Omo, what is going on? Time for another exciting discussion on the super-involved episode 8 of Blade Man! It’s like the drama stakes have been raised to the tenth as we learn more about our characters’ motivations, why they are so evil or independent, and why they might want to jump off buildings. Join MarlubsGD and Amy (and excusing Caroline, who is super busy right now) on this journey of discussing what the heck is going on right now.

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MarlubsGD: So I was super confused at what the heck was going on at first, because the last episode ended with a kiss, and now we are witnessing the destruction of a guitar instead, but once I figured out whose phone was outside then I actually sort of liked the startling difference.

Amy: I was confused at first too. I was so focused on the kiss that happened at the end of the last episode that I forgot about poor Hong Joo’s drama.

MarlubsGD: My next thought was “at least he’s beating the guitar instead of Hong Joo.” Poor little Hong Joo’s face though, as he was watching it go down! So sad!

Amy: I can’t imagine living in that type of environment. Constantly hearing that you’re not good enough and a failure. Ugh. I feel for him.

MarlubsGD: I know! I get super angry for this poor little kid. I wish Hong Bin would be there for him at least.

Amy: Yep! I just want Hong Bin to get his brother out of there. That is usually all I think about when I see Hong Joo’s interactions with his dad.

Amy: This was interesting! I’m not sure if their father really blames Hong Joo’s mother for not being a ladder but I didn’t know that Hong Bin’s mother had passed away. Also, I didn’t expect Hong Bin’s father to be so sensitive about his first wife.

MarlubsGD: It certainly gives more depth to her character now that we know she’s the second wife, and that the dad can’t get over his first wife. That dude has too many women with two wives and a mistress. Sheesh.

Amy: Yeah. I wonder if he was actually in love with the mistress or the second wife. It seems like he was at least in love with Hong Bin’s mother.

MarlubsGD: I have the feeling that he was never in love with them. At least in that respect he resembles his sons, being obsessed with the woman he likes. I feel like this is when we will start maybe seeing people in a new light.

MarlubsGD: Oh modern love and communication. I loved this texting conversation and how it calls us all out for lying while texting.

Amy: I mean. These two were sickeningly cute during this scene and I loved it. I had a big, goofy grin on my face during their entire exchange.

MarlubsGD: I know! They are both really cute and remarkably open with their feelings, which is super refreshing to see in a drama.

Amy: Yes! I love how open they are with their feelings. It is a really nice and welcome change that just added to the cuteness.

MarlubsGD: I also love how comfortable they got right away, being silly together and not even caring that they are dressed so casual and eating snacks or whatever. So cute.

Amy: I love how Secretary Ko just goes with everything Hong Bin does. He may be wondering what is going on but he is having fun watching Hong Bin do new things.

MarlubsGD: That smile. Rawr. I think he’s got a good idea of what is going on. Also, who wouldn’t laugh while watching Hong Bin act like a kid, having never ridden a city bus before.

Amy: I love his smile too. I was sad we didn’t see more of him this episode. It was cute when Hong Bin was getting off of the bus and thought Secretary Ko was trying to stop him but Secretary Ko was just trying to tell him to scan his card again.

MarlubsGD: I know! So funny! He’s like a little mother hen watching over Hong Bin. It’s adorable.

Amy: It would be perfectly all right if we just take Secretary Ko home with us right? I want my own Secretary Ko!

MarlubsGD: Oh, I wish! I want one too!

MarlubsGD: First of all… Se Dong… what the heck. And once again, Hong Bin is super open with the feelings. He is a little puppy when it comes to love.

Amy: Oh yeah. I totally did not understand what the heck Se Dong was thinking. I was really confused. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to manipulate Hong Bin to make him see her way or if she was genuinely upset. Hong Bin’s reaction was adorable though. Like, I would melt.

MarlubsGD: I just think she’s crazy. Her brain is all over the place. I think I can see what she’s thinking at this point, but her methods are just silly. Also, he is too cute to treat like that. Aw.

Amy: Yeah. She needs to figure out a more effective way of communicating. If I were Hong Bin I would get annoyed with those outbursts quickly.

MarlubsGD: Seriously, make up your mind, girl, and then talk about things, don’t just jump to your own conclusions!

Amy: I totally understand not wanting your boyfriend to buy a house for you because of your sense of honor. That is a legitimate reason in my mind. Instead of breaking up with your boyfriend and running away, though, maybe you should calmly explain to him what you’re thinking. You’ve already told him you like him which is really hard. What is so difficult about explaining your view on honor to him?

MarlubsGD: Just proving once more that she is “Candy.” She was good about explaining a bit (finally) but she really needs to try and work things out before just bailing out on him. I guess she really didn’t think things through before confessing to him.

