Witnessing the birth of a superhero? Almost… we are seeing some improvement on the power control and more revealing of the horribly twisted past. Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD for Blade Man episode 10 Drama Club!

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Amy: I liked this explanation of how the blades come out of Hong Bin’s body. It makes sense and we got more background on Hong Bin which is always good. I don’t know if you all remember but Chang talked about a peach pit inside of him in an earlier episode. I wonder if that will be brought up again.

MarlubsGD: This was probably the most poignant scene of a somewhat boring episode. It’s the scene I liked the best, showing the amassing pain he’s been going through all these years until he started sprouting blades. I like how it’s the same term that Chang used, with the whole peach pit thing.

Caroline: I feel like I can understand where all his anger comes from now that they’ve shown a glimpse of his past. He wasn’t held by his mother, his father was mean to him completely disregarding his existence. I get it now, Hong Bin-a =(

MarlubsGD: That part was so sad. Especially when all Madam Yoon did was bop him on the head. Poor little Hong Biny!

Amy: I think that Hong Bin needs a lot of hugs. Volunteers?


Caroline: I had the same expression on my face. “Come stay with me so you can feed me and do my laundry.” If he was my kid I would’ve slapped him. WHAT AM I? YOUR MAID? But he does have a point. This lady should be shipped overseas ASAP.

Amy: Yes. She has lost it and Hong Joo knows he needs to get her out of there. I’m more impressed with Hong Joo every time I see him. He stands up for himself and others despite his scary parents and is even willing to do something he doesn’t want to do to protect the girl he likes. Hong Joo is awesome and Lee Joo Seung is doing a great job with his acting.

MarlubsGD: I was really impressed with Hong Joo’s maturity right here. He knows he needs to stop his mom, and he obviously loves her too, so that really would be the best answer. Ship her off and let her keep being his mom.

Amy: Yep. She may even be a more loving mother if they get her away from all of the bad relationships in her life.

MarlubsGD: Agreed. If she is no where near the dad and all the crap she has to put up with in that household, I think she might be a good mom someday.


MarlubsGD: It’s like a case of double noble idiocy. Both of them think that they are making things hard for the other one so they are avoiding each other. Great. I’m so glad that they communicate more than most people, because that didn’t need to be dragged out. Thank you, Hong Bin, for just going in for that hug!

Caroline: I still don’t feel the connection between those two. The chemistry pretty much sucks. No matter how adorable things seem to me, I always feel like I want more.

Amy: I always want more chemistry Caroline. Ha ha! Seriously though. I was happy that they didn’t drag things out too and it is awesome that they actually use their words. Using words is always helpful. Got that dramaland? Write it down!

MarlubsGD: I think it’s partially because Shin Se Kyung can’t really act that well, because I feel it a lot more chemistry on his side than hers. I just don’t really believe most of what she does.

Amy: Yeah. I’m dismissing it as they just started dating so she is holding back but the chemistry is definitely lacking. Maybe it is because she acts too much like a kid most of the time.

Caroline: I hate to say this, but Shin Se Kyung never has good chemistry with anyone. She’s ruining this for me big time. Ugh. So frustrating.

MarlubsGD: Agreed. She can’t act and it’s making this worse than it needs to be.

Amy: I have only seen her in this drama so I really have no clue. Ha ha! Can’t you just let me come up with excuses for her?

MarlubsGD: Just do what you gotta do. It makes it easier to watch that way.


Amy: Oh my. So many questions! What exactly is going on? Hong Joo knows Tae Hee? He knows where she is? I mean. What? I was surprised. They had me convinced that Tae Hee was dead! Madam Yoon is all kinds of evil. She definitely knew.

MarlubsGD: Oh no she didn’t! She seriously gets more nefarious every time we see her! She she took the envelope I think I screamed out “no!” or something like that. But actually at this point… I just don’t even know anymore. I don’t think she’s alive… but maybe? No, I just think that Madam Yoon was the one that had her beaten to death, doing the dad’s dirty work.

Amy: That could be. I think she may be alive because Hong Joo seems like he knows her and where to find her. I don’t know. This drama is one of the few that has me asking questions. If she is alive what will that do to Hong Bin?

MarlubsGD: It would complicate this too much! I kind of want her to stay dead and not have this go there. Seriously. That would be too much!

Amy: I’m getting irritated just thinking about it! Hong Bin would probably go back to her but think about Se Dong the whole time. I’m having a “My Lovely Sam Soon” flashback right now. It is very unpleasant.

MarlubsGD: Ew! No!!!! We don’t need that kind of crap!

Caroline: One word. Evil Lady.

Amy: Two words Caroline. That was two.


MarlubsGD: Poor Secretary Ko! He’s the real superman here. How is he not dead yet?

Caroline: Why does he take this? He saved his sister, sure, but why does he need to break our poor Secretary Ko?! (He’s the only reason I watch his with enthusiam) *Fan Girling*

Amy: I really want a Secretary Ko. Will someone get on that for me? I understand why he puts up with it but at the same time I’m not so sure about willing to do for Hong Bin. He’s got his sister after all. He needs to be there for her.

MarlubsGD: He needs something good to happen to him. Like sainthood, because this man is a saint. I just want him to not be beaten up anymore because... (goofy smile with sigh).

Is Tae Hee really dead? How was Madam Yoon involved? What will happen to Hong Bin and Se Dong’s relationship? Don’t forget to comment below to also share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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