Ready for one big sob story fest? It’s pity party central now that Tae Hee is alive and stirring up the melodrama. Join Amy and MarlubsGD (Caroline is spared the rant this time) for Blade Man DramaClub: Tae Hee Pity Party Edition.

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MarlubsGD: Why do I hate her all of the sudden? I am already upset that she’s alive, why do they also have to make her a little bitca? That attitude of hers….

Amy: I can not stand her. At all. Just. Ah! My words won’t come out! Grrrrr, Tae Hee!

MarlubsGD: For a poor girl, she kind of comes off as a spoiled brat or mean girl. I think they are trying to have her show a false cheerful attitude, but she just comes off as a conniver…

Amy: I just have no sympathy for her. She is going through a hard time and obviously feeling sorry for herself but she could have avoided that. She is selfish.

MarlubsGD: Yeah, she’s definitely throwing herself one big pity party.


Amy: Hong Bin’s dad did a good thing! Yeah he tried to buy off Tae Hee’s parents with money but he also halted the construction project until everyone in their neighborhood agrees. Two steps forward and one step back?

MarlubsGD: I feel like Hong Bin’s dad is making faster progress than Hong Bin is, at this point. He’s definitely listening and that makes me proud of him, even if I still don’t like him.


MarlubsGD: Oh Hong Joo’s mom… She just keeps not learning. She fights back and jumps too soon, but she’s way out of Madam Yoon’s league when it comes to cat fighting. Madam Yoon really is the thug queen.

Amy: Hong Joo’s mom just does not think things through does she? I don’t know if she’s right about Madam Yoon being in love with Hong Bin’s dad. I don’t know if Madam Yoon is loyal to him or if they did, in fact, have an affair and she still loves him but there is something there.

MarlubsGD: I kind of think she is, I sensed some bitterness and jealousy in Madam Yoon. I think Madam Yoon knows the wife isn’t a threat, but also knows she can’t win against the dead wife.

Amy: Who can win against a dead wife in a Kdrama?

MarlubsGD: Answer: no one. Dead first loves always win.


Amy: Se Dong got hurt when Tae Hee’s mom pushed her down the stairs but Se Dong told Hong Bin she got hurt running to see him. She is embarrassed that Secretary Ko is watching them and it is cute. I really just needed some Secretary Ko in this recap okay? He is adorable and this was the first time I smiled the whole episode.

MarlubsGD: Literally the only part of this episode that I liked (well besides Chang’s adorableness when waving while getting dropped off at the bus by his dad- finally). Secretary Ko, I love you. That smile.

Amy: I really need to see Secretary Ko with a girlfriend.

MarlubsGD: I want him to have a clear happy ending. At least show him being happy with his little sister, if not getting him a girlfriend.

Amy: Yes, please! Get on it, writers!


MarlubsGD: “I’m Tae Hee, I’m literally the saddest, most pitiable second female lead in history. I can ruin everyone’s lives out of a decision to do everything on my own and then whine about it and get jealous when they move on with their lives and be happy because I’m still alive but told everyone I’m dead. Pity me!”

Amy: You made that decision Tae Hee. You get no pity! None! Sure it is scary for Chang to see you in pain but if you had reached out to Hong Bin and told him what was going on he could have helped. You could have been surrounded by people loving you and they would have had closure from being with you when you do pass away. So no sympathy for your selfishness.

MarlubsGD: I groaned when she even said she was the most pitiable. Seriously? Tae Hee, if you’re going to act all noble and do it on your own, stop whining so much. This is just as bad as cancer, only with a lot more uncertainty about the whole death date. It had to be a terminal health problem, if with wasn’t amnesia.

Amy: Of course it is a terminal disease. I could have done without Tae Hee. I knew she was going to show up but I want her gone as soon as possible. I feel like she is the most evil character in this drama!

MarlubsGD: So I don’t need to feel bad about jumping at the thought that she could die anytime, so why not next episode?

Amy: Sounds like a good plan to me!


Amy: I do feel bad for Hong Bin. He can have my pity. Everyone around him has been lying to him. Okay. Not everyone but a lot of people and now he has to deal with Tae Hee being alive.

MarlubsGD: He’s not an idiot, even though he’s a bit immature and oblivious sometimes. He figured out really quickly, which I like and hate. Best to get this can of worms opened right away, but I feel sad that he has to deal with this.

Amy: It is definitely best to get this over with. I think he will handle it surprisingly well but it won’t be an easy task. Do you think they’ll tell Chang? I feel bad for Secretary Ko too because you know he feels Hong Bin’s pain. Se Dong needs to stop being too nice too. I hope she doesn’t shy away from Hong Bin because of Tae Hee.

MarlubsGD: I don’t envy his situation right now at all. We’re in for a whole lot of drama from here on in. This probably won’t be pretty no matter how well Hong Bin handles it. I think Se Dong is definitely going to try and give up, because Tae Hee is Chang’s mother, and she has the prior claim and sadder story.

Amy: Sigh. Why do we put ourselves through this?

MarlubsGD: I’m pretty sure it’s because of Lee Dong Wook and Han Jung Soo.

What will happen now that Tae Hee is alive? How is Hong Bin going to take it? Will he find out right away? How do you feel about Tae Hee being alive and a ticking time bomb? Do you dislike Tae Hee as much as the Drama Club?

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