Another exciting episode of Blade Man! Things are getting a bit clearer as we learn a bit more about what happened in the past, but more mysteries are being thrown into the mix at the same time. Join Amy, Caroline and MarlubsGD as they discuss the twists of episode five!


MarlubsGD: I think this episode showed the softer, more vulnerable side of Hong Bin. There is a lot less of him raging around and scaring Chang and a lot more of him reacting a little more positively to Se Dong, Chang, and the grandparents. I think we see a bit more of his motivation as well.

Amy: I agree that this episode showed a softer Hong Bin and I was happy to see that side of him. I felt like it was in there somewhere. It was sad to see him so desperate for Tae Hee to be alive but her father saying nothing.

Caroline: I feel as though he was tricked into believing that Tae Hee was the one who wanted to cut all ties. It’s so sad that her dad refuses to tell him the truth after all the persistence to find him some years ago. His presence in her hometown has him emotionally stressed for sure.


Amy: This scene was so sweet. Tae Hee’s mother was telling Se Dong how pretty she is and how she doesn’t understand why Hong Bin’s father doesn’t like her. We also found out that Hong Bin was the one who pursued Tae Hee. He followed Tae Hee around asking her to tutor him. Se Dong is very sweet to Tae Hee’s parents and everyone in the village. She is definitely the nurturing type.

MarlubsGD: Ok, she’s got a food baby there. I guess, since we didn’t get any backstory as to Se Dong’s past that she really is just supposed to be super tenderhearted. That might be the theme of this episode: “Se Dong is super tenderhearted.” But the fact that she was willing to gorge herself because Tae Hee’s mom was feeding her is both cute and ridiculous.

Caroline: She looked pregnant. It’s so weird how mum fed her so much. I wasn’t sure if it was her way of showing love or attempted murder =D Lol.


MarlubsGD: One thing I do like about this episode of “Se Dong is a nice person” is how she interacts with Hong Bin. She is just calling him out right and left, not letting him get away with all that crap about her needing to be with Chang instead of helping people out, when he really just doesn’t want to be alone or is afraid. She figured him out pretty quick as a big grown up kid.

Amy: I loved how Se Dong was calling Hong Bin out too. He needs it because everyone is so afraid of him they don’t call him out on anything. It really seems like Hong Bin is a big kid who wants to have someone with him at all times and Se Dong is trying to help him get over that.

Caroline: WOOOO!! The tables have turned!!! *Flashback to Episode Two*


MarlubsGD: Omo, this girl is crazy. What the… but that look on his face. Yep, this episode is definitely all about how the Manic Pixie Dream Girl softens the heart of the anti-hero who is soon to become a hero now that his face looks like that. He’s falling for sure now. He’s especially touched when she did it for Chang’s mother.

Amy: Se Dong is really nice to the point of craziness. She saved his wallet because it has a picture of Tae Hee in it. He is looking at her so tenderly and lovey dovey like. His heart is melting for sure. It seems like Hong Bin is drawn to Se Dong because she is so different from him and he is touched by her kind gestures.

Caroline: It was so sweet of her. She knows how important that picture it was for him. And the fact that he was looking for her, is he falling?! (0____0) Omomomomo.


Amy: This! Oh my goodness! This was a doozy. Madam Yoon asked Hong Bin’s father for the house that Hong Bin owns. The reason? Madam Yoon and Hong Bin’s father have a son together and they had agreed that her son would have the house! Woah. I really wasn’t expecting that. We’ll definitely have to keep an eye on Madam Yoon.

MarlubsGD: I knew there had to be something going on… but I wasn’t quite expecting an older brother… what is going on with this family? What was going on in that house? Tsk tsk. Madam Yoon’s character gets more complex and interesting. How does she pull off that boldness while still seeming respectful and classy like she always is. This is definitely bound to mix things up later. But I feel if they keep on introducing twists and characters this show will be super long...

Caroline: I knew this chick was something else when I saw that spa scene. Dude! An older son? A promised house? What the hell is going on?! This is a completely different drama expanded from the original drama. WHO IS THE OLDER SON?! OMO! SECRETARY KO?! *Holding Breath*


MarlubsGD: Da da da naaaaa. Hong Bin’s dad didn’t… oh he did. What an evil! I don’t get how that happened without Hong Bin finding out about it… also when did that happen? I guess when throwing money doesn’t work, this dude throws fists. Any wonder why his son turns into a spiky rage monster? That sort of rage and violence must run in the family.

Amy: I can not figure Hong Bin’s father out. I knew he was evil but to pay to have a woman beaten? How is that good for anyone? He says he wants the best for everyone but that is definitely the wrong approach. He probably had to scare Tae Hee into going to the States. That whole family needs anger management therapy.

Caroline: This is just a whole new bag of crazy. How can someone hire people to beat up a woman because she’s dating his son?! This is taking obsessive rich dad to a whole new level, even Kim Tan’s (in Heirs) dad didn’t pull that!


Amy: Ooooooh! Finally! Hong Bin found out about the blades! Se Dong saw him too but we didn’t get to see her reaction. I’m really curious about what it will be. I don’t think it will deter Se Dong and may even make her want to help Hong Bin more. What will Hong Bin do? I almost think he had an idea that was happening to him. I wonder if Hong Bin will try to shut everyone out. This drama is getting more and more interesting and I’m excited to see what happens next!

Caroline: About time … I was wondering when Hong Bin was going to discover the blades. It was such a slow progression I almost thought he was never going to know about this. I can’t wait to see what Se Dong will think about this, and I can’t wait to see what Hong Bin is going to do about all of this either! So ready for Episode 6 (0_____0)

MarlubsGD: That expression of horror and fascination… is exactly what I would do if I looked in the mirror to see blades popping out of my back. It is also the moment of confirmation. “Oh, so I wasn’t crazy or dreaming. I totes have spikes sticking out of me.” What is even better is that look of panic he gets when Se Dong says she’s coming in and there is nothing he can do about it in time. I am interested in seeing where this is going. The beauty actually meeting the beast in his monster form. Da da da daaaaaaaa… stay tuned for the next episode...

What is Hong Bin going to do now that he knows about his condition? What will Se Dong do when she sees Hong Bin’s blades? How is this going to affect Hong Bin’s relationship with his father? What will happen with Madam Yoon’s request for the house? Is there another secret with the house? Comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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