Welcome to this week’s edition of Drama Club: Answer Me 1994! There was a lot that went on in the last 2 episodes of AM94 - drunken kisses, pregnancy, toilet humor, and Trash Oppa taking his shirt off, to name a few things - so the logical result is some rambling on the part of the Drama Club. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the episodes in the comments. Now on to the rambling!

Shai:We're not even halfway through the series and this show has gotten me so emotionally invested. I haven't been invested in a show since All About My Romance which still doesn't come close to my love for Faith. Anywho, for me, I think episodes 5 and 6 were the best yet because we got more interaction with characters that don't normally speak to each other.

I am mainly talking about Yoon Jin, who is oddly silent except when something angers her and tons of obscenities come out. I thoroughly enjoyed her being in a scene for more than 5 seconds with the rest of the cast especially her hate-hate relationship with Sam Chun Po. I know she may be serious, but I got a good laugh when she threatened him with cyanide, I wonder what went on her childhood. I have read that some ship her with Hae Tae, at some point I thought it was Chilbongie but now I am not so sure. This drama should be about who Yoon Jin married since we know she's married as well. But I guess if we find out who she's married to then that cuts that person out of the potential husbands, but I am loving trying to guess who she may end up with. I think I'll go with Hae Tae or Sam Chun Po(you know how k-drama leads end if they hate each right? *wink*)

This drama knows exactly where to hit me in the feels, I mean seriously! I was right on the Trash Oppa-Na Jung ship until they threw Chilbongie there and made him all adorable-like. Why?! Now I'm hopping from ship to ship hoping I don't fall in the process. It's been quite obvious he feels something for Na Jung and the end of episode 6 pretty much confirmed his feelings for her which probably means he won't marry her. As much as I love Trash Oppa. I do wish the writers will do something different and totally surprise us. According to the writer and PD, even the cast doesn't know who the husband is. That's how secret they're keeping it, so it better be a good surprise and not super predictable. Gah! I love Trash Oppa, did anyone else notice him get jealous when Chilbongie kissed Na Jung during the game? Any little bit of attention she gets from our handsome Seoul boy, Trash will see it with newer eyes.

I also like how they introduced that mysterious teenager that was walking in and out of Na Jung's place, making us kinda guess who he was. I know some were right but even they were not sure about his identity. Now we know who it is! He's her baby bro who is living with her and her husband. Does anyone else think he looks like Seo In Guk? I think so. Speaking of Na Jung, who is her husband? I like how every time they conveniently cover his face and make sure he doesn't speak when it's his turn. I was literally screaming at my computer when he popped up. But we do have a clue: Kim Jae Joon aka Na Jung's future/present hubby booked the wedding during the championships, who could have done something like that?

June: Wow, what can I say! These last two episodes brought out so many feelings. From giddiness to tears, I felt it all. My tears could not stop falling with Trash Oppa talking to the sick mother. I couldn’t even imagine what she was thinking or going through and I could only think of the kids! Ahh, so many tears were flowing! Which brings me to the storyline with Na Jung’s mother. I felt so sad for her! Everyone seems to take her for granted. During the episode, I wished I could just give her a big hug and tell her that she’s the best! But also, we do get to find out what the cause of her mood was and what a surprise that was!

It’s official, I have finally accepted my feelings and I admit that I have the biggest crush on Chilbongie. I couldn’t help it! He’s just so cute and adorable. I know last week I had jumped on the Trash Oppa/Na Jung ship but now I am also on the Chilbongie/Na Jung ship! They are adorable as well and oh my word they even kissed! I can already see myself being torn over these ships in the future. They both have qualities that I can’t help but adore. With Chilbongie now in the picture, I am a thousand times more curious about whom Na Jung’s husband is! Right when I think it’s going to be Trash Oppa, Chilbongie comes into the picture and makes it all confusing. But hey if Na Jung’s husband isn’t Chilbongie, I’ll gladly take him!

Lore: Trash Oppa- I heart you. I am still a loyal Na Jung /Trash Oppa shipper, but I do have to agree with Shai and June that Chilbongie has a certain charm. The question of Na Jung’s husband still has no discernable answer, at this point I feel like it could go any which way. But I am still rooting for Trash Oppa to be the one. I feel more invested in seeing these two together than I do seeing Na Jung end up with Chilbongi; but as this show has proven the story can change at a the drop of a hat, so my feelings could change.

So other than my current love for Trash Oppa, I got a kick out of the last two episodes because of the humor. The major toilet humor in episode 5 was both rude and hilarious and I loved every minute of it. The humor in episode 6 was a little more understated but still hilarious. One of my favorite ha-ha moments from episode 5 was when Mom and Dad went to the Doctor. Pregnant! I did not see that one coming. I could not stop laughing when Dad decided to dye his hair after his whole “Let age take its course” speech. The Na Jung massage part was also hilarious. How embarrassing for Na Jung but she still played it cool, which is another reason I love this girl’s character!

I wanted to give Mom a big hug after watching episode 6. I think it is too true that once a relationship becomes familiar, appreciation can go away. The kids of the homestay, even though they love Mom, became too familiar with her always being there and became a bit rude. Poor Mom. It was touching when they finally realized the error of their ways and bought her a birthday present (*cough your own daughter forgot but they remembered cough*).

The husband mystery remains, and will logically remain right up until the end of the show. The little peeks into who it could be (the wedding scene, the brother in law scene) bring up more questions than answers. I could drive myself nuts trying to figure out who hubby is from such little clues so I will try to restrain myself and instead irrationally decide it is Trash Oppa. Oppa-yah for the win…I hope.

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