More feels, more adorable, and more dumb relationship problems in Blade Man episode 12. There is always something that’s going to break up our OTP, but how will Se Dong and Hong Bin’s now-revealed entwined past affect their relationship? And what does that chubby kid have to do with anything? Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD for their DramaClub chat about these every questions.

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Caroline: Absolutely Adorable. Nothing else can be said about how this episode started. So light hearted!

Amy: Cute, cute, cute! I love how Hong Bin and Chang are getting closer and closer. Good man, Hong Bin!

MarlubsGD: Finally some absolute adorableness! This was too cute, both of them. Especially Hong Bin finally getting some dad courage.

MarlubsGD: I love how Secretary Ko is playing up the cute clueless act, teasing Hong Bin. He’s way too adorable! Hong Bin needs it too, since he’s so silly about this sort of stuff.

Caroline: Wouldn’t he want to know. Such a curious little cat, Secretary Ko. He’s so boyish, I can’t believe how cute this guy is sometimes. Makes me so happy (^___^) Sigh.

Amy: Oh you know Secretary Ko. You need to stop it with that cutesy innocent act!

Amy: I don’t blame Hong Bin for feeling frustrated. Se Dong won’t even let him kiss her! Come on, girl!

Caroline: Hmm. His expectations are a bit high though. We agreed that she hasn’t gotten there with her feelings for him yet. He shouldn’t be pushy. I say good for her to stop him.

MarlubsGD: I was getting frustrated too, not that I don’t agree with her that they need to take it slow, but she doesn’t need to be so mean about it. Maybe give him a little why instead of just stepping on his foot.

Amy: I’ll give it to you guys that they don’t need to sleep together yet but a kiss now and then never hurt anybody. Hugging gets old but that is just my opinion. Ha ha!

MarlubsGD: da, da, da, na. This sneaky dude being all not sneaky while following Hong Joo. He’s way too smart not to catch him. But seriously, what is this dude’s relationship with Madam Yoon. Also, is Tae Hee still alive?

Amy: He totally got caught and Hong Joo is smart enough to figure out what is going on even if he doesn’t know all of the details. I’m getting impatient to know what is up with Tae Hee.

Caroline: I wonder about this whole thing too. Especially since Madam Yoon is so secretive about the whole thing. How does Tae Hee being alive matter to her at all is my question.

Caroline: Who is this kid, and why do I care about him so much that he would take that much episode time from everyone else? That “Sign my tummy” part was funny though.

Amy: I’m wondering what role, if any, this kid will play. He is obviously important somehow for Hong Bin to reluctantly give him a tour.

MarlubsGD: I know, it was random and not really explained. But I loved him. He was so chubby and cute, and the part where he got their autographs on his belly made me laugh… maybe for this first time this episode...

Amy: What are you going to do now Se Dong? It will be hard for her to get over the fact that Hong Bin’s father was the president who didn’t sign for her dad’s surgery. It may take her a while but I don’t think she’ll permanently hold it against Hong Bin.

MarlubsGD: These guys, they really do cause more problems than help, don’t they. Boo, Hong Bin’s dad is evil once again, even if that’s technically the past. Why do these things have to bother them so much? Frustrating.

Caroline: I think it’s funny because we already saw that her father and his father are somewhat related a few episodes ago. But really, these kids are just terrible. They can never just keep a secret. Although I do believe that she had the right to know. I wonder how this will effect them.

MarlubsGD: Here we have maybe the first moment where Hong Bin understands how pathetic his dad’s life is, and why he is such a grouch, maybe. I don’t know if that makes Hong Bin feel sorry for him, or just gives him something to think about, but it’s a good view of another side of the dad, I think. But it’s still not going to make anyone like him anytime soon.

Amy: I think that it is a good thing Hong Bin is starting to understand his dad more. I can understand why his dad thought he had to do bad things to get ahead in life but I don’t support it. Hong Bin’s dad will have to change a lot before I fully support him.

Caroline: I think that dad had to suffer to get where he was. He said it before that he had to get there all by himself and that it’s not that hard for Hong Bin and Hong Joo. I think he took out his frustrations on his sons without really meaning to, and that’s why it’s all in the dumps with them. Still hate him. So yea, whatevs writer. No sympathy felt.

Caroline: Is this not the lady that said she hates her? Why would she ask her for help now? Se Dong is so gullible! UGH! I’m against this “I’m sacrificing things for people who didn’t even appreciate the help my father gave them before” thing that’s going on now. SO IRRITATING!

MarlubsGD: I can’t stand these peeps. I hated them from the first moment, and now how hypocritical of them! Crawling to her now that they have problems and Se Dong has a job. Boo! Also, combine this with how they wouldn’t help her when her dad was dying… yep, they’re pretty much scum.

Amy: I don’t remember these people at all. You don’t have to help them just because they’re family. People will take advantage no matter what your relationship with them is. Se Dong needs to watch out.

Caroline: They’re not family! Remember the restaurant owners? When the lady said “I don’t like her being here, her father helped us but she doesn’t need to be hanging around here”??????

Amy: Oooooh! I remember now. Tsk. Se Dong needs to wise up.

MarlubsGD: Are they not related? Whew! I thought he was her uncle and that would be too low a blow. I’m glad they are just d-bag friends of her dad. That means they are just normal scum and not family scum.

Caroline: Kids can be so cruel, huh? Poor Chang-i =( Sniff.

Amy: I didn’t think they were being that cruel. Just curious because they had never seen a kid treated like that before. I did feel bad for Chang though.

MarlubsGD: I know! He just wants a family! I did like how Secretary Ko just picked him up and carried him home, but this kid needs some serious family stability. Poor little guy.

Caroline: WHO’S FAULT WAS IT THAT SHE EVEN BEGAN TO AVOID HIM?!!! I don’t like his guy. He’s so …. Ugh! You know??

Amy: Yeah. I don’t know. I’m confused by him. It seems like he wants to help but ends up hurting instead. Is that on purpose or accident?

MarlubsGD: While I don’t like him either, I do think it was less his fault than the other boys’ that she’s confused. I don’t think he did it on purpose, because I don’t think that he wants to date her, he just wants to protect her. I do like that he’s telling her to stop avoiding, cause that’s stupid.

Amy: Well, she definitely needs time to think things over. I don’t blame her for not wanting to be involved in that family although it isn’t Hong Bin’s fault. I don’t like her lack of communication in this scene though. Just tell him what is going on. I guess she is afraid of hurting Hong Bin and his dad’s relationship more when they are getting closer.

MarlubsGD: I don’t think she’s smart enough to not need like a million years to think things through, so… sucks for Hong Bin. But seriously, could she not have just told him that she needed time instead of avoiding him?

Caroline: But that dramatic end where Chang goes missing … Bet she’ll come back running. Ever so helpful Se Dong.

MarlubsGD: That was pretty obvious, the way she turned around at the end. Chang is definitely going to come first. But what did that chubby kid do with Chang? They off playing somewhere?

Amy: I’m thinking the chubby kid is fairly harmless but you never know. I think the chubby kid will do anything to get closer to Hong Bin.

Caroline: I don’t know if it’s about Hong Bin, or Hong Bin’s games. I think he’s harmless but I could be wrong. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

What is the significance of that chubby general’s son? Where is Chang? Is Tae Hee dead or does Hong Joo know where she is? What is up with Madam Yoon and that thug dude?

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