Welcome to the second part of this week's Answer Me 1994! We have now become emotionally invested in this drama and curiosity is getting to us! Also, it seems that a new contender has been chosen as Na Jung's potential husband. Let's get this chat started!

June: Let's get to it, shall we?

Lore: First piece of business - the Trash Oppa ship just got a bit less popular...

June: Omg! I'm sorry but Chilbongie has snatched my heart away from Trash Oppa!

Shai: Chilbongie just sank my ship.. Well almost lol

June: I swear to the K-Drama gods, I literally have the biggest crush on Chilbongie.

Lore: I will admit that he has his charms - but I am still Trash Oppa-yah all the way! At least as of the last episode...

Shai: I still love my Oppa-yah but Chilbongie makes my heart flutter

Lore: I agree, but I remain loyal...for now. Don't I sound like a future hypocrite?!

June: He is very cute! Lol! But oh my word you guys, what did you all think of the kiss!

Lore: Trash Oppa - we can all see you are jealous! That stare!

Shai: OMG! THAT KISS! I need all caps for that lol

June: Indeed!

Shai: Trash oppa was a bit jelly

Lore: Agreed on the caps. THAT KISS!

June: Yeah you could totally tell he was jealous!

Lore: I loved the fact that the kiss happened during a game meant to get Chun Po and Yoon Jin into a friendlier relationship. Haha!

June: I know right!

Shai: haha I know! They wouldn't kiss

June: What do you all think about the Chun Po - Yoon Jin friendship? Well if you can call it that lol

Shai: I smell future couple...or just close friends. They always start off hating each other. kdrama rule#208 lol

June: Haha so true!

Lore: Agreed - there is marriage in the future for these two.

June: I can see that happening!

Lore: So many potential couples... and then Hae Tae's girlfriend breaks it off with him. Do either of you think he could end up with Yoon Jin? Because Kdrama law tells me he sure as snow will not end up with Na Jung!

Shai: Many in the forums seem to think Hae Tae and Yoon Jin will end up together

June: Judging by the preview for next weekend, I think he might be a contender for Yoon Jin.

Lore: I think I could get behind that couple! So thoughts on Mom's surprise birthday present?

Shai: Aww it was so sweet.. We're talking about the ring right? Lol

Lore: The ring and the baby news.

June: To be completely honest, I cried every time it involved Na Jung's mom! I just wanted to hug her!

Lore: I did too!

June: They totally take her for granted!

Shai: Me too! I seriously thought it was Menopause

June: Me too! The pregnancy was a huge surprise for me!

Shai: I think they were like that because she's like their own mothers. We all take advantage of our own moms at some point

Lore: So did I - I think my mouth made a perfect 0 at the news that she was expecting.

Shai: now that random teenage boy made sense lol

June: It does! Lol Doesn't he look like Seo In Guk!

Lore: Haha! Yep- I was not prepared for that to be Na Jung's brother. And I completely agree, he is a mini Seo In Guk.

June: Ugh I really want to know who her husband is

Lore: I do too! Any theories?! I am too invested in Trash Oppa to be rational in regards to a plausible ending to this mystery.

June: For some reason I feel like it's going to be Chilbongie but that could be my bias showing.

Shai: I'm not sure, it's either Trash or Chilbongie. I can feel you there June, I think it's the hot baseball player. No one besides the writers and PD know who the hubby is

June: How crazy would it be if it ended up being someone like Haitai or Chun Po

Lore: I would fall over if that is how the mystery ends! Never would expect either of them at this point but there would certainly be something interesting about one of them being the hubby. Totally unexpected...

June: So true!

Lore: So, parting thoughts?

June: Crazy we still have about 14 more episodes until we find out who it is! My curiosity is driving me crazy!

Lore: Mine too! I am loving Na Jung as a character, and as far as her husband goes it could be any one at this point. I am rooting for Trash Oppa, but I think I could change my mind as the story progresses. Over all, great job show!

Shai: I just love Na Jung! It's almost as if she were written for Go Ara.

June: I agree!

Shai: I'll probably jump ships often until the last 2 episodes lol Thank you for confusing me drama

Well there was our chat over episodes 5 and 6! So what did you all think of these past two episodes? Are you Team Trash Oppa or Team Chilbongie? Also, do you think Yoon Jin and Hae Tae will end up together?

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