Episode 9 had us laughing and gasping as Hong Bin’s powers take on another level and the dastardly parents start taking matters into their own hands, one slap at a time…or at least three at a time? Join Amy, Caroline, and MarlubsGD on their next adventure of Blade Man Drama Club!

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Amy: Hong Joo was so happy to finally be acknowledged by his brother. He is such a sweet guy who needs someone to show him love. I hope Hong Bin plays a bigger role in his life now.

Caroline: Awww =( I just don’t know why everyone treated Hong Joo like that. He can’t even believe his brother cares about him. He totally has the right to cry.

MarlubsGD: I know! This was too cute and sad at the same time. Poor little Hong Joo, he was so timid but wanting his brother to love him so much. The part where he asked if he could walk next to him… I can’t even…

Caroline: Poor Hong Joo =(

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Caroline: In the middle of the street and no one ran her over … Yes Kdrama world. I can take this seriously (I really can’t) … The whole scene felt so elongated. Needlessly. If they had shown the flashback with just a tiny bit of “Hello” then it would’ve made a bigger impact with me, but I just couldn’t take it. It went from “Oh I’m so curious!” to “Can they hurry up already?” I did not need 15 minutes for this scene to be over.

Amy: I thought it dragged on a little too long too. I guess they really wanted to emphasize how important and traumatic that was to Se Dong but I think that would have been obvious without dragging it on that much. I do feel awful for Se Dong though. It would be hard not to blame yourself. I know I would if I did not answer my phone and then something happened to my mom.

MarlubsGD: Yeah, I agree this was super drawn out. I just wanted her to stop saying hello and get some help already. I’m glad that we finally have some more backstory into Se Dong though, took them long enough after giving so many hints with no explanation. And once they finally told us everything then it it finally made sense as to why she was so upset about the alleged suicide attempt, mostly because she would have thought it was her fault once again for not answering the phone on time.

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MarlubsGD: I just couldn’t stop laughing at this, while at the same time being super worried for Secretary Ko’s safety. I was laughing and screaming out, “Save Secretary Ko, Hong Bin!” at the same time. I mean, what the heck! Why is he always the test dummy?

Caroline: I couldn’t decide how I felt about this. I mean, seriously? And that soft landing after bypassing the moon? Hmm. No. It literally went from a confession to a throw in 0.2 seconds. Oki, fine. It was hilarious.

Amy: I thought that Hong Bin would save Secretary Ko but I thought it was funny when Secretary Ko just went with it. He was not phased at all.

MarlubsGD: That’s true. He was just “cool, I’m at the house. How did that happen?” I don’t think anything phases him with Hong Bin anymore.

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Amy: Oh Secretary Ko. He is so loyal and hard working. He is adorable. I loved it when he was trying to have a serious talk with Hong Bin but Hong Bin was passed out and didn’t hear a thing. Poor Secretary Ko.

Caroline: I love this man. He looked ridiculous riding this weird bike, but he’s so freaking adorable I don’t even care.

MarlubsGD: Obvious product placement? It’s so cool, you can fold it up and stick it in your trunk… but yeah, he looked too cute and tired riding that little clown bike all the way back to the car. And then the old drunk men with the wig part. Definitely can’t take this show seriously.

Caroline: Let’s all stop for a second to look at Lee Dong Wook in a bear suit. I have not laughed watching any episode of this drama as much as I did when I saw this. The amount of adorableness and sucking up that happened here can’t be allowed on normal people television. *Too much cuteness*

MarlubsGD: He was too cute! But then Se Dong’s reaction, while understandable to be embarrassed, was once again over-the-top. Why does she keep running away from situations? It makes me keep shaking my head at her. Good thing Hong Bin is so cute and chasing after her like a devoted puppy.

Amy: Hong Bin is adorable when he is in love. I loved how he kept apologizing and the way he looked at Se Dong. He is so into her and doesn’t even try to hid it. It’s way too stinkin’ cute. Yeah. I get Se Dong being embarrassed and running away too but, I mean, you can run away too much. What if Hong Bin gets tired of it?

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Caroline: I appreciated the confrontation. Thumbs up for Hong Joo for speaking his mind. Sure he didn’t get any results, but still. It counts. He needs to speak out more.

Amy: I thought it was awesome that Hong Joo stood up to his father and told him what he wanted. His father still told him to go to college but at least Hong Joo said what he needed to say. It must have been extremely hard for him, especially at his age. Hong Bin’s acceptance probably gave him some courage.

MarlubsGD: Slow clap for Hong Joo! This conversation was very poignant and I am super proud of him. Especially that line about not remembering what he wanted to do either. Aw, Hong Joo! Also, I’m not sure about how the dad really feels about that conversation. He pretends to be unbending, but I think he’s a bit more impressed with Hong Joo… a tiny, tiny, tiny bit that he would never admit to.

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MarlubsGD: I feel like the mom is fast approaching the crazy train. She’s getting super angry and a bit sloppy in her tactics. And of course Madam Yoon’s cool treatment isn’t going to calm her down. It was just a backhanded slap to her face. So Madam Yoon. The mom’s got nothing against her.

Amy: Yeah. The mom is letting her emotions take over while Madam Yoon has the manipulation game down. I’ve mentioned how much I love Madam Yoon right? She is awesome.

Caroline: Mum is obviously a bitch. And I think she’s messing with the very wrong people. Too bad we’ll have to wait to see what happens next week to this crazy psycho.

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