Welcome to our chat for this week's drama club post! So much has happened in episodes 9 and 10 that it would be impossible to discuss it all in one post. We got some confessions and a very flirty grandma. Read on to see our conversation!

Lore: Who loved Grandma in episode 10? I did! I did!

Shai: Haha Granny was a flirt!

June: Granny has good taste!

Lore: Granny is Chilbongie's #1 fan girl in my opinion. You can't top that "Let me feed you" bit. Seriously - it was disturbing and hilarious at the same time!

Shai: Haha He looked like he wanted to run lol

June: Lol Grandma is lucky. I wish I was able to feed Chilbongie

Shai: Granny was all over my man lol

June: Chilbongie is my man!

Lore: I give Granny some props, that is for sure! I was digging the entire New Year's trip. With the tear gas, and the train scene, and the....wait, are you guys busy calling dibs? Because I get trash Oppa!

Shai: Hey hey We can share. Lol

June: Ok yes, we can share!

Lore: Okay, then you 2 are good with Chilbongie, I call dibs on Trash Oppa.

June:Trash Oppa is all yours Lore!

Shai: Yeah Lore you can have him. We got 2 kisses in one episode! Amazing!

Lore: Ouch! I feel like I was handed the reject. But that is okay, because I still love me some Trash Oppa. Seriously, it is like I can hear no reason. Lalalalala *fingers in ears* We did! I love Yoo Jin and Cheon Po's kiss!

June: Lmao! Omg the kisses! Yoo Jin and Chun Po was sooooo cute omg! And omg I squealed at the Na Jung and Chilbongie kiss!

Shai: Yoon Jin and Chun Po's kiss was sssooooo cute!

Lore: Sunrise on New Year's day, you can't top that!

Shai: I admire him, he moves quick lol Trash Oppa should take notes

Lore: Aish. I really am on a sinking ship! Hearts Trash Oppa!!!!

June: You really can't top it lol I wonder if and when Trash Oppa will make his move!

Shai: It will take him to get super jealous to make a move

June: It's long overdue tbh Plus he knows she likes him!

Shai: Chilbongie can make Oppa jealous. He just has to see her paying attention to another guy

Lore: I think it is long overdue, but at the same time it would kill the story. If Trash Oppa came out and admitted his feelings then it would be game over for Chilbongie. Or at least my bias makes me think this way :)

June: That is true. The story would kind of be over by then but then we still need to see who the husband is.

Lore: True! Thoughts on who it is?

Shai: They can make them date and breakup and she can marry Chilbongie :-D Oops! My bias is showing

Lore: :) Touche!

June: Lmao that could work

Lore: Or the reverse could happen. She could date Chilbongie and then marry Trash Oppa!

June: That could happen as well!

Shai: Aish. Don't kill my delusion Lore lol

June: I just don't want Chilbongie to end up sad!

Lore: He won't be sad. He will have Haitai to hang out with!

Shai: Now that we know who Yoon Jin married, the 2013 scenes aren't looking so awkward. Chilbongie can come to me :p

Lore: Or that. See, win-win.

June: Or he can come to me as well ;)

Lore: See, Chilbongie won't be lonely, so Trash Oppa should just be the hubby. Wait! Or Trash Oppa could come see me after he ends up lonely. Oh, the choices!!!!

June: It's a win-win all around!

Lore: Agreed!

Shai: Haha

Lore: Okay, so our bias's aside, what did both of you think about the events of episode 9 (Binggeure's brother visiting, etc)?

June: I was glad we got more screentime from him! I feel like he doesn't get enough!

Shai: I really enjoyed that arc. He did something he never thought he could do. His brother helped push him

June: I did as well!

Shai: Yes. He's doing really well. Dohee is also getting a good response

June: Dohee is so great! I love her and her character!

Lore: Yeah - Dohee is doing an awesome job! I had no clue who she was before this, but I am definitely going to pay attention from now on.

Shai: I was a fan of Tiny-G already and was shocked she was cast

Lore: Parting thoughts? Mine are Saranghae Trash Oppa!!!!!!! Too soon?

June: I'm super excited for future episodes! I wanna see how the relationships are going to play out! Also, Chilbongie fighting!

Shai: The story is moving smoothly and I have no real complaints. Now that Chilbongie has confessed. I am waiting for Na Jung's reaction. They both confessed the same way except he went in for the kiss. I also enjoy hearing Mariah Carey when anything that has to do with snow and Christmas pops up.

So with all of this said, what was your favorite moment from these episodes?

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