is becoming more likeably by the episode.

There was a strong undercurrent of family in episodes 3 and 4. Worry, love, and the feeling of home were consistently woven through the larger, bigger, club going actions of our characters. I am a sucker for this type of story, the coming of age/how we all relate tale, so I found a lot of satisfaction in the last two episodes. Oh, and I am seriously hooked on the deja hook – who in the fudge is her husband?! Yep, I forgave all the hook similarities because of how effective this mystery is. No, seriously – who is her husband?!

June: I admit it already - I am totally aboard the Na Jung and Trash Oppa ship.They were just so adorable in the beginning of episode 3! You could just tell how jealous Na Jung was getting when Trash Oppa was talking to his girlfriend. Also, when they were trying to record a message for his pager was just priceless. The struggle was real when trying to record music for a pager. One thing I just continue to love more and more as this drama goes along is the nostalgia.

But then there is Chilbongie, who I am finding to be such an adorable and cute character. There is something about him that I just love. I think I just found my new favorite character, to be quite honest. I’m excited to see more of him in this drama.

Also, I totally understand you all, you country kids. I also grew up in a small town – some would probably call it the country – and moving to a city is different. It also doesn’t help when people do make fun of where you come from and keep saying stereotypical things. But hey, be proud of where you come from!

Shai: Okay first thing's first, WE HAVE A NAME! We have a freakin' name, but that still isn't much since we know Sam Chun Po's last name is Kim and so is Trash Oppa's. I actually like how this is being revealed(so far) and giving us bit by bit and finally giving us a name is huge and very misleading because all of the characters(except Na Jung)are called by their nicknames instead of their real ones. Then at least 2 are named "Joon". It's frustrating, but also fun because now we are going to be excited to start hearing their names one by one.

One thing I do love is how they portray Na Jung's relationship with Trash Oppa. We know that she's in love with him, but it doesn't stop her from being herself around him, she's just more aware of her feelings. They still bicker like siblings and have their cute moments that don't make it awkward or take away from anything. We just get a deeper look into their dynamics and how they work. I do hope that in the coming weeks, she has more screen time with the rest of the boys. It will make us have to guess harder at who her mystery husband is, right now everyone just sees it's her Oppa.

I am not going to lie. I did get emotional especially with Chilbongie's story with his mother and then Haitai who had the worrying shoe on his foot this time. It was nice to see him get emotional about thinking his mom was hurt and have her joke that the incident happened on the other side of town, just how he always said.

One thing I have to say that I really do like about AM94 is the family theme, it's great to see how everyone deals with being away from their families and then slowly forming a new one with each other.

What did you all think of this week's episodes? Are you also curious about who her husband might be? Also, do you already have a favorite suitor for Na Jung?

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