Welcome to this week's Answer Me 1994 drama club for episodes 16 &17! We certainly had a lot of thoughts over these past few episodes. Come and join us and see if you agree with some of our thoughts!

Lore: #TeamNaJung fighting!

Shai: Team Na Jung!

June: Yes Indeed!

Lore: She looked pretty happy at the proposal, I could not help being happy for her.

June: It was cute!

Lore: The one tear did me in!

Shai: Idk something about the proposal of off putting to me

Lore: Do tell?

Shai: His choice in words when he proposed seemed kinda off like he wasn't doing it because he loved her, but because he didn't want her leave him. He said he was anxious and he won't feel like that unless they lived together. Idk it didn't seem very romantic, but that's just me. I was happy for her, but his intentions didn't seem all right.

Lore: Yeah, I can see that now that you brought it up. His words/intentions could be read a couple of different ways.

Shai: I don't want anyone to hate me, but it was a tad off putting plus I think he did it after that interview he saw of Chilbongie. He hung up on Na Jung and looked scared. The narrative didn't make it any better

Lore: True. I think Trash really does like Na Jung and the affection is real, but you bring up valid points about the underlying motive for the sudden proposal. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of episodes play out.

Shai: I hope I'm not looking too deep into things, but it kinda alarmed me. This is totally from an unbiased point of view btw

Lore: I think this husband mystery has turned a lot of viewers onto an unbiased opinion in regards to the husband - I hear a lot about the fact that this show has disregarded Na Jung's character in favor of plot points meant only to keep the mystery alive (and I completely agree with this assessment).

Shai: I agree as well. She's lost most of her charms and she's there for plot convenience like a prop. They've abandoned developing her just to keep the mystery alive.

Lore: Which is a shame, because the majority of characters in this show are well developed. You know, excluding our leads.

Shai: Everyone is more developed than the main 3. I found this to be a problem in dramas lately. Secondary characters have more to them than the main ones. I had this issue with Heirs.

Lore: I hear you. Speaking of more developed characters, thoughts on the Binggeure developments in the last two episodes?

Shai: My Binggurae found himself! I was happy with his development.

June: If there's anything I'm pleased with, it's the character development of Binggurae.

Shai: Yes, he's developed nicely and I loved how it was done.

Lore: I agree, I feel like his character progression was logical. Plus I am loving his dynamic with die-die.

June: I seriously am not pleased with how they handled Na Jung's character. She's seriously just needed when Trash Oppa is around. That whole thing frustrates me!

Shai: I want to know her goals in life, but this seems like Itazura na Kiss 2.0 lol

Lore: I just wanted Shi Won to sit down with her and have a heart to heart about Na Jung coming into her own. But hey, I will take a Dong Il meets Dong Il moment in its place (call me shallow in this regard).

June: Lol Seriously! She started off a pretty awesome character but then yeah....

Shai: I would have liked Shi Won and Na Jung to really talk, but that Dong Il meets Dong Il was pretty hilarious lol

Lore: And they are cousins!! Hahahahahahaha!

Shai: Hahaha I know! I guess that's how you handle it. That was the funniest thing about that episode lol

Lore: Absolutely loved it. All of the AM97 cast cameos were daebak.

June: Dong Il and Dong Il were amazing!! I loved loved loved the AM 97 cameos! It brought back so many good memories!

Shai: I wish Eun Ji Won would have spoken, but him getting beat by Na Jung was pretty funny lol

Lore: I geeked out over him having to move away from her. I had forgotten how endearingly awkward this character was around women! That pervert!

June: Haha yes!

Lore: The cameos made me realize how much rougher AM97s characters were compared to AM94 (even if AM97 featured High school students). They had a way stronger attitude.

June: They really did. Omg Shi Won with Trash Oppa was hilarious!

Lore: I really thought he would punch her! But I figured she would punch him back....I miss Shi Won!

Shai: I thought it was funny how she didn't recognize him in the jewelry store lol

Lore: Haha! And she only went there for the music.

June: Shi Won was such an amazing character.

Shai: Shi Won was great. She kinda overshadowed Na Jung a bit even in her little screen time

Lore: Unfortunately. Thoughts on Chunpyo's draft notice?


