The Final Episode of Blade Man brings a whirlwind of events, tying up all the loose ends in this strange but enjoyable drama. Join our Drama Club members Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD for the last time as this drama comes to an end (^_____^).

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(Go meet someone else who’s better than me, because rational.)

Caroline: I absolutely hate it when dramas get to this point. You realize that your opinion on the matter is not the only one, right Hong Bin? They make it seem like you need them to make the choices for them. SO IRRITATING!

MarlubsGD: Yeah it is! I just groaned through this whole scene! Yeah, dude, it’s totally okay to abandon one girl so you “can be an adult” for this dying girl. That makes a lot of sense and doesn’t perpetuate the problem.

Amy: I totally get that he wants to take care of Tae Hee but he can do that while still being with Se Dong. He doesn’t have to break up with her and Tae Hee doesn’t even want him to. Silly nonsense.

Screenshot (1866).png

(Seeing you everyday is torture, I need to get away dude.)

MarlubsGD: And then after abandoning her, you are still going to be clingy and making it hard for her? Okay, that’s a really nice way to go about it. Still, once again, it’s Se Dong running away from a problem and inflicting self punishment. This girl really does need a shrink.

Amy: He changed his mind after seeing her and couldn’t hold his resolve. Isn’t it romantic?

MarlubsGD: So romantic I could laugh myself sick.

Caroline: Hong Bin is an idiot that’s why. We praised him so much about being an adult and BAM! Nope, not anymore “I’m going to be super childish and pretend it’s the adult thing to do” everywhere.

Amy: Seriously. Just like a kid. They get praised for doing a good job and then they turn around and mess up big time and try to blame it on someone else. Go to time out, Hong Bin!

Screenshot (1872).png

(You’re dying, so I need you to forgive me ..)

Caroline: My god, Dad! Could you not make it so obvious that you only want her forgiveness because she’s dying? Dad is low. He’s nice now, but low. In fact, I knew the writer was going to try to pull this “Nope, Dad is actually really nice” thing. I still don’t like Dad, because no.

Amy: I mean, better late than never? A lot of people feel like they have to get their wrong doings off of their chest before someone dies. I’m just proud of Dad for actually doing it and getting his act together. I knew he had a good guy hiding inside somewhere!

MarlubsGD: I really wanted him to show some real signs of remorse or change, but all we got was this. His so called “change” and stuff was really shallow and superficial. I bet Tae Hee was just crying because of how bad an apology it was.

Screenshot (1877).png

(Let’s traumatize the child, he needs to see his mother before she dies .. again.)

Amy: I have mixed feelings. I don’t think she should have rescued Chang when she did because he had already said his goodbyes but she did. I don’t know. It’s closure for the kid since he knows she is still alive.

Caroline: It’s not closure! He got his closure before. Now he’ll just assume that Mum can come back every time she “goes away.” That was not at all acceptable. You can’t keep coming back after you die. Hong Bin has to make sure Chang knows that.

MarlubsGD: Yeah, this really bothered me too. Especially since she was pretty much just in a coma type deal anyways. But Chang seemed to be the only one who was handling this well, but that is probably because he doesn’t understand. Especially when she keeps popping back into his life.

Amy: Eh. I can’t. This hits too close to home for me right now. I get where you guys are coming from but I understand Hong Bin too. I loooooooove you, Caroline and Marlubs!

Caroline: I love you too! Who will I gossip with about shows after this?! (Expect Daily Emails)

Screenshot (1881).png

(I know I wanted the divorce, but you could’ve pretended like you cared!)

MarlubsGD: This lady is just all over the place. I was so proud of her for finally taking a stand, but now it seems like it was just a cry for attention and we’re right back to where we were with the bad relationships.

Caroline: The Crazy Continues …… I WANT A DIVORCE! But beg me not to leave you and I’ll change my mind! … What in the world is wrong with this woman’s wiring system?!

Amy: Off to the psychiatrist with you! I am glad you’re sticking to your guns about the divorce though.

MarlubsGD: The craziest part is how she was stealing all his assets behind his back and he just let her… ok… this couple was pretty much doomed from the start.

Caroline: He let her, and he knew about it before but never even commented! He goes around giving his kids hell over how hard he worked to get where he was and he just let it go? Just like that? I don’t understand that.

Amy: “I’m letting you do this because I’m not a good man so I deserve it.” Typical Kdrama stuff.

