Get ready for another Answer Me 1994 Drama Club chat as Shai, June, and myself discuss Yoon Jin’s drunken revelations, our chosen ships, and our idea for a new bromance. Cheers!

Lore: So, where should we begin? I feel like a lot happened in the last 2 episodes...

Shai: A lot has happened in the last 2 episodes!

June: There really has!

Lore: It was cool to find out who Yoon Jin ended up marrying - that was a reveal I thought would hold out until a later episode.

Shai: To be honest I was super curious about who she would marry. I am surprised I was right for once. I did guess it was Chun Po since they hated each other.

Lore: They have such a cute dynamic (or is that angry dynamic)! Love this couple.

Shai: I want to see when they started dating, that's going to be interesting since she was yelling at him by the end of the episode. Haha!

June: They are pretty cute as a couple!

Lore: I know - I want to see that first date!

June: I agree! I hope they show when they actually start dating! I feel like I should have seen it coming considering the people who "hate" each other always end up together! LOL

Shai: I told you June. It's K-drama rule#208!

Lore: That rule!

June: Oh yeah that rule! Never fails. Never fails!

Shai: Haha No it doesn't and I love it. Funny thing is Trash Oppa guessed it too.

June: Lol - I know right! Trash Oppa knows all ooh~

Lore: Trash Oppa must know the rules! Which means he knows he will end up with Na Jueng, right?! *Hopeful eyes*

June: But what about Chilbongie!

Lore: Sorry, I am over him. I am committed to the Trash Oppa ship.

Shai: Chilbongie! He's gonna end up alone.

June: Awww my poor Chilbongie! I still get major feels from him - not even going to lie!

Lore: He is cute! I admit to feeling bad for him when he was walking with Na Jeung and Trash in the rain, watching them share an umbrella.

Shai: It's okay. I am always here if he gets lonely. LOL.

June: Writers can write me into the story and he can end up with me! (HAHA a girl can dream right?)

Shai: Seeing his face fall when Yoon Jin announced Na Jung's feelings just broke my heart. It's like he knew she did, but didn't want to believe it.

Lore: Agreed! I felt bad for him!

June: OMG, Yes!

Lore: Yoon Jin really let the cat out of the bag with her drunken ramble!

June: I'm super curious about the next episode and how everything does down the morning after! Always remember "drunken words are sober thoughts”.

Lore: No kidding, I feel like it is going to be one awkward breakfast in the morning!

Shai: Haha! That's what I want to know. The morning after Yoon Jin's rant…

Lore: Let's hope Mom makes twice as much food!

Shai: Well now Trash Oppa can't brush off the obvious…

June: So true! He can't now.

Lore: Which leads me to believe that these two are not going to end up dating come next episode - I see something similar to what happened in AM97 occurring (the confession, the time away from each other, then the hook up).

Shai: I did read somewhere that he goes away for a while. Chilbongie time *evil laugh* hahaha

June: He does?! HAHA yes! Chilbongie- that will be his time to step in!

Lore: True, he would have a major chance with Trash Oppa gone. As long as Trash returns in the end and they get together I am cool with some Chilbongie time.

Shai: I am wavering ships. It’s a sad day…

June: Same here! It's like both ships are so cute!

Shai: Who can resist Chilbongie's smile… and his body? Yes, I brought his shirtless scene could I not? Haha

June: It was glorious. I very much enjoyed it!

Shai: Seems like Na Jung liked it too, she just stared at him. Haha.

Lore: Haha! She did!

June: I don't blame her!

Shai: Did you guys notice how 4 of them witnessed 2 arguments simultaneously? Yoon Jin and Haetae and then Mom and Dad's fight.

Lore: That was so funny! I loved it when they all went to the stairs to look up at where Yoon Jin and HaeTae were fighting. And then Mom and Dad....

June: Honestly I don't know how they do it!lol

Shai: Yoon Jin and Haetae's fight was hilarious though.She didn't care if he bought those condoms or not! Haha!

Lore: She really did not, she was like "Whatever, you are an adult"

June: LOL, these kids are always so entertaining!

Shai: Poor HaeTae likes her otherwise he wouldn't feel the need to explain himself.

Lore: So maybe he can hang out with Chilbongie if they are both the odd man out? A bromance - we need a bromance!

Shai: He already has his bromance with Samchunpo.

Lore: True, but he could have another one :-)

June: Bromances are always fun! I wouldn't mind seeing a Haetae and Chilbongie bromance!

Shai: The single's club, haha!

June: The more the better!

Lore: So, any parting thoughts?

June: New episodes are needed /NOW/ I seriously need to know what happens in the next episodes! I'm sure it'll be very interesting! Let's keep the drama and love triangles rolling!

Shai: These episodes really set the plot in motion. Now that Trash Oppa can't just ignore the truth, what will he do now? Chilbongie now acknowledges it. I just want to see the morning after and that walk of shame..haha that did not come out right. C'mon Friday!

Lore: Agreed! The morning after and the walk of shame cannot come soon enough (yeah, that does sound weird….)

So what did you think of episodes 7 & 8? Do you support a HaeTae/Chilbongie singles club? Let us know in the comments!

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