It’s Pre-Finale Recap!! Curl your lashes, Secretary Ko is, and prepare yourself for some Drama Club excitement as the series goes into Clinch Mode. Does anyone (finally) know what’s going on on Blade Man? Join us to find out!

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Caroline: That’s a valid question … I feel like this episode should be called “Secretary Ko’s Adventure.” I’m TOO happy about the amount of Secretary Ko we get to see before all this ends. Will you miss him as much as I will?

MarlubsGD: That look on Secretary Ko’s face. He’s concerned at excited at the same time? Ha ha. I love that Secretary Ko was so heavily featured in this episode too! It would have completely sucked without him. He’s probably the only thing I will miss about this show.

Amy: Just let it all out, Secretary Ko! I’m sure he’s wanted to give Hong Bin a good beating more than a few times. I liked that Secretary Ko told Hong Bin he wouldn’t touch Hong Bin’s face. Too cute and funny!

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Amy: Sigh. Sacrificing yourself when you didn’t even ask if that is what Tae Hee wants. This theme is way too common in dramas.

MarlubsGD: I know, everyone is being so noble and frustrating. If you have to force yourself to “be a good person” something is wrong. Such a mopey episode for our main couple.

Amy: Yep. A bunch of unnecessary feeling sorry for themselves.

MarlubsGD: This show could have had less of that and been only 16 episodes. Everyone would win.

Caroline: I feel like Hong Bin blames himself for the things that went wrong with Tae Hee. He’s trying to make himself feel better but can’t because Se Dong is in the picture. I don’t know. This “I don’t have things figured out” thing pre-finale doesn’t make me happy.

MarlubsGD: Well, I guess that’s valid, since she’s dying because she was beat up, but that was hardly his fault. The problem is that no one is going to be happy the way they are trying to handle it.

Amy: Exactly. Just send everyone to a psychiatrist so that they can get to the bottom of their problems and learn to communicate!

MarlubsGD: Agreed! Off to the psychiatrist with them!

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MarlubsGD: This date was so perfect. Let’s not just have the most adorable couple ever with Secretary Ko and his girl, but let’s get Chang a girl too!

Amy: I loved it! I need to see Secretary Ko and Chang smiling like that more often.

MarlubsGD: I know! Less moping leads and more Secretary Ko and Chang!

Caroline: I KNOW! The excitement I felt when I saw “Date” was beyond natural.

MarlubsGD: Even just getting to the date was great, especially when Secretary Ko finally just grabbed him and ran, while Chang was just hanging out, grinning.

Amy: Too stinkin’ cute! All of them! I just want to pinch their cheeks!

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Amy: I’m really glad Hong Bin was at least trying to tell Se Dong how he feels even though she wanted to stop him. This scene kind of broke my heart but I’ve been feeling emotional today. Just quit being mopey you two!

MarlubsGD: This scene drove me nuts. They repeated the same line over and over. “Se Dong...” “Don’t say it!” “Se Dong!” “Don’t say it!” I wanted to punch one of them in the face (or both of them, but probably just Se Dong). Just let him say it, Se Dong! Enough repression!

Amy: Yeah...That part did drive me crazy too but what can you do? Apparently the writers like to have their characters repeat the same phrase over and over again. “Wow!” Anyway, Se Dong really needs to tell everyone how she feels instead of hiding or running away. I was really glad she hugged him instead of just sitting there watching him cry.

Caroline: The amount of episode wasted on this boat thing drove me up a freaking wall! You’d think getting two episodes cut would give you initiative to speed up but NOOOO. Let’s waste A TON of episode time repeating things over, and over!!!

MarlubsGD: Also the whole cutting the boat free thing… not cool. How are people supposed to cross while you’re all wasting time repeating things? That’s just selfish.

Amy: You just called Se Dong selfish. Ha ha ha ha! You’re funny.

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Amy: That is probably one of the smartest decisions someone has made in this drama. She has been miserable with her husband for so long and it is making her crazy. She obviously needs to get out. Like, seriously. The most logical decision I’ve seen in this drama that I can remember.

MarlubsGD: I am kind of proud of her for finally getting out of a situation and relationship that is just turning her into a crazy bitca.

Caroline: I don’t know why she felt like she needed a divorce though … I mean it’s not like she found out anything about Hubby and Madam Yoon. It confused me, especially the timing. You know?

Amy: Yeah. I’m thinking that she finally decided she has had enough. Like she reached her limit and just wants it all to stop. I get it.

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MarlubsGD: Poor little Hong Joo. He just keeps getting the short end of the stick. Even his mom is abandoning him. But does that woman have some kind of persecution complex? Thinking her own son doesn’t like her? Off to the psychiatrist with her!

Amy: I know! I feel really bad for him. His mom must really not like herself at all. She thinks that everyone hates her and just lashes out at them. Yep. Off to the psychiatrist she goes!

Caroline: He’s got Hong Bin though! Hong Bin would never let him become abandoned, right?

MarlubsGD: Let’s hope. I want them to love each other like brothers so bad anyways.

Amy: Yeah. I think we could have used more relationship development between Hong Bin and Hong Joo.

MarlubsGD: Hong Joo is obviously only there to look pathetic and provide information or jealousy. He doesn’t get any actual character development. Poor little guy.

Amy: I’ll be his mommy! I already have four. What is one more?

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MarlubsGD: At this point Tae Hee was the only one making sense. I was so frustrated with the other two that I was completely taking her side. “Just cuss her out, Se Dong! No, she can’t do that. She’s too nice.” What crap. I’m frustrated too, Tae Hee.

Caroline: EXACTLY WOMAN! Stop double dipping and let Hong Bin and Se Dong be!

Amy: I actually started liking Tae Hee in this episode. Good girl, Tae Hee!

MarlubsGD: If only she hadn’t been found. If only they would let her leave when she tries. So messy. So lame. Typical melodrama.

Amy: Se Dong and Hong Bin need some kind of closure with Tae Hee so that they can feel like they’re not hurting her by being in a relationship. I kind of get why they’re keeping Tae Hee around but if they haven’t gotten the hint after this I am going to be very frustrated!

MarlubsGD: Seriously.

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Caroline: WOW!!! That was a nice surprise!! She finally let out what she was thinking .. Sure it wasn’t directly to Tae Hee, but it’s a start!

MarlubsGD: Well, it’s the second to the last episode. They had to start somewhere.

Amy: Yay, Se Dong! I’ll take what I can get.

MarlubsGD: She ran away from the situation, but at least she did some cussing and stuff when she ran. It’s a step.

What do you think Drama Clubbers? Will our last episode be filled with happy couples? Will everyone visit the psychiatrist? Will Chang have his first kiss? Our last episode will be here soon!

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