Emotions intensify as we learn more about Kim Tae Hee’s side of the story. Join the Drama Club's Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD  for this week’s gossip as we attempt to make sense of the emotional turmoil that is Blade Man episode 15.

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MarlubsGD: I have so many mixed feelings about this episode. But I do like how proactive and mature Hong Bin is being about this. I feel like this situation is just crazy and confusing, and he isn’t going super over-the-top or angry, which makes me proud of him.

Caroline: I think he’s not angry because he doesn’t know what’s going on, and I have to agree, this episode was all out “Let’s confuse the hell out of everyone.” What was the point of having Kim Tae Hee be alive if she’s dying anyway? You know what I mean?

MarlubsGD: Yep, this is just going to be one hot mess. I really hate that Tae Hee is alive, especially since she is probably just going to die again. Why!?! I don’t see any of this plot getting solved nicely or without a whole lot of stretching.

Caroline: I think that’s what it is, stretching. I think this series could’ve pulled a 16 Episode time frame. But since they got 20, they need to increase the drama. I don’t like it.

MarlubsGD: I know. Too many dramas suffer from being extended.

Amy: I was thinking that this drama should have been only 16 episodes too. It would have been nice to just deal with the issues that Se Dong and Hong Bin's relationship would be without Tae Hee being alive. I'm sure we'll have more enjoyable moments so I think it is worth watching still.

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MarlubsGD: This softened my heart to Tae Hee a little bit, since she’s acting like a mom with her super mother protective powers, but it’s also frustrating because now it’s really going to get messy, and Chang is going to be so confused if she keeps popping up, lying and then trying to leave.

Caroline: I think it’s cruel to have Chang see his mother, whom he thought was dead, only to have her actually die later in the plot. That’s not at all nice. Why?

MarlubsGD: While I really hated that she “abandoned” him so he wouldn’t see her suffer, this just makes it worse, because he’s just going to be more confused and hurt later.

Caroline: Besides, she was further away than Se Dong. Why couldn’t Se Dong save him? Why did she have to be faster? Isn’t she sick? Gaaaaahh! (0____0)

MarlubsGD: I guess that’s the super mom powers, but still it makes it a whole lot more complicated.

Amy: Yeah. I feel bad for Chang. Tae Hee should have let Chang deal with her death naturally but now he has to go through seeing her again after thinking she had passed away and go through her death when it really does happen. Essentially he has to deal with her passing away twice. Just not cool.

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Caroline: Omo Omo. He didn’t yell at her! He didn’t even cry, he just … Our Hong Bin is so mature this episode, I think he’s the character development I enjoyed the most because that’s a full 180.

MarlubsGD: True. He’s come leaps and bounds and that is awesome. As proud as I was of him, I just hated how Tae Hee was using the classic lies. Why do they always have to use the exact same lies in every show? Why can’t anyone ever be honest?

Caroline: Because there would be no story. The whole thing revolves around how many lies they can tell each other before they finally confess and end the show.

MarlubsGD: Haha, and that sums up every kdrama ever. Because lying to make you the bad guy always hurts the other person less....

Caroline: Lol (^_______^)

Amy: It's true. Lying causes minimal pain right? I thought it was nice that Hong Bin didn't even touch Tae Hee though. Most men in dramaland would have hugged her and made us think that they're getting back together.

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MarlubsGD: This was a bit surprising. I thought he was going to be a lot more confused first. But I like that he’s clear on somethings, not that it’s going to make anything easier.

Caroline: The mushy girl in me was too thrilled to hear him say that. I would’ve been really upset if he left Se Dong after all that because Tae Hee showed up.

MarlubsGD: I completely agree. Hong Bin was awesome in this episode and especially in this scene.

Caroline: He’s a grown up now, that’s why!

MarlubsGD: Yay, grown up Hong Bin!

Amy: Way to go grown up, Hong Bin! I'm so proud of him.

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Caroline: OMG. This was by far the most amazing scene. I just … as much as I refused to take dad’s side I can totally see where he’s coming from. He just felt like he wanted to protect his son no matter what. And all my feels just overflowed when he said that.

MarlubsGD: Completely. I was like “ok, dad, that’s a bit too much, but I get what you’re saying.” If only he had been more open with his feelings before. It probably wouldn’t have come to this. I loved that he finally basically told his son he loves him. This man is like emotionally constipated… at least expression-wise.

Caroline: Whatever constipation meds he took obviously did the job (^___^) FINALLY, is all I can say about Dad.

Amy: I knew Dad had it in him somewhere! I'm glad Hong Bin knows how he feels now.

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Caroline: If I never have to see Madam Yoon again, it would be too soon. This lady … UGH! I HATE HER! Why is she so EVIL?! Why does she care about what happens with Tae Hee? I don’t get this lady. She needs to be fired.

MarlubsGD: Madam Yoon went evil so fast, is she really just trying to cover her own tracks, or is there more to this? Why is Hong Bin still so clueless as to how evil she is? I just can’t wait for her to get fired and kicked out and all that jazz.

Caroline: I just want to know why she got Gardner Kim all scared of her. He should’ve told Hong Bin that he gave her the letter, but he said he lost it! It’s so outrageous.

MarlubsGD: Boo! She has too much power, and we don’t really have a clear idea of what she really wants. Is it the house? Is it the dad? Is her son even a factor in this at all? It seems like she’s just being evil for the sake of being evil… and powerful.

Amy: It seems like Madam Yoon likes the power. I really liked her evilness in earlier episodes but now it is too much. She crossed a line.

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MarlubsGD: Why? All I can say is why. Why is Se Dong fainting now?

Caroline: Because the whole reason she’s there is to faint, act like a dead fish when it comes to any form of expression. It’s been 15 episodes and she’s still a thorn in the side of the series.

Amy: I didn't get the fainting either. I guess it is stress? Who knows.

MarlubsGD: Way too emotional. What high maintenance. Yet she tries to take care of the world.

Caroline: And the plot gains NOTHING no matter what she does. She doesn’t propel the plot at all, it seems like she weighs it down. I just feel like she’s a useless character. I know I hate the actress, but if we were to look at the character itself there’s no reason for it other than to soften up Hong Bin. She’s his voice of “reason” the end.

MarlubsGD: I did like how she told Hong Bin about Tae Hee, and about Tae Hee being sick. But I just had to laugh when she fainted right here. Yeah, she’s more of a plot device than a character.

Amy: Yeah. Hong Bin wouldn't have changed without her but if this wasn't a romance Chang could have been the one to change Hong Bin.

Caroline: I wonder if they do that on purpose so she doesn’t overshadow the “Hero” of the story? Being a strong woman would lead to Hong Bin not having to do much, right?

MarlubsGD: That’s an interesting thought. I agree. That’s probably why Tae Hee isn’t working out so much, since she’s trying to be too strong and independent. I like the whole independent thing, but I feel like Se Dong and Tae Hee are the two extremes. Can’t we have someone in the middle?

Caroline: Apparently Not (-____-)

Amy: There is no middle ground in dramaland.

What does Madam Yoon want? Why is she after Tae Hee? What is going to happen with the Hong Bin, Se Dong, Tae Hee love triangle? Comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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