Welcome to this week's Answer Me 1994 drama club post! A lot has happened since the last two episodes. Answer Me 1994 is almost near its finale episode! Let's see if you all agree with us, and make sure to tell us what you think of the series! Let's get started, shall we?

Lore: Chun Po and Yoon Jin, how I love you both. Seeing Yoon Jin’s mega meltdown and Chun Po’s means to cheer her up made me all warm and happy inside. I was seriously worried about this girl, and it was so touching that even after not getting along Chun Po still did something this meaningful to jumpstart her healing process. You may just turn out to be my favorite couple on this show. Why, you ask (what about the leads)?

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I just want this show to make some kind of sense in the end. Because after episode 15, I am starting to feel like the entire husband mystery could take a turn for the worse. I am having a hard time thinking of how we could end up with six more episodes of Trash and Na Jeung dating happily (and Chilbongie just, um, not giving up till the end) or six more episodes to give us Chilbongie as the husband (and all of the Oppa build up trashed so to speak) and me coming out of this show feeling satisfied. My drama feels are sensing something inconsistent or forced in this show’s future.

I hope I am wrong and this mystery resolves itself in a satisfactory way without being detrimental to the characters. This is a character driven show, and right now the characters are stringing along a plot point (which in my opinion is not giving these richly fleshed out characters justice). I understand that the mystery is the show in a lot of ways, but lately any solution seems more and more likely to hurt this dramas effectiveness.

With that said I am still enjoying the show, especially when the focus is on our cast of characters and not red herring husband clues. Chun Po and Yoon Jin were hugely endearing in the last 2 episodes. Binggeure and his family’s emergency was heart wrenching. Haitai and his army time was a little sad and a little funny. Oppa and Na Jeung were cute, while Chilbongie’s heart ache was hard to watch. These characters are endearing and they make the show for me. All the more reason I want them to have an ending that makes sense and does not feel forced or illogical. Writers- please? I will buy you a pony…..

Shai: I have made a declaration. I could care less who the husband is, as long as the ending makes sense and everyone gets closure. Don't get me wrong, I am happy Oppa has finally gotten his feelings out and told the 'rents, but I have this strange feeling something will go wrong. I know psychic cousin knew about Na Jung beforehand (judging from her convo from Oppa's hyung), but this girl seriously has something else going on and her words did strike something in Oppa. I still think she has some type of abilities since she knew about Seo Taiji's retirement way before it was announced. Before I go on, how great was it to see Kim Seul Gi? I just love her. Anywho, we have a happy couple and in dramaland we must see something happen before anyone can be truly happy. Then we see Chilbongie giving up, but not really because he's only waiting...in Japan. He's backed out for now, when will he return and will Na Jung and Trash be together? This show will definitely get a time jump, I am just not sure how long.

Although I just love Sung Gyun and Yoon Jin to bits, I was happy to see some type of conflict with them because we know how they were pre-relationship. It was hard to see her breakdown like that after hearing Taiji's news. I loved how they gave us her reason why she was so obsessed with him for so long, it was more than just her loving Taiji oppa. His music got her through some times. Even though he was frustrated with her, Sung Gyun went out and got her Taiji's toilet. Aww gross and so sweet at the same time.

I do have to say that this week felt a little empty with Haitai enlisted and all. Even though we got some scenes showing him in the military, not seeing him directly interact with the rest of the house was little off and sad. I can't wait for 1998 or the end of 1997, when he gets discharged and finally rejoins everyone. You know, I can't keep up with the time in this drama. It all seems like a big blur.

Like I said, I could care less now about who the husband is. So much discussions regarding who the husband is can be tiring since there is so much more to this series than that. The 2013 scenes aren't leaning towards anyone right now, so it's still a 50/50 chance between Trash and Chilbongie. As long as Na Jung is happy with whoever she chose to marry then that's all that matters for now. We have 6 episodes left, I don't want to stress out wondering who the husband is.

On a happier note, who's excited for Eunji to cameo?

June: Ok as I was watching episodes 14 and 15 all I could think of is seriously what is going on now. I feel like now the love triangle is making things go slightly out of whack. At this point finding out who really is the husband might things go crazy and some fans might not like how it ends. I can see what those comments might look like and it doesn’t look pretty. Like there are only a few more episodes until finale and I’m just wondering how it’s going to play out. I know already it can’t be all rainbows and sunshine between Na Jung and Trash Oppa because you know in K-Drama, the rules aren’t played out like that. Also you have Chilbongie, who still says he hasn’t given up! Like you can’t just win someone over in the last six episodes. I just really hope the writers know what they are doing. This kind of makes me not care anymore about who the husband is.

While watching these episodes I started to think, what really do we know about Na Jung other than the fact that she was in love with Trash Oppa and once was a huge fan of Lee Sangmin. I wish we would get an episode of Na Jung that doesn’t involve the love triangle. Like what does she want to do after she’s done with school and just really develop her more as a character. Don’t get me wrong, I love Na Jung but it seems like all she’s really involved is just her love triangle.

Aside from my little rant, I do really enjoy this show! I love the side stories with Yoon Jin and Sung Gyun. They continue to be the perfect couple, despite having a little trouble in paradise. I really do miss Hae Tae and him hanging out with the rest of the kids. Hopefully he will be back soon. One thing that worries me is how they will keep portraying Chilbongie. I really don’t want him end up as that second lead. I hate seeing him and his heartbreak. But in good news, I am super, super excited about the Eunji cameo! Shiwon was amazing and awesome. I’m happy to be seeing her again.

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