Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's Answer Me 1994 Drama Club! I hope everyone is enjoying this drama as much as we are. Have you all decided on who you want Na Jung to end up with? I think we can all say we have thought about that a lot.

Lore: I think we found Chilbongie’s #1 fan girl… and her name is Grandma. Seriously, this had me cracking up. I love how Cheon Po had to add in the fact that dear old granny had been day dreaming about Chilbongie until 2013 (holy joker batman *cough chilbongie cough* you had a 19 year impact on the woman)! Such is the power of his puppy eyes.

Grandma aside, episode 9 brought us a lot of what ifs and feigned ignorance (because, you know, we do not really want to admit drunken Yoo Jin’s words were on the money). This episode seemed pretty full of what could be, with Chilbongie trying to send a message of the heart and everyone else making puppy eyes at each other. I was thankful for episode 10, because more was said even if it just made for a whole lot more confusion.

We were once again teased with the wedding shots these last 2 episodes. I have given up trying to figure out who it is. I read on a drama site that the writers know who the husband is but could change it. In other words, it is anyone’s guess. I am still firmly on the Trash Oppa/Na Jeung ship because I see this as a logical place for our story to go. As far as I can tell from the AM94 thus far, these are the only people (besides Yoo Jin and Cheon Po’s romance) that like each other in return. Of course I am still majorly speculating considering I base my opinion on perception and not a hard and fast “I like you too”. Why, why show, will you not tell me now? Answer Me 1994, answer me now in 2013? Say that three times fast. Because I can’t. Cheers!

June: I could not stop laughing over the Seo Taiji and Satan thing! It reminds me back to when there was this Spanish song and people said that if you listened to it backwards you could hear weird messages. Yoo Jin’s behavior was crazy! I thought she was going to say something to the Dad but she didn’t.

Anyways, the whole scene with the Magic Eye was hilarious! Poor Na Jung couldn’t see the images as fast as the guys but hey I could never see the pictures in that book either. But it did lead to some alone time with Na Jung and Chilbongie! Each week, he continues to charm and melt my heart. You can just tell that he really likes her! It’s quite adorable. I think I’ll be sad if he doesn’t end up as her husband. Episode 10 was just a surprise! I really did not expect what happened! As a Chilbongie/Na Jung shipper, I was practically over the moon. C’mon Chilbongie, I know you can do it! I know you can win the girl!

I was very pleased with the amount of screen time Binggeure had in these past two episodes. I don’t know if it’s just me but I felt like he really hasn’t had a lot of screen time and I tend to forget he’s there. I’m sorry Binggeure! I really adore his friendship with Trash Oppa. Their bromance is just so great. Also, I think of just love when these kids do talk with their parents. It’s so heartwarming hearing how their parents care for them and want the best for them.

Shai: Again, drama why must you mess with my feels!? Chilbongie why must you be so freakin' adorable? Whhyyyy!! Okay let me compose myself as I type this because I shouldn't get too emotional right now. I cannot believe on much I squealed during these two episodes, especially episode 10. Confessions..confessions....and a grandma who likes to flirt. That was hilarious. Like she really cried with Chilbongie left..almost like she was saying goodbye to a lover or something. *looks around awkwardly*

It's really funny how this episode featured Seoul's first snow of the season and what do I see all over Twitter and Instagram? Seoul had its first snow this week. Luckyyyy *Napoleon Dynamite voice*. The first snow thing can be really romantic and it's something how they had Na Jung confess(officially) to Trash Oppa on this morning. I like how she didn't take it back, but she confessed and told him that she didn't expect him to say anything. It was cute how he hugged her after she asked him to. Trash Oppa you like her to don't you? Aside from this we also have Chilbongie who confessed this week as well, he pretty much said the same thing as Na Jung said to Oppa. He just wanted to tell her and he didn't expect to hear a response, especially because he is aware of her feelings for Oppa.

Okay the crush triangle thing was awesome, but so was Sam Chun Po aka Kim Sung Kyun and Yoon Jin! We were just saying that we would love to see how they got together and BOOM! We got it! It was quite sweet actually and am surprised Sung Kyun's dad didn't wake up and see that, at least his mother likes her. These two went from cursing each other out to kissing on a boat watching the sunrise. Too cute for words. Now that we know they're together, the 2013 scenes are different. He's always close by her and cuddling on the couch. Aww!

Since we saw some confessions let out, let's not forget Binggurae and his who taking a leave of absence from school story. When his brother came, it was clear that they were two different people well at first. I believe Binggurae was envious of his bro because he was doing what he wanted, I think when he learned that he was going to cooking school then it gave him the confidence to chase something he wanted to do. I am happy that his mother told him this as well, to have fun and do what he wants. Don't think she meant drop out of school, but then he wasn't enjoying med school anyways. In the end, both brothers weren't afraid of chasing their dreams and Binggurae knows he has the support of his roomies.

Was I the only one who found the whole Magic Eye thing kinda funny? I think it was only hilarious to see Go Ara go cross eyed multiple times in one episode lol About that picture, were any of you able to see it?

In other sad news, we may only get one episode this week *sigh*

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