MarlubsGD: I really feel like the dad’s character was just written differently. He didn’t change, they just suddenly decided he was really a nice person and tried to sell that to us, and FAILED!

Screenshot (1886).png

(Are you going to miss me if I choose to leave with the crazy lady dad?)

MarlubsGD: Please, just someone give this kid some affirmation. Yes, someone loves and wants you kid! Most of all, say it outloud!

Amy: Sigh. Just love Hong Joo okay? He wants words so give him words and stop hesitating! It isn’t that hard. I just. This was exasperating.

Caroline: Hong Joo is the adult-est adult in this show and everyone knows it. I love how he just told him that he needs to tell people otherwise they’ll never know. So much wisdom!!! Love this kid. Seriously.

MarlubsGD: Slow clap for Hong Joo! Smartest person in the show! We love you, Hong Joo!

Amy: I still can’t get over that Hong Joo is 25 in real life. He looks like a baby. Lee Joo Seung did an awesome job as Hong Joo!

Caroline: Hold the phone. 25! You’re joking! I thought he was like .. 15? WOW! Korean Genes Bruh, We all need them.

MarlubsGD: Yeah he did, I didn’t even recognize him at first, because I completely believed he was in high school. Good job, Lee Joo Seung!

Screenshot (1897).png

(We’re just going to be the perfectly adorable couple on this show, because balance.)

Caroline: I need a spin off for Secretary Ko’s love life. I need it so bad. I don’t want this to be over just because of him, and I won’t be able to sleep at night wondering who this chick is anyway and how dare she take him from us all!!

Amy: I would settle for a mini series but yes. I need more Secretary Ko adorableness. I want to see him dating this chick more. It is just too cute!

MarlubsGD: One of the most forgivable of all shameless product placements. I’ll let you advertise that phone watch thing because it’s Secretary Ko and he’s on a date with his girl, and they are like the perfect couple, already having couples smartwatch thingies. Also, I love the kids’ faces as they watch them, laughing and knowing what’s going on. Their expressions show what we’re all thinking.

Screenshot (1906).png

(It’s not your fault Tae Hee died. Here are some flowers to convince you.)

Amy: I may be one of the few but I thought this scene was sweet. No it won’t get her over her issues but it is a nice gesture to let her know that people care about her. If only it didn’t end with her leaving because she needs to be punished. Sigh.

Caroline: The beginning of this scene was so “Cruel Intentions” for me. I thought Hong Bin was going to be standing at the end of those stairs and everything =D lol

MarlubsGD: Once again, showing the writers like to just repeat the same line over and over. I was super sick of that “it’s not your fault” line, and wondering if the actors felt silly repeating it, especially the little brothers all in a row.

Caroline: OMG YES! It’s like “Crying Scenes” “Boat Scenes” everything was just dragging. If they really had so much episode time to play with they should’ve given us the Supernatural genre part of the series instead of all those tears and boggers.

Amy: Yeah. We get that these characters are struggling and everything is coming together now. Give us more depth, some mushy love stuff, and happiness.

MarlubsGD: I really missed the supernatural stuff. It was pretty much pointless the way they forgot and abandoned it for the melodrama crap. I wanted some action, not moping.

Screenshot (1907).png

(Just tell me you liked me even if you didn’t.)

Caroline: Seriously, I hate the way this character was cut off. WHAT WAS HER EVIL PLAN?! WHY DID SHE JUST GIVE UP?! How did she become all pathetic in the end? I don’t get it =/

Amy: Lamesauce. That is all.

MarlubsGD: Maybe the only indication that the show was supposed to be longer. Things suddenly working out and fixing themselves for no reason. Yeah, after all that Madam Yoon is just going to leave like that, with one pathetic phone call? Right....

Screenshot (1910).png

(I didn’t know how to do your homework either Hong Bin.)

Amy: Why’d you have to throw math in? Couldn’t they have bonded over something else? Okay. I just don’t like math. It was sweet that they’re reconciling and we got to see what could have been but eh. Dad should have stepped up when he had his chance.

Caroline: Dude! Remember when Mini Hong Bin was asking his dad for homework help?! It’s inspired from that scene. It was just so far back that it’s reemergence was a bit unexpected.

Amy: I could have used a flashback instead of all of the repeated “It’s not your faults”. I don’t usually want flashbacks but apparently it was needed for me this time.

MarlubsGD: This scene was… what the heck. I don’t get the point of the dad teaching him that all now. Just another moment of forced “the dad was never bad” crap. “Look at these fractions, son, I was just bad at math, that’s why I never showed my love to you as a kid.”

