Welcome to another exciting post for Answer Me 1994! The story has really gotten exciting and it definitely sets itself apart from it's 1997 counterpart. So from now on, no more comparisons! 1994 can stand on its on.

Fun Fact: Answer Me 1994 was actually written before Answer Me 1997. This week we saw more potential chemistry(I'm lookin' at you, Chilbongie) and another clue about Na Jung's husband. Let the chat begin! So sorry if we went off on a tangent..just letting you know ;)

Lore: Where should we start? I feel like there was so much drama goodness in the last 2 episodes. I am definitely becoming more invested in the story.

Shai: Me too. After some more back stories, I am really invested

June: Definitely! I feel like it has definitely started to make itself different from Reply 1997.

Shai: Personally I think the only similar thing is the pop culture references it tends to do & the who is her husband thing. Answer Me 1994 is making a name for itself which is what the writer probably wanted.

Lore: Agreed. The husband mystery is the same. Who is her husband?!!! I am seriously perplexed at this point.

June: True, very true. I know a lot of people were afraid Reply 1994 wouldn't be as good as Reply 1997. But I think it's going just fine. I wanna know who her husband is like now!

Lore: I am hoping it is Garbage. Because then I would do cart wheels! I am rooting for these two!

June: I can now say I am aboard the Na Jung-Trash Oppa ship!

Shai: Right now I can't see it being anyone else so we just have to wait and see.

Lore: Welcome aboard! Drinks are complimentary and rooting for Garbage is mandatory!

Shai: But as of right now I am on the Oppa-yah! and Na Jung-ah ship lol

June: As of right now, I would be super surprised if he isn't her husband!

Lore: I would be super surprised as well. I just cannot see a relationship with any of the other four potential suitors as of yet, there is no chemistry. Can we all agree there is no way it is Chun Po?

June: Agreed!

Shai: I don't see it being Chun Po at all. I agree.

June: Though I am developing a soft spot for Chilbongie. I find him to be so adorable! I can't help it, I don't know why.

Shai: I adore Chilbongie!

Lore: I love him! He makes me want to jump into the telly and pinch his cheeks! With all of his club going dorkiness...

June: Indeed. Also in my opinion, he reminds me of Sehun from EXO. lol (*Note: Anyone else think so?)

Shai: I think Chilbongie will end up moving in. Do you think?

June: It feels like he will!

Shai: He loves being around the family atmosphere

Lore: Haha! Love the Sehun reference. I think the cousin will move in as well, but I am not digging the "You are adorable because you are from the country" bit. I know he does not mean anything bad by it but it is kind of patronizing.

Shai: I think he'll grow out of it soon

Lore: Yeah, I think so too (especially if he moves in)!

June: Not going to lie, just the whole bit of "oh you're from the country" thing is kind of annoying to me.

Shai: Yeah it can be a bit annoying

Lore: I agree, it is sort of "laughing at you not with you". Here is hoping he kicks the habit soon. So what do you both think of the heavy hitting episode 4 tear jerker memorial day scenes (wow, I am exhausted just typing that)! I cried. Especially when Mom was giving her it gets harder speech in the car.

Shai: Episode 4 was definitely a tear jerker

June: I definitely cried a river. It was just so sad!

Shai: Seeing the usually happy Mom just made so sad. Then seeing how upset Na Jung was..

Lore: I also had something in my eye during Hae Tae's phone call with his Mom. It is funny how she called him about anything that happened in Seoul and he discounted the concern...until something happened in their city and then he was concerned. This show is heavy on the why you should love Mom bit, but it is all true!

June: Exactly! That scene had me on edge! I was so scared something had happened to his mom!

Lore: I was too!

Shai: I love the family elements especially with Mom. If you don't have one or have a good relationship with yours, you can always have someone who is like a mom to you. On the other hand I am happy Hae Tae learned to truly appreciate his mother despite her constant worrying.

Lore: True - I loved that our Home stay Mom is kind of a surrogate Mother to the kids staying there. It really makes them seem like a family.

June: It really does and I love it!

Lore: Hae Tae appreciating his Mother's concern was a great message. It reminded me of my brother who is living over seas. My Mom is Skypes him all the time about the littlest thing - but he has come to appreciate it!

June: It's very heartwarming. My mom calls me all the time as well, just checking in and making sure I'm ok. It's something that I now look forward to everyday.

Shai: I really love how that's kind of a central theme. My mom texts me for random stuff all the time lol

Lore: I do too. I am really enjoying the Home Stay family, all adapting to life in the big city. I am a sucker for assembled families. So what do you both think about the big reveal / not really big reveal (yes, my husbands name is ___ which could be any one of these five guys name)?

June: It peaks my curiosity even more since we don't know the guy's real names!

Shai: Oh goodness I screamed when we got a name but was slowly disappointed since we don't really know anyone's name BOOO!

June: I know right! I was like YESSSS and slowly went to wait we don't even know their real names!!

Lore: I know! I need birth certificates. Stat!

Shai: Bwahaha Birth certificates!

June: Lmao!

Lore: Do you think we could start a letter writing campaign to see character birth certificates?

June: I think we could!

Shai: Let's start!

Lore: We should start one of those email chain letters too. If you do not find out Garbage's real name you will have three years of bad luck. Unless you forward this to the writer's of Answer Me 1994.

June: Omg that would be great!

Shai:Haha That would be so funny!

Lore: If you do not forward this to the writer's of Answer Me 1994 then, um, you will, um. never, um have good luck or a happy birthday! Yep, that's it!

Or a pony. You will definitely never be given a pony!

Shai: Off topic! Anyone notice the beginning song for episode 4 was 4minute's "What's Your Name?" So random, I know.

June: It was so random! Though I did jam out to it!

Lore: I failed to notice that, but I will have to go back and watch it

Shai: I caught myself dancing lol

Lore: Haha. So any parting thoughts on the episodes?

June: I look forward to more interactions between Trash Oppa and Na Jung because they are just so adorable together. Though I feel like there hasn't been any major, major drama, so I feel like some might come soon. I don't know, maybe that's just me! Haha

Lore: My parting thoughts- I becoming more invested in this show by the episode. The characters are really growing on me, as is the story. I already forgave the duplicate hook of who-is-the-hubby and am simply enjoying this drama as it comes. More please!

Shai: Now that we have a a name, the story truly begins with us trying to figure it all out. I love the chemistry and I do look forward to more of the candidate's interactions with Na Jung. Looks like Chilbongie will be competition for Trash Oppa. Let the games begin!

So there's our lengthy conversation about episodes 3 and 4. How bad do you want to know Trash Oppa's real name? Also, do you agree with June? is anyone else reminded of EXO's Sehun when they see Chilbongie?

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