Tensions flow in this week’s Blade Man as Chang and Hong Bin are finally united and the many relationships get strained on all levels. Join Caroline, Amy, and MarlubsGD as they delve into some of their favorite parts, discussing and enjoying episode three’s highlights.

Caroline: PANDA! … I think the fact that Chang has to hide behind the panda is a good indicator of how he feels about Hong Bin. He needs a barrier between him and other people. He’s really been through so much =( *Poor Baby*

Amy: Such a cute panda and little Chang behind it. Chang is really timid so he clashes with Hong Bin’s intense personality. I can understand why he needs to hide. He has been through way too much for such a little guy.

MarlubsGD: I think that Chang will be a good influence on Hong Bin, as someone he actually wants to get close to pushes him away. Although it’s certainly trying his patience. Chang is just the cutest, I want him to feel happy a secure as soon as possible!

Amy: Madam Yoon I don’t blame you for fainting, especially when Secretary Ko is there to catch you. Do they have a brother/sister relationship or is something else going on? It was very impressive that Se Dong got Hong Bin to apologize even if it wasn’t 100% sincere. Obviously nobody else has been able to do that.

MarlubsGD: I know! I’d be fainting too if Secretary Ko was going to be the one catching me. Madam Yoon really looks like she belongs in a BBC drama right here. Like Upstairs Downstairs or something. I really like how Se Dong is standing up to him now. Especially in using his own methods against him.

Caroline: Such Drama (^___^) Lol! I love Madam Yoon. She’s slowly becoming a favorite in this drama. But I do want to point out how comfortable she is in Secretary Ko’s arms, the level of comfort for both of them tends to throw me off every now and then.

MarlubsGD: The fact that he doesn’t quite know how to smile at first really made this smiling and laughing so much better. Even if he’s planning nefarious revenge against Se Dong, he’s really just loving that abracadabra eating trick.

Caroline: This moment truly reminded me of how pure and simple Hong Bin’s character really is. He’s such a child, and his inner child just can’t get enough of playfulness. The demons in his past are what makes him so rough around the edges, but look at that smile?

Amy: I agree that he is just a big kid. He has gone through a lot and I think it started at such a young age that he hasn’t grown up yet. When I saw him laughing like that at first I thought that he was laughing at Se Dong’s abracadabra trick but then thought he was probably plotting against her. Maybe both? Either way it is nice to see Hong Bin smile and laugh.

Amy: The first day on a new job is always super exciting and even more so when it is a job that you enjoy. I loved this scene even if their employment didn’t last long.

Caroline: Ahh, the employed life. They’re such an adorable group of guys, I love their undeniable excitement to be on the way to the first day of work. It was unfortunately short lived.

MarlubsGD: This scene reminded me of Flower Boy Ramen Shop, when Eun Bi was getting her coffee and bagel, living that classy professional life. That was pretty short lived too. I still can’t get enough of these boys. Love them.

Caroline: Ugh. I really hate Hong Bin’s father. What a manipulative bastard. would be just as upset if my father tried to blindside me like that. Booo!!!

Amy: I don’t like Hong Bin’s father either but I’m wondering if he is protecting Hong Bin in his own twisted way. I’m still undecided if Tae Hee is dead or if this is all a part of Hong Bin’s father’s plan.

MarlubsGD: Oh, Hong Bin’s dad sure thinks that what he’s doing is for Hong Bin’s (or at least his definition of) own good. But that doesn’t make him any less of a stinker.

Caroline: Out comes the Blades. I guess Secretary Ko couldn’t control that one. I can’t believe how attached I’m getting, I spent the better part of the day just thinking about the next episode, I can’t wait to see what happened to Hong Bin’s father! What did he do to him? Is he dead?! Omomomo! WHERE IS EPISODE FOUR?!

MarlubsGD: I know! Those legs lying there! Is the dad dead? Or injured? This is a scene right out of every monster movie out there. I’m thinking King Kong climbing up to the top. Why is he climbing up that thing anyways?

Amy: When I saw the legs I thought Hong Bin’s father may be dead but I don’t think Hong Bin would do that. I’m ready for the next episode! I need to know what happens! This drama is pulling me in for sure and I think and talk about it way too much. Sorry family and friends!

Is Tae Hee really dead? Will Hong Bin and Chang’s relationship ever improve? Will Hong Bin hire Se Dong’s programmer crew? Is Hong Bin’s Father alive?

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