Blade Man episode 11 was all about the feels, as Chang and Secretay Ko are both acting super adorable. Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD for the DramaClub chat about their cuteness and what’s going on with this show these days… because, seriously, what is going on?

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Amy: All of the adults in Hong Bin’s family are against Se Dong. At least his father complimented how well she has grown up? I don’t know if you all remember but her dad was working for Hong Bin’s company when he died. Anyway. It was pretty awesome how Se Dong stood her ground despite the protests from Hong Bin’s father.

MarlubsGD: I do like how they are avoiding all that crap that normally goes on when parents and stuff get involved in the relationship. For once they both seem to be pretty mature about that and Se Dong isn’t just running.

Amy: I think we’ll get plenty of that crap later. Why should anyone be grateful to Se Dong for helping Hong Bin’s step mother and father? Psh.

MarlubsGD: True. Can’t wait for that… :P

Caroline: Oh she ran, you guys just don’t remember from the last few episodes. Hell, even Hong Bin avoided her for a bit. I feel like a drama isn’t complete before everyone on the living planet is completely against your decision.

MarlubsGD: I remember that, I just mean she isn’t running now… although I agree that she will probably run again… boo.


MarlubsGD: I really felt for Hong Bin here, since it is probably a legit thing to worry about, especially when they got together so quickly. It’s not like they really know each other or anything.

Amy: Yeah. I was thinking when they got together that Se Dong just felt sorry for Hong Bin but it is obvious that even if that was the case her feelings are growing. I don’t think she likes Hong Bin nearly as much as he likes her but she is getting there slowly.

Caroline: They have been in a very slow developing relationship for sure. But then Hong Bin has to force her into almost everything. It’s a bit .. annoying? It’s no wonder he would worry about her being with him out of pity more than anything else.

MarlubsGD: Well the kiss scene was way too soon, and he basically forced a confession out of her before she was ready. She is pretty honest, so that would be why she was so blunt about that. But it’s good that he’s hearing this, so he can be a little more grounded in their relationship.

Amy: One thing I don’t really get is how he was still so upset and pining over Tae Hee but then all of a sudden he let go and was into Se Dong. It happened way too fast. If anything I would think she would be the one who would need to be grounded but oh well.

MarlubsGD: She does too, but he needs to slow down and stop being so selfish, so this might help him do that at least.

Screenshot (1749).png

Amy: Finally! Hong Bin has been bonding slower with Chang than with Se Dong. I’m happy to finally see them hug. They need each other because they’ve both been through way too much crap.

MarlubsGD: I was getting so frustrated at him being too focused on Se Dong, so finally! Yes! Chang is just too cute to ignore.

Caroline: I love how Chang got him to stay a little longer. It felt like a deeper conversation that what it seemed. Like Hong Bin asked “Are you hurt anywhere?” and Chang was “Yea, I am hurt.” In that sense. Too adorable for words. This relationship has my attention a lot more than the Hong Bin/ Se Dong thing.


MarlubsGD: I know that this is supposed to be all “mystery mystery, what exactly is this connection besides him maybe being the one who beat up Tae Hee,” but I really just couldn’t care about who this dude is. Why is he threatening the dad now? Who cares?

Amy: I was confused about this whole scene. Hong Bin’s father will do anything for him in his old age? Threatening to tell Hong Bin that? I don’t get it.

MarlubsGD: Yeah, this guy’s threats don’t sound very scary… like at all. And the dad especially didn’t look that scared. I laughed as this dude was grumbling to Hong Bin. Whatever, dude.

Amy: Oh yeah! Ha ha! I forgot about that bit. Hong Bin telling his dad that he will do anything his dad wants was a big mistake though. Why would those words come out of your mouth? You can’t be that desperate yet!

MarlubsGD: I know. He’s such a little drama queen.

Caroline: Did you even catch why dad was in the hospital? I mean he got a nosebleed. I kinda got lost here. A little hospital drama is of course a must though, super “Grey’s Anatomy” style.

Amy: Some disease with a long name that I can’t remember the name of. Nothing a little rest won’t cure. You have to have the hospital scene so that Hong Bin will go and see his father! How else would that happen?


Amy: I love Hong Joo’s boldness. He knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to tell anyone even if he will get shut down. It is sad that he feels like he has to take care of his mother though. A kid his age should not have to carry that burden. His mom needs to grow up.

MarlubsGD: He might be one of the most mature people in the show. Please, kid, please take that crazy mom of yours off to America. You’ll be doing the world a favor. But all the same, it is super sad for him. Especially since she can’t even tell him that she’s already dating his brother. Poor little Hong Joo. Sad face.

Caroline: I feel like he’s dealt with so much that he knows he has to fight for what he wants and that it’s exactly what he’s been doing the whole time. Love him. He’s really an awesome character in this circus.


Amy: I seriously can’t look at Secretary Ko’s face without laughing. He was adorable during this whole episode and I love his smile. Especially with that apron. Just sayin’.

MarlubsGD: Literally the best part of this episode. How does he do it? Secretary Ko is just the best!

Amy: I’ve already asked Santa for a Secretary Ko. Think I’ll get one?

MarlubsGD: Maybe if you are REEEEEALY good and it’s just a dream…. a beautiful, beautiful Christmas dream.

Caroline: Deep inside. He’s the only reason I still watch this show … Sigh. So dreamy.

Screenshot (1752).png

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