Well it’s finally here everyone, Answer Me 1994 has come to end. We finally know who husband is and honestly I am going to miss writing for this drama club. It was so much fun and this drama definitely gave me so many feelings. It's been a blast everyone, but as always all good things must come to an end. Let's just get started shall we!

Lore: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a husband. True to itself, AM94 dragged out the spouse mystery until the last episode. I will not go too in depth into how I felt at the reveal, because quite honestly I just felt like shouting “About dang time you told me who it is” I will say this – I was disappointed that Chilbongie’s character was underdeveloped. Oh, and I was happy that Na Jung was happy, because in the end the choice was her's to make, and if she is happy, I am happy. #TeamNaJung fighting!

I don’t have a ton to say about episode 20, because after having watched episode 21 the second to last entry in the series is somewhat irrelevant. Granted, feelings were hashed out and emotions ran high (and Chilbongie’s character kind of had some more fleshing out) in episode 20, but still in the end it is the last episode that mattered.

The finale had me in tears – I am a sucker for the poignant end of an era goodbyes. Even if I knew (thanks to the show’s 2013 scenes) that everyone stayed in touch and remained friends, the goodbye to the boardinghouse breakfast had me reaching for the tissues faster than the writers threw shade at the husband mystery. Cheun Po’s touching voiceover at the end was especially heart wrenching for me – it seems like just yesterday (or 10 weeks ago) that this country kid showed up in the big city, lost and scared.

Nostalgia and coming of age were the heart of Answer Me 1994, it is a shame that the show let certain elements overshadow this. What I think the show did best is focus on the character’s and their path towards adult hood. When the show left the character-centric episodes behind it lost a lot of what it had going for it.

In conclusion, I will miss this show, I really will. There are things I did not like about it (underutilized characters, the mystery dragging on to the detriment of the narrative) but there is plenty that I absolutely loved (the boardinghouse family, the nostalgia, and the quirky and witty episodes) that I am going to have some drama withdrawals to contend with. Time to find me a new drama….

Shai: The husband was revealed! I mean, it's not like we didn't know this, but Sir Trash Oppa is Kim Jae Joon aka Na Jung's hubby. The reveal was anticlimactic, but it was a nice reveal that put an end to the constant guessing. I am happy to see Na Jung so happy and it makes being on #TeamNaJung so much sweeter. I did like how they actually came to the(obvious) conclusion about their breakup and I liked how she took a while to go see him despite knowing he was sick. It showed she was maturing and actually putting herself first for once. Their breakup was needed for both of them to mature and realize even though they were together before, their brother-sister relationship never really changed.

Like Lore, episode 20 seemed like a filler episode and is a prime example about why I am so against extensions. The story could have been told in 20 episodes or less and they could have given more development to Kim Seon Joon aka Chilbongie. Let me just say that I am very disappointed in his ending. Yes, we find out he is married but to who? The girl he ran into while getting chicken? That is the one thing I am not satisfied with, is how the writer treated Chilbong's character and overall development. After the reveal, we could have seen him do more than just sit in a hospital due to his injury, we know he got over Na Jung in 2002 so why didn't we see him actually dating? Chicken girl could have made an appearance later on, to actually show his life post-Na Jung.

Aside from this, I also would have liked to see Sung Gyun and Yoon Jin get married. All we know is they married in 2001 and had moved out by then, seeing them get married would have been nice. But i do like how developed Dong Joon and Ho Joon were in the end. Their character arcs were very nice and I like how they were developed.

Overall this drama was good, but towards the end it started to lose that spark which made it unique and interesting. We no longer saw Na Jung fangirling over Lee Sang Min and the nostalgic feel started to wear off a bit. Yoon Jin continued to be a Seo Taiji fan all the way into her marriage, which was great to see how even though she was developed, they kept this part the same about her. The same can't be said for the main leads(Na Jung, Trash, Chilbongie) who were all used for the love triangle and were mere plot devices. We didn't get any fleshing out or developments until the last minute.

I think the one thing that I enjoyed about the ending was their last night together in the boarding house. I almost teared up while they were all cheering together and had one last time in that home. The one theme that stayed throughout the drama was family and in the end the boarders became one family. I'd say it was big for Chilbong who wasn't close to either of his parents so Mom & Dad became his surrogate parents and everyone else were siblings and cousins to him. This is what I enjoyed the most, out of everything that changed and fell flat, their bond never changed and they always stayed close.

I also loved seeing APink's "No No No" playing at the end, a great random moment.

My concluding thoughts: I enjoyed it and even though there were things I am obviously upset about, the story was good and I became emotionally attached to a few characters. Don't think I'll be going through any withdrawals though, I have at least 4 other dramas I'm watching right now to keep me occupied.

June: Well there we have it folks! This drama finally revealed who the husband was and I am totally not surprised about it. Even though I knew Chilbongie stood no chance in the end, a small part of me wished he had ended up being the husband. *sadface* But nevertheless, I am happy for Trash Oppa and Na Jung. I will sad they are cute together and being #TeamNaJung, I wanted her to be happy. As other drama members mentioned before, there isn’t really much to say about episode 20. Aside from Chilbongie trying to use aegyo on Na Jung. Oh boy, I love you but just don’t. Haha! This week was totally all about the last episode.

As a huge Chilbongie fan, I would like to point how disappointed I was about how they played out his character. I felt like Na Jung, he could have been developed into a really great character but in the end was only used as filler for the love triangle. I feel like things could have been different if Trash Oppa’s popularity in Korea would have been different. Even though Trash Oppa is awesome, I feel like the writers started to cater towards that character and much less on the others. Another thing that I wish they had been clear about Chilbonige’s future! Like was the chicken girl his wife? Come on writers I know you could have done better than that!

Overall, there were some good moments and there were some not so good moments but for the majority I did enjoy this drama. I love all the nostalgia it brought and the OST was pretty darn awesome. The cameos from Answer Me 1997 had me smiling from ear to ear and I loved every second of it. I really did like how developed the characters of Yoon Jin, Chun Po and Haetae were. They were essentially the highlights of this drama along with Na Jung’s parents, in my opinion. Now that this drama is over with, it’s time for me to get hooked on another one.

What did you all think about the ending? What were some good points/bad points? Are you all satisfied with the ending? Comment below!

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