Welcome to another week of drama club for Answer Me 1994! So much has happened and needs to be discussed so this intro will be kept short. Read on to find out Lore, June, and I's thoughts on episodes 12 and 13. I hope the one episode extension doesn't drag anything out, I'll trust in you writers.

Lore:That kiss!!! Team Trash Oppa!!!!! The feels! I was more than ready for that to happen, and I loved the setting. There was something so Na Jeung, so Trash Oppa, about the scene. Na Jeung trying to avoid potentially bad news and just deciding to go in for a hug and Oppa with his similes and glee that Na Jeung was in fact still unattached (to Chilbongie). Unfortunately I have a feeling that their new relationship is going to have some major roadblocks; after all there are 8 episodes left in the series (thanks to that darned one episode extension). But for now, I will take what I can get.

Hae Tae being drafted in the end of episode 13 was a nice twist, mainly because I cannot wait to see how hilarious it is for this guy to be in the army. I love this character, and I cannot wait to see the hijinks and all around funny that ensues as he learns to be a soldier. Not that being a soldier is a comedy, but with this character I have a feeling we will have some things to laugh at. I am really hoping that his enlistment keeps him in the show regularly, and we do not just get to see him now and then because he is away. Fingers crossed.

The way the show addressed the horrifying Sampoong Department Store collapse was touching. This tragic event took the lives of over 500 people, the way it was woven into our character’s storyline touched on the raw and horrifying feeling of going about your daily life when such a terrible thing occurs. When Na Jeung realized Chilbongie was okay and rushed to hug him, I had a whole lot of somethings in my eye. For like ten minutes.

The end of episode 13 once again confirmed Chilbongie’s “Game on” approach, which was nice because all through episodes 12 and 13 I was beginning to think he had forgot all about how he was planning on staying in the game for Na Jeung’s heart. So, with this new declaration, anything can happen -supposing Chilbongie can overcome the Oppa Na Jeung ship (which has just invested in an iron hull called the first kiss). But, as the Answer Me series has taught me, anything can happen. So, at this point, the winner of this game is anyone’s guess. Game on!

June:This week’s episodes were such an emotional rollercoaster for me. Episode 12 was literally a tear-fest for me. I was surprised that had included the Shampooing collapse in the series. I remember wondering if they would include it in an episode since it was around the time period the drama is set in. Also, if you haven’t read about the collapse you definitely should! I remember seeing a documentary type show over and it was just all so tragic. Now back to the episode, as I said before I broke into to tears so much towards the end of the episode. From Na Jung just hugging Chilbongie and finding out he was ok to Trash Oppa and seeing the father who ended up being a victim in the collapse to finally Dad’s friend passing away. It was just such an emotional episode and I couldn’t help but be emotional along with them.

Now episode 13 was a momentous episode because Trash Oppa has /finally/ made his move. While I was glad he finally did something, I can’t help but think of Chilbongie. But on the other hand, I really just want Na Jung to end up happy because she is just so awesome. Chilbongie also had some drama during this episode and can I just say I was like “oh NO they did not just do that to my Chilbongie!” I really was happy when his friend did stick up for him and whatnot. Their friendship is so cute. Also, Haetae and him being ordered to the army surprised me so much. I did not expect that at all! I’m going to miss all the kids hanging out together and I feel like it won’t be the same with him gone. Hopefully it isn’t for long! I absolutely loved the Kim Min Jong cameo! I thought it was brilliant.

Shai: I may say this every week, but goodness these episodes are just getting better! I didn't cry, but it was emotional seeing everyone running around scared, not sure if Chilbongie or Na Jung were hurt. Seeing that look of uncertainty from Na Jung and everyone else was moving then when she hugged Chilbongie, it almost made me cry. One thing that did get me emotional was seeing Dad cry after his friend had passed away. Seeing him cry like that just broke me into near tears, up until now w haven't seen him very emotional so it was nice seeing him cry. I noticed the episode are becoming a little more heart wrenching as time goes on, but doesn't fail to make something a little lighter as they're bringing on the heavy.

I keep getting a tad confused with the timeline because I hadn't noticed Mom had given birth to Sook Sook until episode 13. That was a nice cameo from Kim Min Jong, if anyone hasn't guessed him and Go Ara are both from SM Entertainment. I think it was really funny how Mom was saying every negative thing possible about him to only discover him sitting a few tables over. That's like the ultimate embarrassment to anyone who has a negative thing to say about a celebrity and then to be shocked that you're in the same vicinity as them. But once they discovered he couldn't pay for his meal, she went back to saying he walked around like he was cool. Haha. Guess that random run in made it possible for him to sing at Na Jung's wedding 8 years later.

Finally Trash Oppa has made his confession in what other way than an old fashioned K-drama kiss. I am just happy for Na Jung, but my heart broke a little when they cut to Chilbong on his crutches in his hospital room with Binggurae. Now that Trash and Na Jung as officially a couple, I guess that means it's end game right? Wrong. As Chilbong quoted Yogi Berra: It ain't over 'til it's over. Perfect game on quote. We still have 8 more episodes so anything is bound to happen. As another K-drama rule states, in the middle of the drama when the main OTP is happy something is bound to happen. K-drama rule#115. I'm still reeling over Haitae getting drafted. That is some twist drama. What's gonna happen to my favorite bromance in the house?

Now that Trash Oppa and Na Jung are together, what is Chilbongie gonna do?

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