Amy: Yeah. She is totally “Candy”. I just can’t stand it when characters don’t use their words. It makes me impatient and cranky. Ha ha!

MarlubsGD: Yep, I know what you mean. Just tell them, dang it! Don’t just run off and hide from the problem! This is just ridiculous that she’s breaking up with him over something they could just talk over. She must have some serious greed issues to keep herself from dating him just because he offered to get her a nice house. She could have just said no to that part.

Amy: Right? She had no problems just saying no before. Hong Bin should get some credit for going after Se Dong and having her talk to him instead of just leaving her alone and letting the whole situation snowball more.

MarlubsGD: True, he was very good. Also very open to fixing the problem. Clearly he likes her more than she likes him at this point.

MarlubsGD: I think this is the start of maybe redeeming the dad a bit, but I still don’t know how I feel. I’m starting to think that he has a serious lack of love in his life and that’s their excuse for making him so bad. I think he has bad reasons for wanting the kid, but that the kids cuteness is softening his crusty old heart. At least that might be the intent of this scene.

Amy: I really hope that is the intent of this scene. I really can’t figure out the dad. I was thinking that he was just going after the kid for his own benefit but now I’m not so sure what exactly he has in his mind. Maybe if that was his intention at first it will change.

MarlubsGD: This man is the master of the hidden layers of the evil dad. The subtle softness in his eyes while looking at Chang… I feel like they might have so more development for this character. He might not be quite as bad as we though, but I reserve the right to be reserved with him still.

Amy: I feel the same way. Until he shows me that he really isn’t that bad for sure I won’t trust him fully. We’ll just have to see what happens.

MarlubsGD: Yep. He’s done so many bad things that a little softness in the eyes isn’t going to make me forgive him yet. We’ll just have to see.

Amy: Woah! I was not expecting that at all! Like, I knew Madam Yoon had a lot of dirt on everyone but I didn’t think she would just grab Hong Joo’s mother like that and threaten her. She is fierce!

MarlubsGD: I know! You go, Madam Yoon! Almost cat-fight over a man that neither woman actually likes. It’s all about the money, or at least their dignity. And Madam Yoon does have the dirt on everyone. She really is the gossipy spy Hong Joo said she was. But I loved how she called the wife a bitch as she was walking out.

Amy: Oh yeah. I loved that too. Madam Yoon is an awesome, badass character. There are few evil or seemingly evil characters I like in dramas and she is one of them.

MarlubsGD: Agreed, she is really good at what she does.

MarlubsGD: Well, this escalated quickly. Hong Joo was barely in it, and now he’s ready to jump off a building. Although, the episode built up to it well. If they can stop Hong Joo, this might be a nice wake up call for a few people to stop being so whiny and selfish with their little pity parties.

Amy: The episode did build up to it really well. Hong Joo had to have gone through a whole lot of crap to make him reach this point and I hope Hong Bin was able to stop him. I’m also hoping Hong Bin will be there for him more after this. It would be awesome if everyone would wake up and pay more attention to the people close to them.

MarlubsGD: I know! If Hong Bin does manage to save him, he’d probably have to use his superpowers, and it would probably become a bonding moment. At least Hong Joo would know that his brother does love him. If he does use the powers though, Hong Joo will also probably think that was awesome!

Amy: If Hong Bin uses his powers Hong Joo will probably idolize him and want to be even more like him. Who could blame him?

MarlubsGD: I can totally see him idolizing him even more. He already has a little brother crush on him. He would seriously love to have a super hero type deal as an older brother.

Amy: Yes but what will happen when he finds out that Hong Bin is dating Se Dong? More heartbreak! Sigh. Poor kid.

MarlubsGD: That is the real problem. Poor little Hong Joo (sad face). Also, I don’t think that Chang will be happy about it either… although having her as a mom wouldn’t be bad for him, I’m sure.

Amy: Agreed. Once Chang got over not being able to marry Se Dong I think he’d love to have her as a mom and she would be awesome at it.

MarlubsGD: I think that Hong Joo just needs some loving, and if his brother paid more attention to him, and Se Dong could act more like his noona, he’d be okay, even if he’s still a little heartbroken. But you know that Hong Bin would be jealous even of her being a big sister to Hong Joo, that silly boy.

Amy: Yes. Hong Bin would definitely be jealous. It is endearing in a way but could get annoying quickly as well. You gotta trust your girlfriend, Hong Bin!

Will Hong Bin be able to Save Hong Joo in time? Will Se Dong give her and Hong Bin’s relationship another chance? Is Hong Bin’s father’s heart softening? Comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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