More super monster powers and more super drama in Blade Man Episode 7! Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD in their quest to unravel everything that is happening in this episode. Oh the surprises! Oh the feels! (Holy Cover Photo Batman!)

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Caroline: Look at that playful face. I just love Lee Dong Wook. He’s really the master.

Amy: Lee Dong Wook is doing a really good job in this role. His facial expressions are awesome and he knows how to pull you in. I think he looks relieved to know what is going on with him.

MarlubsGD: Seriously, I don’t think this show would work so well without the quirkiness he brings to it. Now that he knows what he can do, he can actually use it well, so that’s good.

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MarlubsGD: I just don’t like that dad. He’s so calculating. I did like his softened face looking at his grandson, but that just made me hate him more, because he’s so evil. I don’t want him to touch that kid!

Caroline: He keeps saying “You don’t understand” bla bla, but he’s just too obvious. He’s definitely a manipulative jerk. I don’t even know what sob story they’ll come up with for him, but I will still maintain my “I don’t like him” status.

Amy: I’m still undecided about Hong Bin’s dad. I know he is evil but I feel like he isn’t as evil as Hong Bin is making him out to be. I think a lot of it has been set up by Butler Yoon. She is manipulating everyone trying to get what she wants which I’m assuming is the house Hong Bin owns.

MarlubsGD: I think that is where they are taking this, but still. Seeing the way he treats his sons makes me not want to trust him. But I do think he’s being villainized by Hong Bin too.

Amy: I totally agree that he shouldn’t be around kids because of the way he treats his sons. His discipline of choice is way too extreme and he is way too controlling.

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Amy: She knows how close Hong Bin and Se Dong are and she will use any piece of information she can find to manipulate people and make progression in her big plan. She thinks she is being sneaky about it but I think everyone is catching on to her scheming ways.

MarlubsGD: Oh, Madam Yoon, you little nasty! She’s really getting so sneaky now that we know about her.

Caroline: Tehe. Is that why he’s been in his room? It’s like Hong Bin is a teenage boy with a porn stash. She doesn’t think very highly of him apparently. One can not simply be in their room for no reason at all.

MarlubsGD: Well we saw enough of what she thought of him in previous episodes to know that she doesn’t think highly of him. She’s just there for the house.

Caroline: True.

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Caroline: Oh sure. Let’s ruin a perfectly good car, and a perfectly hunky man just to prove you have super powers Hong Bin! *Shaking My Head*

Amy: I loved this scene. It made me laugh because of how happy Hong Bin was with his newfound powers. When he smelled Se Dong approximately one kilometer away and walked in her direction sniffing her I lost it. Poor Secretary Ko though. He just can’t catch a break.

MarlubsGD: I know! I felt so bad for Secretary Ko! He looked like he was in so much pain! But let’s be honest, superpowers demand that kind of display. Especially if you are super rich and have like a million cars. He’s a super man with super monster powers!

Amy: Okay. The fangirl is going to come out so be warned. I started liking Hong Bin a lot more during this scene. I thought he was adorable and spent the rest of the episode smitten with him. Ha ha!

MarlubsGD: These poor little dudes just have such a rough life. Enjoying their specialty drinks, being dissed right and left. Aw, guys!

Caroline: Still love them. But then I wish they had a purpose on the show. I have yet to find the reason why they’re all there. That’s 6 adorable men with no purpose. Why?

Amy: Psh. They’re there for us to look at! No. I really wish we could get to know them more. We still have 13 episodes left so maybe that will happen but I don’t have my hopes up. It is nice to see them working happily other than the bullying though.

MarlubsGD: Yeah, they don’t have much purpose yet, unless it’s to give Se Dong some purpose and motivation to fight.

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Amy: I was really proud of Hong Bin for controlling himself so well during these scenes. Earlier he told Secretary Ko to keep him away from his father because he didn’t know what would happen if his father angered him again. I was also happy with Tae Hee’s dad. He stood his ground despite Hong Bin’s dad trying to intimidate him and that had to be hard to do.