Caroline: You guys have terrible memories that’s why =P

MarlubsGD: I get what they were trying to do, but seeing the old dad with old Hong Bin, explaining what he was going to do, but never did, is just weird. I just think they could have explained that part differently maybe. Also, for the people who did forget, which is completely natural since it was a passing and not important moment, they should have thrown in a flashback to make it more poignant.

Screenshot (1917).png

(He fell for the crazy doctor chick. We knew it.) (Note: All those good looking guys …)

Caroline: I totally knew he would end up with her. She basically kicked his butt when they first met. It’s such a perfect start for a love story, don’t you think?

Amy: Yep. Adorable. I love her dress. May I get married again so I can wear it?

MarlubsGD: I liked all the consolation couples they gave us to make up for the crap. It worked… a bit, since I like them all way more than the main couple. This romance was the best, from her kicking his butt to his awkward attempt at spending time with her. Gold. And I love her dress too! You should do another wedding photoshoot using that dress and that tux, Amy. It would be awesome!

Amy: I think we could have used more of their romance so that we could have a happy lovey dovey couple. That would have been nice. If I’m going to have another wedding photoshoot with that dress and tux I need a flying couple too. Just sayin’.

Caroline: *Too busy staring at Secretary Ko to notice the conversation* Sigh ...

MarlubsGD: I know! He’s doing that suit a favor! Rawr!

Amy: I love his smile. You can tell how built he is even though that suit is trying to cover it up. I just yeah. He’s dreamy.

Screenshot (1918).png

(Let’s take off during the wedding .. literally. Oh wait, can you even breathe this high up?)

MarlubsGD: This… nope.

Amy: I said, “What the heck?!” Then I started laughing hysterically which was followed by more disbelief at the horrible ending. I mean, really? You bring back the supernatural stuff this way? He is so happy that he is flying I guess.

Caroline: Oh look! The supernatural part of the series! Way to sum it up …. Horrible ending? This is beyond horrible. This is harrowing!

MarlubsGD: Oh yeah… this dude has superpowers… that was a thing… let’s make him randomly fly for no real reason to make sure that we still know he has powers...

Amy: “High, High! I'm so High! High, High! up in the sky! High, High! I'm so High! Fly, fly! Touch the sky!” I’m sorry. I had to do that. I couldn’t stop it. Thank you, G-Dragon and T.O.P!

MarlubsGD: Ha ha ha ha ha! Every time they made him fly this episode (but especially when he was carrying Chang to see his mom die) I was cackling at the ridiculousness of it all. So much so that everyone else in the house was commenting on it.Such bad special effects.

Caroline: I think this drama was a 5/10. The amount of potential it started with was crushed down so fast. The writers had more than enough time to perfect it, yet they managed to mess up the better part, if not almost the whole thing for me. Lee Dong Wook is unbelievably talented. I think he made this work the best he could, but with a bad script what could anyone do? If I wanted to stick this on Shin Se Kyung I can’t because even she seemed to be trying very hard to maintain the character until the very end.

MarlubsGD: That’s a pretty generous rating, considering how good it could have been but then wasn’t. I’m leaning more towards a 4/10. Unless I think about Secretary Ko… then… hahaha.

Amy: I’ll be more generous and give it a 7/10. Yeah it wasn’t as good as it could have been but I really did enjoy it for the most part. The last few episodes were lackluster but I thought everyone did a great job with the script they were given and I gave a lot of points for the potential. And yes. Secretary Ko. Always more points for Secretary Ko.

Caroline: Secretary Ko is the one and only reason anyone should watch this drama. What are you two talking about? MORE MORE and of course MORE points for him!

Amy: I liked Hong Bin until he started sacrificing himself for Tae Hee too. Stupid Tae Hee ruining things.

Caroline: Fun Fact, this last episode only got 2.2 in the ratings. That must be the worst ratings any drama got on its Finale all year! Wow. It’s the writers …. maybe our actors will be able to land better projects next year (hopefully)

MarlubsGD: Haha! That’s so sad! Well, that’s what they get for throwing draggy crap into the last episode. No one wants to watch a bunch of draggy sadness in a finale. That’s just lame.

Amy: Exactly. I want to be smiling like an idiot at the happy couple in the finale.

MarlubsGD: Not laughing at the stupid Supermaning it up to the sun for no reason?

Amy: At least I got “High High” in my head because of that scene. I won’t complain about that.

The End!

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