Lore: I wanted to go to my room and slam the door....seriously. But I thought having to explain my behavior to my husband might be too confusing. "Honey, you should have seen it! Chunpyo was drafted!" Yeah, I didn't think that would make a lot of sense

Shai: I wanted to shut myself in like he did. We're barely getting Haitai back and you're taking Chunpo away? Chilbongie wasn't even here. Stop taking them away *crosses arms*

June: Seriously what is with these draft notices!

Lore: Screw it - I am going to my room and slamming the door!

June: We finally get Haitai back and Chun Po has to go ):

Shai: Darn mandatory military service

June: Speaking of Chilbongie, I am seriously having withdrawals

Lore: Yep- he was MIA the last two episodes.

June: Too long! Too, too long!

Shai: We got that one interview and that's it. Why? To see him speak Japanese? Lol No really it's been odd without him because it's almost like he never existed in that house

June: Exactly! And I don't like that!

Lore: *cough* character turned into a plot device *cough*

Shai: Hahaha That's all the main leads

June: Basically lol

Lore: I think Chilbongie wins the award for character used as a plot device most often. I mean, the guy was pretty much discarded for 2 whole episodes!

June: I feel so bad for him. He has like no chance now.

Shai: Like I said, it's almost like he never existed. If it wasn't for that interview, I would have forgotten he was once a main character

Lore: Unless the drama goes all makjang...which I unfortunately cannot dismiss at this point.

June: I will be super surprised if he ends up the husband but I highlyyyyyyy doubt it

Shai: I just don't understand why take him out of 2 whole episodes, what's the point?

Lore: I agree, but the writer's have lost some of my confidence so in my opinion anything could happen

Shai: I just want to find out who Haitai ends up marrying, that's all

Lore: Ohhhh, I wonder that too!

June: Honestly, I'm afraid for the last episodes. I just don't want a huge mess. Yes to Haitai!

Lore: Maybe this drama will turn itself around...we can all hope! Inherently this show is not bad, it just has some major problems with the main love line IMO.

Shai: Question, when do Samchunpo and Yoon Jin get married? Think they'll elope or something. They have been married for like 15 years

Lore: Don't they have 4 kids (in 2013), or did I hear that wrong?

Shai: No they have 4 kids and have been married for 15 years, I think. I did the math and means they get married in 1997

June: Ah interesting!

Lore: Love these two. I can't wait to see how they get hitched.

Shai: That's what I'm excited about. They do go to that town he was tyring to get her to before

Lore: Any other thoughts before we do parting thoughts?

June: Yoon Jin and Chun Po are perfect tbh

Shai: They're like the Chan Young and Bo Na of this series

Lore: Agreed, they are adorable and soooo easy to cheer for!

June: Omg they were too perfect! Lee Bona is my spirit animal!

Lore: Haha! Love it, spirit animal! I am going to have to find my Kdrama spirit animal!

June: Yes everyone needs to! Haha

Shai: I need a spirit animal now lol

Lore: Readers- time to find yours!

June: Yes! Find your Kdrama spirit animal

Shai: I think right now mine can be Nam Da Jung from Prime Minister and I

Lore: I got some thinkin' to do.....

June: Any readers have an AM94 kdrama spirit animal? :)

Lore: Yes! Let us know!

Shai: Let us know!

Lore: Okay- parting thoughts? Unnie has an early wake up call. Sorry....

Shai: Unnie is killing my spirit animal vibe! Haha jk

Lore: Haha! I am seriously going to think about this kdrama spirit animal thing. I love it. June- you are a freaking genius!

June: Haha With the series winding down, I'm seriously worried with the finale. Hopefully it's just me overreacting. Also I'm still #TeamNaJung and also #BringBackChilbongie! Haha thanks :) I love having a kdrama spirit animal! ;)

Lore: #TeamNaJung! 4 episodes to go and so many doubts on my part, I really hope this show ends on a high note.

Shai: My thoughts. I really hope that they develop N Jung more though I don't have confidence in that, but I am hoping it happens. I also want to dive into the real reasons Trash proposed to her, if he is end game I want them to become stronger & for him to stop treating her like a kid. She's an adult. Thank you writers for making Bing's aka Kim Dong Joon's story arc amazing. I loved how it was done and how he married his sunbae. NO unrequited love! That's how you do it! Boom!

Who are you all's K-Drama spirit animal? Is it someone from Answer Me 1994? Let us know!

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