Well we are almost done with Answer Me 1994 *sobs* Let's start preparing ourselves for withdrawal symptoms that are bound to come once this series is over. This week was filled with revelations, second chances, and something called fate. Do I believe in fate? Hmm not sure, but I do know things happen for a reason..well I guess that's fate. Weird, everything is about fate nowadays, I should pay more attention things. Well let's see what my fellow drama clubbers thought about the most recent discoveries.

Lore: It really seemed like our characters grew up in episodes 18 and 19, having finished school and embarking on their working lives. The 1997 IMF crisis and its effect on the characters new found adulthood was interesting and scary. I remember when the 2008 recession (nowhere near as dire as the IMF crisis) hit, I found myself at my parents’ house terrified of what was to come. It is hard enough to be young in your career, but being young in your career amidst a terrible economy is even worse. I think that is why I could get behind Na Jung taking an overseas job, because that really might have been her only employment opportunity for some time (given the horrendous fiscal environment).

Of course Na Jung’s time in Australia led to her breakup with Trash, which was not exactly something I was thrilled for (I will say it again- this show has faltered narratively in order to keep the husband mystery alive). But that breakup did lead to an extremely heartwarming conversation between Dad and Trash.

Dad’s “I love you son” talk with Trash was very emotional and extremely touching. Dad really sees Trash as a son (this conversation made his feelings loud and clear), and missed him after Trash and Na Jung called it quits. When he handed Trash the red mittens I choked up. I love this assembled family and I love the fact that Dad made a point to visit Trash and say “You are still my son, no matter what happens”. These two, I just can’t! *tears*

On a different note, I was thrilled that we did not have Chyun Po MIA from the last 2 episodes because of his army duty. It was a nice trick from the writers to make us think he would be gone for two years only to throw in the “He only had to serve 6 months because his Dad was a war veteran”.

On the topic of Chyun Po I absolutely adore the way he proposed to Yoon Jin (but I did want to smack him a couple of times when he basically said he was not thinking of marrying her). I love these two, I sincerely hope we get to see their wedding sometime during the final two episodes.

Well, Chilbongie is back and there are some choices to be made. I don’t’ mean to sound completely un-enthused, but this show has made me an emotional wreck in the past so I am trying to focus only on Na Jung’s happiness and not the husband thing. But at least we will all know the answer next week, and boy am I ever ready to have some closure from this show. #TeamNaJung Fighting!

June: I think I can definitely say that I liked these past two episodes more than last week’s episodes. I’m definitely happier now that Haetae is back! He has seriously become one of my favorite characters and I definitely have missed him. I love how he was back to the same old antics after he returned to school. Also, I very much appreciate the half naked Chilbongie scene from episode 18. It only fueled my love for him even more! Haha! The producers definitely knew what they were doing when they put that scene in. I always love scenes with Binggurae and Chilbonige. I love their relationship and it reminds me of my relationship with my cousin.

Can I just say as a part of #TeamNaJung, I am so proud of her for taking the job abroad. I mean yeah she was supposed to get married but I’m just happy she did something for herself and her family. The recession is no joke and wanting to help out her family is very important. So I say if you have an opportunity like she had to take it. I feel like we finally some sort of development with Na Jung’s character, just like we hoped! I would be lying if I said Trash Oppa didn't annoy me when he tried to convince her to stay. I mean I know he loves her and they are supposed to get married but this opportunity doesn't come very often!

Also, I am so happy to be seeing Chilbongie again. To be honest, at this point I’m over the whole “who the husband is” thing. I’m just happy that he’s being shown again. It’s nice to know that the writers haven’t completely forgotten about him like last week’s episodes. Aside from him, Yoo Jin and Chun Po continue to be the most perfect couple! I’m so happy with how they have developed these characters. I am very torn about next week! I don’t want this drama to end but then I want to know how it ends. Oh the dilemmas!

Shai: These two episodes are certainly the best in a while since I was beginning to wonder about which direction the writer was going, especially with our main characters. Although I'm not the biggest fan of love triangles or squares, I do enjoy them if it's done right and I wasn't happy at all with the way this was going. We already had an official couple in Trash and Na Jung with Chilbong always in the background. Well I thought that until I realized that Chilbongie backed out on his own and even told Binggurae aka Dong Joon that he wasn't going to be all stalker like with a woman who was about to get married. Ohthankgoodness. I could breathe a sigh of relief, he knew when he had no chance and I am happy that it happened. He only ever moved forward after a few years when he knew she was no longer with Trash. So to any naysayers, Chilbong never went after Na Jung when she was with Trash or at least when he found out about it.

Now about Trash and Na Jung, I don't want to be happy that they broke up..but I am. The reason being is that we see Na Jung truly doing something for herself. Sure she needed to help her family, but it was also a desire she had to work and earn her own money. With Trash far way from her, she can fully concentrate on herself and her wants. Which came way too late drama, why didn't we see this independent Na Jung earlier in their relationship? Even after she comes back, she's almost like a more matured version of herself 2 years earlier, which is nice. I finally get to see who Na Jung really is when she's not some plot device for romance.

Who else awww'd when Samchunpo pre-proposed to Yoon Jin? Yes, it's a pre-proposal because he promised to do so when the time was right. I loved how he gave her the passbooks for several accounts, it shows he was thinking more into their future rather just pleasing her right now. He wanted to show her that he was busy planning their lives together and wanted to finish saving up first. *snaps* to you Sung Gyun, you have earned even more respect from me. I can forgive you for brushing off marriage because it looks like you were planning this all along.

I didn't tear up when Appa was talking to Oppa, but it did really show how he truly felt about Trash. He thinks of him as his own son(duh, we knew that), but he went in deeper saying that when he found out they were dating that he felt like he was losing a son. Why, you ask? Because a son and son-in-law aren't the same and both of them knew that which is why Oppa hesitated telling them about their relationship in the first place. Once he started dating Na Jung, he was no longer their messy son Trash, he was now their daughter future husband which would make any parent. I am glad they had this talk and Appa even gave him the red gloves Mom made for their family. Is this a foreshadowing? She specifically said they were family gloves and he gave his to Trash, does this mean he doesn't marry Na Jung? I won't get into it because I said I was done shipping for this drama. #TeamNaJungFighting!

The end is near! What are you predictions?

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