Things are getting heated up in Blade Man as Hong Bin’s suspicions grow about his “monster” side and we learn more about the past. Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD as they try and sort out the new list of characters and sudden plot twists of episode four!

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Caroline: I’m sorry, let’s have a girl moment right now for just a second … STUD MUFFIN! I was like “OMG those abs ... “ and then I noticed the scar. He’s too yummy, I can’t be on task while this guy is on the screen.

MarlubsGD: This was the moment I was waiting for! Secretary Ko! Rawr! He is an amazing character on so many levels! Whew! I loved this whole interaction, with the army dream and then running to the hotel in five minutes and thirty seconds. He’s just too awesome!

Amy: I really fan girled when I saw this. I knew it was coming and I was squealing like crazy. I mean, look at him! I just. I may have forgotten to breathe. I really really love Secretary Ko. I love how he continued with the army theme even after he woke up. And yes, making it to the hotel that quickly? What is to not like about Secretary Ko?

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MarlubsGD: This moment was so good. I loved how she was startled by him creepin and smelling. Also, her face is priceless, that sort of confused horror. I love how he doesn’t even get how weird he’s being.

Caroline: Madam Yoon thoughts “What in the dramaland’s gods is going on right now?” I was just as “What the hell!” when he jumped out of no where like that. He’s such a weirdo, I swear =D I have yet to understand what it is about the way she smells that captivates him so much to seem like such a pervert.

Amy: He is a weirdo but I love him for it. I like Madam Yoon’s reaction. She probably thought she knew everything about her master and then he goes and does this and throws everything off. Yeah. Hong Bin is so wrapped up in smelling Se Dong he doesn’t even realize his weirdness.

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MarlubsGD: That monster thing was a good touch, and the interaction was nice, even though Chang is so scared of him still. I am confused a bit about which time he saw the monster, and was it really Hong Bin? I like that Hong Bin is finally starting to actively figure out what is going on.

Caroline: But then how in the world did he see the monster?! I just didn’t get it! But then the “Was it me?” Hong Bin threw out there was pretty good, he seems on to something for sure.

Amy: I was a little sad for Hong Bin in this scene. It seemed like he was trying to be more gentle with Chang but it didn’t end well. Chang was sweet, though, but now I want to know who the monster is! Maybe Chang is lying about it not being Hong Bin? Maybe it was a dream? Who knows! I’m also happy Hong Bin is starting to investigate what is going on.

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Caroline: NEW CHARACTER ALERT! This is apparently Hong Bin and Hong Joo’s mother! … Where on earth did this lady come from was my question. I just didn’t think she was around since her appearance took such a long time!

Amy: Hello, crazy mother! I wasn’t expecting you but here you are. I thought Hong Bin and Hong Joo’s mother was estranged or dead and wouldn’t make an appearance. She didn’t seem like the nicest mom but it will be interesting to see how her character develops.

MarlubsGD: I wasn’t expecting the mom to be alive/around at all. I makes me wonder if she’s some kind of evil stepmom or something, because something is making her a total bitca. But her husband isn’t a nice person either so… that’s just to be expected.

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Amy: I mean, Madam Yoon is just awesome. She always looks beautiful and her makeup is glorious. What is going on that she needs to talk to Hong Bin’s father though? Also, was there something between them in the past? There was something about this scene that hinted to that. Well, at least to me.

Caroline: A moment of silence for Fancy “I go to spas and make important phone calls” Madam Yoon. I just love her eye make up, she looks fabulous for an actress who’s actually 54! I want to look like that when I’m 54 …. Back to the main point, who is this lady?!

MarlubsGD: Who is she? She’s got something fishy going on, especially since she is being all classy sauce and going to spas, looking fabulous and stuff. This phone call seemed like a selling information type deal? Like a double agent maybe? But then when she was going on about how nice it was in the house before the son kicked out the dad...

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Amy: So here we have Tae Hee’s father. This is the grandfather that Chang wanted to live with after Se Dong read a story about a child and their grandfather. He seemed taken aback when Hong Bin showed up. I wonder how much he knows about Tae Hee if anything at all?

Caroline: When Se Dong was reading the Grandpa story, and Hong Bin mentioned how they’re going to see Grandpa I had no idea he would actually take him to his maternal grandfather. Tae Hee must have talked a lot about her father to Chang. I wonder if he knows the details of Hong Bin and his daughter’s relationship.

MarlubsGD: The whole time they were travelling I half expected it to be to a grave or something. I’m interested to know how much the grandpa knows, or if he’s just sadly waiting for the daughter too. While his face looks surprised and a little confused, I think it’s because he knows something, what I’m not sure.

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MarlubsGD: This is Tae Hee’s mother. She has dementia or something like that, so that she doesn’t seem to recognize people or understand what is going on exactly. I’m not sure she actually knew Hong Bin or not, but if she did, she doesn’t recognize him now. She is such a cute little lady though.

Amy: Tae Hee’s mother seems like such a sweet lady. It broke my heart that she may have dementia or a similar condition. I’m wondering if Tae Hee had any communication with her parents after she went to the States or if she stopped talking to them at all. I don’t think she completely cut them off because I have a feeling Tae Hee’s dad knows something. I’m looking forward to seeing her more!

Caroline: I’m super curious to know what’s happening with Tae Hee’s mother. I mean the way the father just told her to look who it is expecting her to know him threw me off a little, and the fact that she didn’t was a total “Woah” moment. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out what’s going on with the parents.

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MarlubsGD: Hong Bin’s not the only one who thinks Se Dong resembles Tae Hee. I wonder if the mom is going by smell as well, or if she has a similar aura or something, but there is apparently something similar about those two. Also the way that Se Dong was sobbing as she played along… tragic backstory? All good leads have those. I’m curious to know what her story is.

Amy: Tae Hee’s mother obviously saw something in Se Dong that reminded her of Tae Hee. It could have been her scent or the way she carries herself. Who knows? I’m curious about why Se Dong sobbed the way she did when she acted like Tae Hee. I think there is a tragic backstory and I want to know what it is too. I seriously don’t like waiting to find out. Sigh.

Caroline: But then she looks NOTHING like Tae Hee!! How can she confuse her with her daughter? I think the most shocking moment was when Se Dong broke down in tears over Tae Hee’s mother’s words. Why did that trigger a reaction with Se Dong I wonder. Guess we have to wait until next Wednesday to find out (-____-) *Sulking*

Why did Se Dong react that way to Tae Hee’s mother? What’s the story with the parents? Why did Hong Bin take them there? Who is Madam Yoon? (Again) and what’s her story with Hong Bin’s father? Comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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