Shocking revelation! Peeps not being dead and dad’s not being as evil as we maybe thought… even as they keep on making bad choices… Blade Man Episode 13 is quite the tumble of emotions and revelations. Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD are eager to share the news, and their feelings in this episode’s DramaClub. At least there is also plenty of cute along with the no-nos...

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Amy: I would have said the same thing if I were Hong Bin. It would not feel good to think that someone is with you out of pity and I would definitely want confirmation that it isn’t the case.

Caroline: I feel like that is the most mature Hong Bin has said in the last 13 episodes. I almost cried (Not really). Our little kid is finally becoming a man. I’m so glad to see it.

MarlubsGD: I was so proud of him this scene too! He made so much progress just in this episode!

Caroline: You know what. I’ve hated this guy since his role in Golden Cross. He’s insanely evil here and there. If I never see a drama with him, it would be too soon. But I think he’s Madam Yoon’s brother? I’ve gotten that hint for some reason. Am I wrong?

Amy: I think he is Madam Yoon’s brother too. I absolutely can’t stand him and he gets worse every time he shows up. I just want to know for sure what he is up to!

MarlubsGD: He does respectively call her older sister, whether they are actually related or not they have that sort of relationship, more than just that of a hired thug. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were related. I’ve seen him be a nice dude before, but he does play those evil dude well, doesn’t he. I just still don’t see the point of his character besides being so bad.

Caroline: OMG. Is that what that was?! This dad goes from bad to worse, I swear.

MarlubsGD: This just seems like overkill now. “Let’s wipe away all traces of this girl.” Calm it down a bit, dad. I do think that he’s just really bad at thinking things through from other people’s point of view, which makes him like a million times more evil than he thinks he’s being… which is still bad...

Amy: I know that Hong Bin’s dad did something bad but he genuinely thinks that he did the best that he could in the situation. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think he should have done that but I also don’t think his intentions are 100% bad. He just goes about things the wrong way.

Caroline: I take back my last comment. If dad is bad, than this lady is Hades. What the hell?! Who would assume that someone wants someone beaten to death? WHO WOULD GO HIRE PEOPLE TO DO JUST THAT?! Wow. Just Wow.

Amy: Madam Yoon I liked your evilness earlier but you took it too far. Not cool at all.

MarlubsGD: Is she just trying too hard because she likes the dad or something? Because this is just ridiculous. She has one evil imagination at least. Why would she automatically jump to that conclusion? That’s just plain nasty. Was she raised by gangsters? (singing) She’s the thug queen!

MarlubsGD: Hong Joo just won this noona over. I’m getting more and more impressed with this boy. Especially since he now knows that Hong Bin is his rival. He seems to be going about it in the right way. I hope it stays that way. I’d be tempted to date him… except his mom is crazy, so probably not… I dunno...

Caroline: This Noona Romancing is the only thing worth looking forward to during this show right now. Hong Joo wins in my book every time. He’s too adorable. I can’t even …..

Amy: Hong Joo is definitely adorable. He is so straight forward that it is hard to resist his charms. I like that he didn’t let the fact that Hong Bin is dating Se Dong stop him.

Caroline: Is this guy a Gemini? How does he flip from bad to acceptable all in one episode like that? Hmm. I don’t know. I said I wouldn’t accept him no matter what the writer did, but seeing this side of him makes me take back a little bit of the hate I feel towards him. He’s not such a bad human being after all. He just has the worst people skills in the history of people skills.

Amy: Like I said, I don’t think he is 100% bad he just doesn’t think things through. Like you said, his people skills suck. If his character continues on this path it’ll be awesome to see him change and get better. His boys really need some fatherly love.

MarlubsGD: His stupidity and stubbornness are at an incomprehensible level, and this scene is just proof that he just doesn’t seem to think about the consequences of his actions. I know they are trying to make us like him more, but his attitude still just blows my mind. Why is he such a dumb and rude man? He basically just admitted to the fact that he didn’t think of his workers as people. Wow. That’s going to redeem him a lot. “I’m going to think next time, does that make it all better?” Yeah, dad, that makes everything better...

Amy: Se Dong cares for Hong Bin. She knows that he isn’t ready for her to know about his blades and powers so she plays along with Secretary Ko. She definitely knows better but I think she is waiting for Hong Bin to tell her himself.

MarlubsGD: I don’t know if she really does know better. She’s dumb enough to not know, I think. But at the same time it’s absolutely ridiculous if she doesn’t, but I really think she’s in denial if anything. I don’t get her.

Caroline: SHE SAW HIS BLADES!!! I like the Pororo reference (^___^) I wonder if Se Dong is dumb, or if she pretends not to see. I mean she saw him lifting up the car …

Amy: I may be giving her too much credit but I think that Se Dong is smarter than she lets on. I can’t give an exact reason why I think that way but it is just a vibe that I get.

MarlubsGD: I try to giver her credit, but then she keeps making poor life decisions and acting just plain stupid so… it’s too hard! But Hong Bin in this scene was so sadly cute! His scared face of “oh no! She saw my blades!” made me sad for him.

Caroline: Tae Hee works with Hong Joo …. Oki. Umm. What?

Amy: I don’t even know what to say. Is it Wednesday yet? Why didn’t we get a preview for the next episode? Oh and I definitely called that Tae Hee would be alive! Just sayin’.

MarlubsGD: No, no, no, no, no! I really didn’t want Tae Hee to be alive! Also, she’d better have amnesia or something because if she’s just chilling, working with Hong Joo... I am super not happy that she apparently abandoned her son. Since they must make her alive, apparently faking her own death, why not just throw in some amnesia while they are at it because… this plotline is bound to suck.

Caroline: EXACTLY! Why do they ruin everything with the episode 14 amnesias huh?!

Amy: You have to have amnesia in a drama like this. It is a must.

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