Lore: Where to begin with the last 2 episodes....the kiss?! Sorry, team Trash Oppa just scored a touchdown!

Shai: Not mad at Team Trash Oppa. It's about time he did something about his feelings.

Lore: True, true.

June: I was glad he finally made his move! It took him long enough!

Shai: I was smiling when he kissed her. Yay!

Lore: Yay!!!!!! I did a little dance.

June: It was cute! I'm happy for them but I know there is bound to be some roadblocks soon.

Now let's hope they get some happy moments before something bad happens. This is a drama after all.

Lore: Guaranteed! There is no happily ever after in episode 13. But I do hope we get some happy moments!

June: I am prepared for anything!

Lore: Thoughts on the extension news anyone? I think we agreed we are the anti-extension club?!

Shai: We are, but they're extending it by 1 episode.

Lore: I know...I was shaking my fist at that piece of news!

: Oh my word when I found out they extended it I was like "Noooooo WHYYYYYYYY!"

Lore: The mental image of all of us dramatically screaming "Noooooo WHYYYY" is priceless.

June: I know right!

Shai: I thought it was because they aired one episode due to MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), but that wasn't it. Down with extensions!

June: Hopefully the last episode is amazing!

Lore: It better be, or I think we need to fly to Seoul! The last 2 episodes gave me a major squee fests over Cheun Po and Yoon Jin, how about you?

: I love them so much! They are just amazing. I'm glad they ended up together!

Shai: I love those two. They're cute. That scene in 2013 when he calls her boss was priceless.

Lore: Haha! It was. It feels like this couple keeps everything grounded. We have so much unknown with Na Jung / Trash / Chilbongie that it is nice to see these two solidified as a couple.

Shai: Yes. It is nice to have that certainty. Am I the only one who love Kim Min Jong's cameo?

Lore: Nope- loved it too! He couldn't even pay the bill. Buhahahahaha!

All that crap Mom was talking about him made me laugh when she saw him.

Lore: I know, so awkward. You talk smack about some famous person and they are the table over! Chilbongie thoughts for the last 2 episodes? I felt like he needed to make good on his promise to keep "the game on". Only at the end of episode 13 did it feel like he confirmed his resolution to keep fighting for Na Jung.

Shai: I feel for him. Bad. Poor guy can't catch a break. First his foot now with Na Jung. Judging from the preview, he may just sit back and wait.

: I feel like it was kind of forgotten about- his game on thing -until episode 13! But omg you guys episode 12 had me in so much tears!

Shai: Weird, I didn't cry. I got emotional with everyone calling Na Jung and Chilbongie to see if they were okay.

Lore: I cried. Then I read about the disaster, then I cried again.

June: Same here!

What a horrible and preventable tragedy! To think that the owners of the building ignored it until the collapse occurred. AM94 did a great job at portraying how people going about their daily lives could suddenly have such a thing occur- it was sad for sure.An offhand comment that someone was going to a restaurant or buying a CD- and then the unknown of what happened to them as the news of the collapse spread. I cannot imagine how terrifying that would be.

Shai: It would be terrifying to go about your day only to get that page or something randomly. It was a very sad event.

June: I watched this show called seconds from disaster and it was focused on the collapse. It was so interesting but tragic. It made me so sad thinking about all the people!

Shai: I can't watch stuff like that, I'm too emotional.

June: But with AM94 and the wife's husband and his watch and Trash Oppa noticing it at the end of the episode! So. Many. Tears.

I cried when Dad cried over his friend dying.

Lore: I did too, especially when Dad went to his funeral and basically said "Why?! You of all people, why?"

June: Oh my! Yes that part too! I was just an emotional wreck over the holiday break!

Lore: I feel like we are in depression mode. Should we do parting thoughts?

June: I can't believe we have about 8 episodes left! While I am happy for Trash Oppa and Na Jung, my heart still belongs to Chilbongie and I hope he will prevail somehow! Lol.

Chilbong deserves happiness.

June: I agree.

Lore: My parting thoughts- The kiss! The kiss! I know this will not end up a Na Jung dates Oppa and everything is cool for the next 8 episodes, but I am happy with the progress. And Yoon Jin and Cheun Po, just keep doing what you do best! You two and your Chilbongie!

Shai: The kiss caught me off guard, but I am happy. I was shocked about Haetae's enlistment, I hope we still get to see plenty of him even though he's not in the boarding house anymore. 8 more episodes and I am happy with the progress. Let's hope that extension doesn’t damage anything. Chilbongie is my air, without him I can't breathe - to quote Lee Bo Na from Heirs!

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