MarlubsGD: I know! He was so cool in this scene. He’s growing up a bit! Also, Tae Hee’s dad is awesome. I loved the moment that Chang ran to him, and Hong Bin’s dad had that hurt expression… That’s a bit mean of me... Ok, I just don’t like that dad!

Caroline: It needed to be said. Because what the hell is he doing there again anyway? What on earth does he want from Chang? I totally loved that Tae Hee’s dad stood up to him, this guy needs to stop butting into Hong Bin’s life.

Amy: I think everyone felt that way, MarlubsGD! Until he proves that he can be a good father and grandfather I won’t support him. Apparently he wants a relationship with Chang and doesn’t want the other grandpa butting in. I just don’t get Hong Bin’s dad at all.

MarlubsGD: I know! His evil intentions are what make me mistrust him the most! Does he think that stealing the grandson can get him an heir he can shape, since his sons are such disappointments?

Amy: Oooooooh! That is probably what he is thinking! His sons didn’t do what he wanted them to so if he can get Chang on his side he’ll have an heir. That makes total sense.

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Caroline: LOL! This teenage crush is adorable. And Se Dong is the bright ray of sunshine that everyone naturally gets drawn to. I just wish he didn’t have to stay with his father, and would move in with Hong Bin or something.

MarlubsGD: Aw, Hong Joo! This kid just makes me laugh, I love him so much! He’s totally Hong Bin’s younger brother though, the resemblance is too cute. He’s a cute little sneak though, taking pictures, hinting, and blatantly asking her out constantly.

Amy: Hong Joo is awesome. I was thinking that he really resembles Hong Bin too. It was completely adorable when he was taking those pictures and asking her out. I thought it was funny when Hong Bin saw them and got jealous though. Do you really think Se Dong is flirting with Hong Joo, Hong Bin? Hee hee!

MarlubsGD: I know, right? But he’s not that smart when it comes to girls, really. Plus, it’s not like she’s ever given him any indication that she likes him much, not really. She’s just being nice and he’s just being jealous.

Amy: Why do Kdrama men assume that if they like someone the other person likes them back? Well, Kdrama women do it too. Like the exgirlfriends who are still in love with their exboyfriends and assume that they have dibs because of their past relationship and present one sided love. Sorry. That is a big pet peeve of mine.

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MarlubsGD: What the… that came out of nowhere… wasn’t she running away from him like she thought he was a creep earlier? Oh, that was because she was scared to get close to him?... ok...

Caroline: I didn’t expect this at all! One, there was no “I really like him but I need to control myself” signs. Two, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! This is an episode too early! Dramaland Rule! But that kiss was just meh. I can’t believe how terribly filmed it was, we need another one to make up for this one for sure.

Amy: I was very surprised too. LIke, where did that come from? I thought she may have been falling for him in the last episode because she wanted to look pretty in front of him and then in this episode you could tell she cared by the way she looked at him and comforted him. I don’t know. I just really wasn’t expecting her to just come out and say it but I was happy when she did. Oh and I’m all for more kisses, Caroline! They make me giddy. Ha ha!

MarlubsGD: I was thinking it was like as in as a person not as a man, but it was definitely like as a man, but they didn’t do a good job developing that so we were expecting it. Just as you said, Caroline, no signs and way too early. But I did like how it was all his plot to get her to say it before he kissed her like he wanted to. That little smirk right before the kiss was probably my favorite part of this scene.

Amy: Yeah. Dong Wook’s smirks are awesome. He has mastered the art of the smirk for sure.

What is Hong Bin’s father plotting? Why does he want Chang so bad? What will Se Dong do now that Hong Bin as kissed her? What is in store for our couple? Comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

Please Note: Episode 8 of Blade Man has been postponed due to the Asia Games. It will air next week.

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