We have another eventful episode of Blade Man to discuss! Hong Bin is starting to put the puzzle that is his life together and we’re finding out more about each character in every episode. Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD as they discuss episode six!

MarlubsGD: If last episode was about the softer side of Hong Bin, this episode is about his frustrations and self-discovery. They just tricked us into thinking she saw him, but his super skills save the day. But omo! His pained face, worrying that she’ll see him as this monster. He just looks so sad and confused now.

Amy: I was so hoping that Se Dong saw Hong Bin. I’m just anxious to see what her reaction will be. I was yelling at the screen for her to see but it didn’t work and now my daughter thinks I’m crazy. He should be sad and confused. I know I would be in that situation.

Caroline: I wish she had seen him too! But then again it would’ve ruined things if she just got scared and ran for her life never to be seen again. I think he has to discover himself first before that happens, and it’ll probably play out that way anyway (^__^)

Amy: Hong Bin is trying to find out exactly what his father did to Tae Hee and fully believes that his father hired thugs to beat Tae Hee. He is so upset and Secretary Ko is in pain watching him. I really felt Hong Bin’s pain during this scene.

MarlubsGD: Their little bromance is just adorable! I love Secretary Ko. Also… those superpowers of his… he punched the wall and it was all “ripple of power!” His dad is just a crapface. Seriously, throwing that little tirade. I wouldn’t have had been able to hold back like he did, having Secretary Ko carry him away.

Amy: I forgot about the tirade! That really pissed me off. How was that a good idea and what exactly was Hong Bin’s dad thinking? I was really proud of Hong Bin for showing restraint. I think that means he is progressing.

Caroline: I was all “Oh No” until he yells out “Secretary Ko, you bastard!” and the serious moment was over. I laughed endlessly, I love their interactions. But back to the main point, I’m really glad he wanted to confront his father.

Caroline: I remember when this show first started that it had a “Love Triangle” tag that I couldn’t quite place. I think I can see it. This kid is, for whatever unknown reason, attached to Se Dong. I think he’s sweet, but a little too young to be flirting with “Noona” right?

MarlubsGD: I like this kid. He is blunt and honest. His confession, asking her if she was dating his brother, if not then does she want to date him, was just priceless. Too bad she just “noona” crushed him, putting him in his place. I’m also glad that he’s warning her about Madam Yoon.

Amy: I like this kid too. I wasn’t expecting him to just ask Se Dong out but he did and it was awesome. He knows what he wants and doesn’t care if he is too young. I think he is attracted to Se Dong because she is so different from the people in his life who are cold and distant. Oh yeah! The Madam Yoon warning was great. I was hoping she would figure it out on her own but I’m glad he told her.

MarlubsGD: True, he does have a big lack of affection in his life having to live with his crapface parents. Poor kid. Also, Se Dong is too nice to figure out things like Madam Yoon on her own.

Amy: Those boys were trying so hard to be disappointed in and mad at Se Dong. It was cute. Seung Hwan likes Se Dong so much but she can’t see it and is absolutely torturing him by spending so much time with Hong Bin. His fits are so cute but the poor guy doesn’t have a chance.

MarlubsGD: Mr. Red Cardigan (what is his name? Seung Hwan?) is the best when it comes to hissy fits. He is a little drama queen. Poor guy has other man written all over him and I doubt Se Dong will ever even notice him. But her outfit here is the cutest one she’s worn this whole show. She’s starting to show a bit that she likes Hong Bin, I think, since she wants to show she too can wear cute clothing.

Caroline: Maybe a love square? But it’s weird how they mention a rumor because of how she’s acting, right? Like what would the company have to say about a girl who just got hired anyway.

Amy: Oh yeah! I didn’t think about her dressing up in a cute outfit like that. You’re right, MarlubsGD! She probably is starting to like Hong Bin. Awwww.

MarlubsGD: I remember feeling bad for these dudes when Hong Bin beat them up, but now I realize that he was right. They need to be punched in the face. They’re really taking their completely unnecessary revenge thing way too far. What a pair of d-bags.

Amy: I really don’t think Hong Bin does anything violent without good reason. He goes overboard, yes, but I haven’t seen or don’t remember it being over something petty. I liked the way Se Dong stood up to them and the ping pong battle that happened afterwards.

Caroline: I don’t know why I fail to see a purpose for those two though, I don’t really feel an impact in the storyline. They’re like the evil mother in law in a weird twisted way.

MarlubsGD: Haha, I agree. They are just there and being mean… why we don’t know. But her breakfast response is just weird. She’s a weird girl. If this show teaches us one thing, it’s the importance of eating breakfast.

Amy: I really think that they’re there so that we will feel more sympathy for pitiful Se Dong and company. Why we need to feel more sympathy for them I don’t know but there it is. Oh yeah. The breakfast thing. She said something similar to Hong Bin in an earlier episode. I guess she really thinks breakfast makes your brain work better?

Caroline: Well … That was an epic fail (^____^) lol

MarlubsGD: Secretary Ko is just a sweetie. I don’t think he knows how to make people mad. Or slap people. That slap was more of a super punch.

Amy: Secretary Ko really is a big teddy bear. He doesn’t want to see anyone upset and takes care of the people close to him so sweetly. I love the look on Hong Bin’s face. Hee hee!

MarlubsGD: Also, I want to know what this game that Bill Gates and Obama have downloaded is. Must be fun. But I am curious about how this blade monster thing started. Also, why only when it rains? So glad he’s trying to figure this out for us.

Amy: Hong Bin finally got to experience himself in this state and I can’t say he looks displeased. It must feel awesome to let all of your anger out in a destructive way. I can’t say I don’t want to break things when I get angry sometimes. He just does it in a cooler, more efficient way. Ha ha! So do you think Se Dong really saw Hong Bin and knew it was him at the end? I’m excited to find out!

MarlubsGD: I laughed so hard during this whole sequence. He’s like a kid who’s woken up with superpowers and he likes them. “Yes! I have blades sticking out of me! Let’s cause some destruction!” I guess I would too. I’m not sure if Se Dong has finally seen him, they’ve tricked us before. We’ll have to see where this goes.

Caroline: Se Dong saw him, he’s slicing things up, and who knows what’ll happen next! But here’s a thought, why are the blades more apparent on the left side?

MarlubsGD: That is a good question! They also seem to get bigger each time they pop out too. Like the rain is making them grow or something.

Amy: I noticed that he is getting them in places they hadn’t popped out before too. Maybe more anger means bigger blades and new blades in different places.

Caroline: But then what exactly does he plan on doing on top of that building? I hate even number episodes =( That means I have to wait a whole week!

Amy: I hate waiting too. I’m glad I have someone to discuss the episodes with, though!

What will Hong Bin do now that he has discovered his abilities? Why do the blades only come when it rains? Did Se Dong realize it was Hong Bin? How will Se Dong’s influence affect Hong Bin? Will Se Dong and her friends get their game back? Comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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