Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of Drama Club Answer Me 1994! We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! There are only 2 episode left of Answer Me 1994, which means the story ramped up majorly in episodes 18 and 19. Which also means the drama club has a lot of chatting too do. Cheers!

Lore: Only 2 episodes left?!

Shai: Yes. Honestly I am happy.

Lore: So am I!

June: Same.

Lore: Saturday can't come soon enough!

Shai: All this husband hunting and the fanwars are killing me.

Lore: The fanwars *sigh*

June: The fanwars are kind of ridiculous. I feel like it can ruin a show!

Lore: It is fierce out there in the forums! Kind of scary to be honest.

Shai: Have you been to some forums? It is ruining the show for me. I'm a mod for Soompi and those fan wars are irritating.

June: I have! I try to make it not ruin it for me!

Lore: I am staying away now, because it makes my head hurt with the Team Chilbongie and Team Trash fights. I have not seen something this dividing in a while, and I don't feel good about it. Which is why I am happy we are #TeamNaJung! Any answer is the right answer, as long as our girl is happy!

June: #TeamNaJung all the way! I wish people wouldn't go so over the top with their fan wars.

Lore: Let's all just get along! Hugs!

Yes! Why can't we all just get along!

Lore: Husband mystery aside- there is a little talked about mystery regarding this show. What happened to the baby?! I haven't seen him in years.

June: Omg I know! Where is he at?

Shai: Sook Sookie appeared in episode 19, I think. I can't get with the timeline anyways…

Lore: Did I miss him?! Wow, I guess it felt like years. I saw a teenage him, a baby him, a cute Dong Il’s son cameo him, and then nawda. Felt like the kid up and disappeared.

Shai: He's like 4 now, I think. Well he was walking anyway.

Lore: Time to rewatch episode 19…

June: LOL- Seriously how did I miss him?!

Lore: I think we forgot him because he is never around. I was probably like "Hmmm, wonder who that kid is? Brain, forget this obviously unimportant-to-the-story child"

Shai: I almost asked who he was until I remembered there was a kid!

June: Lmao! What did you all think about Na Jung's new job?

Shai: Yay!!! Thanks be to the drama gods!

June: I was proud of her for accepting the job!

Lore: I was cool with it. The IMF crisis really killed the economy of South Korea, so it made sense that after soooo much job hunting she took the offer. As far as the fallout from her taking the job, my emotions are still figuring out how I feel about that!

Shai: It didn't surprise me that they grew apart. She wasn't her own person around him and I don't think their relationship was as strong as she thought it was.

June: I agree.

Lore: A long distance relationship has to be difficult, so I could see how they grew apart.

June: Definitely. I can understand how they grew apart.

Lore: Which lead to Dad and Trash having the "I still love you son" conversation. I cried, no joke.

June: Omg that conversation hit the heartstrings!

Shai: I loved that talk because it was what I suspected all along on how Appa felt.

And the red mittens! I just....had a lot in my eye.

Shai: Yeah, he still thinks of Trash as his son and wants to keep it that way.

Lore: Love this assembled family. What did you both think about the writers trolling us regarding Chun Po's army service?! I was happy he wasn't gone for 2 years.

Shai: I was so happy they skipped his entire service even if was 6 months. Poor Haitai was jealous he didn't come from a military family LOL

June: Exactly! I was happy he didn't have to be gone for long.

Haitai- I cheered when he first appeared. I missed him! It was really sweet how he reconnected with his girlfriend.

June: Yes! I love Haitai! He's amazingggg!

Shai: I am so happy with his arc and how he ended up with Ae Jung again. I'm glad they continued to show his difficulty in relationships only to have Yoon Jin slap him with the truth

Lore: I loved Yoon Jin and Na Jung scolding him so he could figure out his feelings. And the noreabang scenes. Hahaha! How many times can you lose a girl during karaoke!

Shai: He needs to stay away from noreabangs from now on LOL

June: LOL! How sad because noraebangs are funnnn!

Lore: Did you notice the Yoon Min Soo cameo? Loved it! "But he is a married man!" Hahahaha!

June: It was great!

Lore: Speaking of marriage- who loved Chun Po's "proposal"? I died when Yoon Jin opened her eyes to see bank books on her fingers!

They continue to be a perfect couple!

Shai: I loved it. He really was thinking about their future all along.

June: I am seriously so content with them! They are seriously so cute.

Shai: I love them.

Lore: I really hope we get to see their wedding before the show is over.

Shai: I hope they show them getting married, it wouldn't be right to skip them.

Lore: Well, we know for sure we will see one wedding. Thoughts on the epic return of Chilbongie?

Shai: Shirtlessss!!!!!

That shirtless scene was everything!

Shai: It made up for his absence…well not really…

Lore: But it helped!

June: It definitely did help LOL!

Lore: It was nice to see him back. Now Na Jung's choice remains. It was a nice scene to have Trash, Na Jung, and Chilbongie meet at the hospital. It really hit home the message of "Girl - you better decide and decide in the next two episodes”

June: I am curious to see how things will play out.

Shai: She needs to pick one since she never rejected Chilbongie, but I do respect how they had him not want to be a stalker since she was getting married or attached to someone.

Lore: Yes! I was happy they made him less creepy, because before he was a little off-putting with his one sided pining and unrequited love.

Yep. I love how he never actually interfered once he learned of their relationship.

Lore: True. It was nice to see him step away. The way he was portrayed prior to this seemed like he wouldn't give up to the point he would come off as super creepy. I mean, the girl is dating someone! Stop it man!

Shai: This is how a second lead should be written. Claps to the writers for that.

Lore: *clapping with admiration* Should we do parting thoughts?

June: Sure!

Lore: My parting thoughts: Saturday cannot come soon enough. Seriously.

Shai: All I have to say is: writers don't disappoint me with these last 2 episodes. Tie up loose ends and have an ending that makes sense.

June: Well I seriously can't believe it's over next week. Please, please, PLEASE be a good ending!

What do you want to happen in the end? Thoughts on the return of shirtless Chilbongie? Let us know in the comments!

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