Well, we have reached the end of Answer Me 1994 and the last post for this drama club. Whether you were satisfied with the ending or it left you questioning, there was definitely something to talk about and this drama left an impact. Do your thoughts on the finale and overall experience of the drama match ours? Read on to find out.

Lore: So on that shocking note -The Answer Me 1994 finale. Uh, yeah, about that....

June: Um yeah that ending lol

Shai: I need to calm down about that ending lol

June: Where should we even begin with that ending lol

Shai: Good or bad?

Lore: Start with the bad? Then we can look at the good and try to heal the pain.

June: Sounds good to me! First off, dang Chilbongie totally got the short end of the stick!

Lore: I was okay with the hubby, because Na Jung was happy. I was not okay with how they underdeveloped Chilbongie's character.

Shai: They totally shafted Chilbong's ending. What was that? He didn't get a proper ending at all. We got a hint at who he married, but everyone else got one or more episodes.

Lore: My major problem is that they kind of gave up on making him anything other than a part of the mystery. He went to Japan, he pined around, and that was about it. I feel like the other characters were well fleshed out for the most part (Na Jung lacked some things, but I will take what I can get) but Chilbongie was rather useless when the entire story is put into perspective.

June: Yeah as #TeamNaJung I was happy because she was happy. I was not happy with what they did to Chilbongie. He could have had so much potential!

Lore: Agreed. Na Jung got her happy ending, which is part of the good points of the finale in my opinion.

Shai: He was used as a plot device and nothing more, just for that love triangle and mystery. The husband was revealed in the beginning of episode 21, they could have shown him and his future wife during that entire hour and forty minute episode.

Lore: Yes, he was rather shafted in regards to showing how his life played out post the boarding house.

June: So true. They could have done so much with him. Plus I really wanted to know who he was gonna marry and what not ):

Lore: Yeah, and I wish we had gotten a glimpse of Yoo Jin and Chyun Po's wedding as well.

June: It was kind of like at one point they even forgot he even existed.

Lore: He must have been playing with Sook Sook in a corner somewhere.

June: Omg yes that too! They were an amazing couple!

Shai: Yep during those 2 episodes, he wasn't mentioned. I think the writer gave up.

June: Lol Sook Sook. I think everyone forgot about him

Lore: Until I saw him on Haetae's back and then I was like "There is that kid!"

Shai: Sook Sook was so forgotten for a while. Were they too lazy to hire an actor?

Lore: Probably, and I actually think with such a character heavy drama they were okay not showing him a lot. But they should have at least acknowledged him. Because I seriously forgot all about that kid. Having a young child at home, you would expect them to mention him more.

Shai: Yeah he was hardly mentioned at all, it was weird.

Lore: You would think a baby/ toddler / pre schooler would have more of an effect on the household, but I guess not. Chalk that up to the bad part of this show - the mysterious Sook Sook.

Shai: That was the real mystery lol

Lore: Should we turn to the good?

Shai: Ummm...let me think about that lol jk

June: Lol hmm good points, good points

Lore: I think there were some good points to the finale, especially where the coming of age narrative was the focus. I cried me some tears at the "good bye to the boarding house" scenes!

June: Omg that scene made me so sad! I'm a sucker for those kinds of scenes

Shai: I nearly cried during their last breakfast together. Awww it was so sad for them to realize everyone was moving on.

Lore: When Chun Pyo could not remember who the blanket belonged to (when it was such a big part of his country kid in the city origins) I lost it.

It really showed how much they grew up and how much their priorities had changed.

Loved the breakfast. I thought Mom was going to break down sobbing!

June: Those scenes always make me think of times I've had to move on from something and it just makes me wanna cry even more lol

Shai: Yeah I was all like 'It's your blanket!', but it did show how close they became from being roommates for that long

June: Now that I about it, I think I'm gonna miss this drama. Especially the parents. After two dramas with them they feel like your own k-drama parents!

Shai: I'm really going to miss the parents, they really made this drama.

Lore: The assembled family in this show was amazing and I will truly miss them.

Shai: I will mainly miss the family element to this drama, that's what kept me interested.

June: Same here!

Lore: Agree 100%

June: Awww you guys I'm going to miss this drama club!

Lore: So am I!

Shai: Aww me too!

Lore: *Imaginary group hugs* Heck, we have spent Christmas Eve and New Years Eve together- I think this drama club is pretty much family now LOL

June: I totally agree! Lol

Shai: I agree as well!

June: We're like our own Answer Me series! Haha Answer Me 2013!

Shai: Hahaha

*Note: The next part of our conversation leads to us making up our own drama scenarios and who we want to play us in a drama. Lore wants Park Shin Hye, June wants Krystal, and I wanted Sooyoung. Then some talk about love triangle with Lee Min Ho and So Ji Sub(Lore) and Lee Dong Hae and Lee Jong Suk(June) *Back to the original topic and our parting thoughts^^

Lore: Parting thoughts- As a whole I liked this drama, I really did. I did not like the dragged out husband mystery that killed some of the characters. I did like that our heroine ended up happy, because her choice is what mattered. In the end, the part of this drama that is the hardest to let go is the amazing ensemble cast. The boarding house family and the story of growth and togetherness is what I loved about this show, and in the end, is what will make me miss it

Shai: Overall I enjoyed the show and it's family theme. It's what made this unique and fun. As I had jumped ship long ago, I was happy to see Na Jung happily married to Trash aka Kim Jae Joon. They looked really cute and it was nice to see their relationship develop into a more mature one before their marriage. The other characters aside from Chilbongie were also fleshed out and developed nicely. I enjoyed how they each got an episode or so focused on them and what was going on in their lives. Like I said, I didn't enjoy how underdeveloped Chilbong was despite him being second lead, I felt they could have used that nearly 2 hour finale to truly find him a love line and show his wife during the 2013 scenes, it would have done him justice. However, he was just a second lead that pined after the female lead even after her husband was revealed & he knew he didn't have a chance anymore. I wish the writers cared a little more about his character, but other than that I enjoyed the series.

June: Well AM94 we had some good times and we had some bad times. I'm happy you brought Chilbongie into my life and I am going to miss the parents so much. I'm happy Na Jung ended up happy. Yoon Jin and Chun Po were perfection in a couple and I will miss Haetae! Ending on a good note. Can you hear it? If you can, answer to my Answer Me 1994 drama club.

So there you have it, an end to our beloved drama club *tear*. We hope you all enjoyed reading our thoughts and chats over these past weeks. What are your parting thoughts on Answer ME 1994? Did it live up to your expectations, exceed them, or did it not end the way you would have hoped?

We also would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

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