Greetings to all drama club readers! The time is ticking closer and closer to the finale and we still have no idea who the husband can be. Is it Trash or is it Chilbongie? Some of us might not really care too much anymore as long as Na Jung is happy and we get an ending that makes sense. Read on to find out our thoughts!

Lore: So, episodes 14 and 15....where to begin

Shai: Idk where to Chilbongie is gone!

Lore: I don't know where to start either...but I am just want it to end well. I have gotten past the team Oppa and team Chilbongie- because neither seem like they are going to end well. Though I have a subconscious want for Oppa to be the hubby. But at this point, I just want a good ending.

Shai: I agree. I'm over guessing who the husband is, Yes, I am Chilbongie biased, but I'm over the guessing. Team Na Jung is now my ship!

Lore: Agreed. June- thoughts? Haha. I will take that. Team Na Jung all the way - this girl deserves a happy ending

Shai: Yes, now I just want an ending that makes sense because if you think about it, signs have been pointing to both as the hubby

June: I, at this point, just wish they would develop Na Jung as a character. All you see her now is with that love triangle! What happened to her fangirling over Lee Sang Min!

Lore: True, it is still up in the air. Which is why I am starting to feel like the ending is coming too fast for a decent conclusion. Either we throw away 15 episodes of the Na Jung / Trash relationship buildup or we end up with Chilbongie looking like a hopeful creep. Yes- We need a more well defined Na Jung. This character is being lost in the husband mystery, which is unfortunate.

June: Exactly! Especially since she has soooo much potential!

Shai: Well in episode 15 she did say she was going to another city for his game. I just wish they focused on her development like they did Yoon Jin, who was still a fan girl despite her relationship with Sung Gyun

June: I hate comparing this series to AM 1997 but at least Shiwon had a life outside of her love triangle. Also, I wish Na Jung had a best friend like Shiwon had.

Lore: Yoon Jin's character is, in my opinion, more well developed than Na Jung's at this point. I agree- AM97 had a more well fleshed out heroine.

June: Which is why I'm super excited for Eunji's cameo!

Lore: Yay for Eunji;s cameo!!!!

Shai: Actually everyone is set to have a cameo minus Eun Ji Won

June: Excited for that!!

Lore: Super excited! Maybe she can have a heart to heart with Na Jung and tell her to give up both guys and chase after basketball players. Wait...too soon?

June: Lmao never too soon!

Shai: Lol Would love that, but Shiwon is only meeting Trash from what I know

Lore: I would be happy with that. Ohhhh....theoretical situation in my mind just died. Oh well, a girl can dream

Shai: Who else liked Kim Seul Gi's cameo as Trash's cousin?

Lore: All I could think of when I saw Kim Seul Gi was an over tired editor. Hahaha. Love her.

June: She's great!

Shai: What do you guys think about her predictions?

Lore: That's a tough one. At one moment she seemed spot on, then when it was revealed she talked to Trash Oppa's Hyung it seemed like she was a fake. And then....ahhhhh I just don't know what to believe!

Shai: I think they were trolling us. She was right about Seo Taiji

Lore: Speaking of- words on Yoon Jin's mega meltdown?

June: That was interesting to watch, to say the least.

Shai: It was kinda hard to watch because she literally broke down, but I am glad they gave us the reason for her obsession.

Lore: I was a little worried for the girl, to be honest. But I loved how it ended up strengthening her relationship with Chung Po. That toilet....

Shai: That was just...idk lol

Lore: Weird...but endearing?

June: Exactly!

Shai: But it was very sweet

Lore: I can't imagine wanting the toilet of someone I was a fan of...but yeah, it was sweet.

Shai: Considering he did something he'd never thought he would do

Lore: All that much sweeter. He probably never understood why she wanted it, but he knew she did so he stole it to cheer her up. That is true love (in a strange, strange way).

June: Very strange indeed. Lol

Shai: A very strange love indeed lol

Lore: But so cute. On another note-I really enjoyed the Haitai army scenes (Haitai fighting) these past 2 episodes. I felt bad for the guy, but it was still funny.

Shai: Oh his superior was very interesting, but was sweet lol

Lore: Very interesting indeed. Should we do parting thoughts?

June: Alrighty. Please, please, please can the writers not ruin this drama with the husband stuff! I just want them to actually focus on Na Jung without involving the love triangle.

Lore: Writers- seriously, please, please let this show make sense in the end. I beg of you, I like these characters too much to see them have an ending that makes little sense. I am even cool with Chilbongie as the hubby (sorry Oppa), I just want something that makes the last 15 episodes seem consistent.

Shai: I would love for Na Jung to be her own person and not some play thing for the two guys. She needs to be her own person and to have more development. Why are the side characters more developed than the main ones?

Lore: Team Na Jung Fighting!!!!

June: Yes Team Na Jung!!

Shai: Team Na Jung Fighting!

What did you think of our chat? Anything you would like to add?

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