Welcome to this week’s Drama Club: Answer Me 1994! The last two episodes cleared up a few mysteries and offered some amazing cameos from the Answer Me 1997 cast, so we have plenty to talk about. #Team NaJung fighting!

Shai: Well we have 4 more episodes to go and I am honestly becoming slightly detached from the drama. It's not that it's bad or anything, it's just I feel like all of Na Jung's moments revolve around Trash. Does she have any dreams or hopes for herself outside of being with Oppa? I want the next episodes to explore who she is without him, become her own person. Don't get me wrong, I adore them as a couple even though I was so Chilbongie biased. I was happy when they finally got together and the proposal was nice.

I think the stand out character this week was Binggrae aka Kim Dong Joon. I know some didn't like how his character turned out, but I thought it was brilliant. They made him appear that way, but if you pay attention he was just very timid and shy like a puppy which is where Trash's nickname came from. Hi story arc seemed very well written and I do like we full circle with him growing up. He wasn't sure about school and took a break to figure it out then went back once he realized he wanted to try hard. Then once he got that out of the way he opened his heart to someone whom he ended up marrying. I like how he went to Oppa and told him that was the last meal he'd receive from him and to buy him drinks from that point on. It was him growing up and becoming his own person.

While I am happy Haitai is coming back, it sucks Samchunpo has to enlist. Really drama? We barely have Chilbongie and just got Haitai back, why must you take my Samchunpo away? I did laugh how Yoon Jin said she wouldn't cheat on him to make him feel better. They did get married way before Na Jung and whoever her husband is, does anyone think they're going to randomly elope? It makes sense if they're both going to be sad about his enlistment and as I said, they've been married way longer than Na Jung has. I think like 15 years or so since they were being nagged for still acting like teenagers when they fed each other. So it wouldn't shock me if they got married before he went in.

I think Binggrae is very smart when it comes to stocks because he was shaking his head at dad investing so much then we hear Oppa saying how the phones aren't convenient and you might as well use the pay phone. It was majorly foreshadowing what's to come on Friday.

But aside from all of that, I really loved the 1997 casts cameos especially Eunji returning as Shi Won. I was also one of those wondering how they were going to handle her cameo since Sung Dong Il also played her father, but they pulled it off. I commend his acting talents here. That scene was just hilarious, I love how he kept his hat lowered until Shi Won & Yoon Jae recognized him lol I wish we could get more cameos before the drama ends.

#TeamNaJung! Haha I had to^^

June: Well what can I say about these new episodes! The Answer Me 1997 cameos seriously had me smiling so big. I never realized how much I missed the ’97 cast until I saw them on screen again. Don’t get me wrong I love the ’94 cast but the ’97 cast will forever have a special place in my heart. I love how they tied everything together from Trash Oppa and Shi Won in the bus to them at the jewelry store. I’m pretty impressed with the way they did the 2013 scene with the dads! It was just so great and like I said before just seeing the ’97 cast again made me so happy. Also the scene with the family watching the music show and it ending with H.O.T’s Candy and also showing fangirl Shi Won. Priceless, absolutely priceless!

Now onto some things that didn’t exactly make me happy. As a part of #TeamNaJung, I still wish we could get more into depth with her character outside of Trash Oppa. Don’t get me wrong, they are a cute couple, I just wish we could have some sort of storyline with Na Jung without involving Trash Oppa. Also, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait what?! He already proposed? At this point, I have already accepted that Trash Oppa is going to be the husband. There is absolutely no way it can be Chilbongie at this point. Speaking of Chilbongie, um hello writers?! What the heck have you done to my favorite character! Like seriously, it seems like he’s been forgotten. I also wish we could have gotten more into depth with his character as well aside of this love triangle business. So while I do miss seeing Chilbongie, I fear for what might happen and how things will play out in the remaining episodes.

Lore: I am a lot happier with the story this week, yet there are still some glaring issues with this plot *cough* Chilbongie’s character turned into a pure plot device *cough*.While some things were cleared up, the damage was already done to the story, and I have pretty much zero hopes that it will be fixed in the next 4 episodes. But on the bright side – cameos! Lots o’ cameos!

I was fist pumping at the Answer Me 1997 cast cameos. It was awesome to see Shi Won, Yoon Je, Yoo Jung, Joon Hee, and Sung Jae (and his Tamagotchi) all together again. And the bus scene – OMG that was hilarious! I seriously thought Shi Won and Trash would get into a fist fight on the bus. When they met again at the jewelry store I just about died laughing. I love the meta reference that Shi Won is the one that picked out Na Jeung’s engagement ring! I was a little sad not to see Hak Chan with the gang, so it was a really nice touch that he appeared at the end as a student that Na Jeung was tutoring.

Speaking of cameos- or false hope – the big red car mystery (was it Joon Hee and Binggeure that hook up in 2012?!) has gotten a lot of hate. I was okay with the fact Binggeure turned out to not be gay, because his progress towards figuring out his own sexuality seemed well written and well played out. Even if it was the span of one episode where he found his future wife and realized he was not gay it was a series long exercise for this character to discover who he really was. He let Trash go and realized he liked Die-Die, and I am fine with that because the entire exercise seemed honestly confusing for the character. And Die-die and Binggeure are adorable together.

Speaking of adorable, Yoon Jin and Chun Pyo were cute as always – I feel like a broken record when it comes to these two but I can’t help it. They steal the show for me (sometimes literally, which is another problem- I am more focused on these 2 than the underdeveloped main leads). Chun Pyo’s jealousy over Yoon Jin’s compliments were hilarious.

When Chun Pyo was notified that he received his draft notice I wanted to run into my room and slam the door too – I love this character so I don’t want to see him missing in the next couple episodes. At least the scenes with Haetae have given me hope, even if Chun Pyo is in the army we will probably still see him every now and then.

The proposal scene was squee worthy (even if I have some unresolved issues with how the main romance of this show has been played out to the detriment of Na Jeung’s character). Na Jeung with her single tear and Oppa and his speech -I had something in my eye. Na Jeung seemed so happy I could not help but be happy for her. #TeamNaJeung

Back to the cameos- sort of. Dong Il meets Dong Il? That scene has to be in my top 3 favorite drama scenes of 2013. It was sooooo funny! As soon as Na Jeung and her Dad went to complain to the upstairs neighbor and met Shi Won I thought “Noooo, there is no way they will reference the fact Dong Il was the Dad in both series”! Oh, how I was wrong. I busted a gut at “We are cousins”. And then they went to have a drink. Why does the mental image of Dong Il drinking with Dong Il make me so happy?! Thank you show for this, I forgive your messy plot a teensy bit thanks to this epically hilarious mental image.

What did you think of the AM97 cameos? How do you feel about the story thus far? Let us know in the comments!

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