Greetings Drama Club readers! It's that time again—no it's not time to wallow in a dark corner due to your current favorite dramas ending (you know who you are)—It's time to bravely step out into the light and risk eternal damnation due to your cursed fate!! ψ(`∇´)ψ mwahahahaha--wait what?!? . . . . yes, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, it's time to start up a new vampire drama, which is sure to cause you to rethink your stance on vampires and their overused tropes. Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we sit down and discuss all the things we love to hate, and hate to love about the first episode of our brand new exclusive series, Blood.

Watch the premiere:

Taleena: I don’t know that I can do this. I am not sure I can take this seriously AT ALL.

Wendilynn: I figured it would not set well with you. I liked it. A LOT!

Firnlambe: Agreed, I loved it as well.

Taleena: It’s just. Well. I have so many questions I just KNOW they are not going to address.

Wendilynn: at least not yet.

Taleena: Can we start with Black Hoodie Brigade? Honestly. 1) Just slap some more guyliner on yourself and embrace the whole emo thing. Can We? Please?

Wendilynn: Didn’t buy the whole sinister henchman deal, eh?

Firnlambe: But . . . . But look at them, they're just so broody . . . How could that possibly annoy you?

Taleena: OH. Rolled in a hoodie, sleeping off a bender in a police station was just TOO convenient. 2) Gah. I’m pulling at my hair here because they established the whole Drink Blood = No Sun for You! rule, a la Robin McKinley’s Sunshine, but then Hoodie Brigade is just tearing around daylight Jeju woods like it’s no big thing. Wha?

Wendilynn: That was the major contradiction for me. If you want them to just be sensitive to the sun, then say so, don’t make it like they burn and die from it, THEN show them just fine in the sun. I mean, the kid burned a bit that one morning, but never again, even after laying on the beach.

Firnlambe: Grain of salt here people . . . Grain of salt. Remember, that is probably the best Kdrama mantra you will ever repeat in your brain.

Taleena: *grumbling* I’ll take my grains of salt with margaritas. It’s the only way I will make it through this show. Yeah, they showed him burning after drinking Bambi blood. Look, I get it was a pet and he feltterrible, but my brain was saying, “Dude. NOT book store girl. You made the right choice there.”

Wendilynn: It was the girl or Bambi. I vote Bambi. But you knew that was coming. Bambi was going to be lunch at some point for the struggling teen.

Taleena: Oh yeah. For sure. It’s just it established the Drink Blood = No Sun rule. So then Hoodie Brigade can run around and have no issue with the sun (this AFTER Mom’s grow lights in the house which blinded them), except I do not buy them abiding to the No Blood Rule because Hoodie Brigade are the Baddie’s minions. SPEAKING of Baddie! HE was sitting in a nice little patch of sunlight as he rolled his glass of Walmart Box wine thoughtfully in his hand. If he can be dramatically lit by late afternoon rays they shouldn’t establish the NO Sun rule.

Firnlambe: You know . . . you ladies can't have it all, it is a Kdrama after all.

Wendilynn: I love the show, don’t get me wrong, but a little consistency is needed. I think the sun rule will be a convenient trope used and abused when the effect is needed.

Taleena: I demand Rules! RULES!

Firnlambe: Kdramas need no damn rules!! lol you girls should know this by now.

Wendilynn: The rule I’m most curious about is approaching vampirism from the standpoint of a virus. I have to admit, I’m very curious to see why Dr. Evil is needing a child born with the virus and not just infected and what he’s trying to prove with it.

Taleena: Probably wants to breed a whole Daywalker thing, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with the sun, so why bother? *bitterly*

Firnlambe: No see i’m thinking Jason (yes I’m using his american name . . . why? 1) because it’s easier and 2) I’m too damn lazy to find his K-name) is the the one who will bring balance to the Force. That’s the only explanation I can think of that makes sense. It would also explain his ability to magically survive in the sun . . . Force powers and all that jazz, y’know.

Taleena: Well at least I wasn’t the one that brought Star Wars up first.

Firnlambe: Well . . . ummm . . . yeah, not apologizing, the reference was totally worth it.

Wendilynn: *grin* It's better than making Twilight comparisons. Do we know for sure, whether or not Dr. Evil is actually infected or not? I see him as the mad scientist in this story.

Taleena: We don’t. I guess I kind of assumed from the possible mental connection with the Hoodie Brigade that he was. Along with his use of the collective “us” and “we” when speaking of the infected.

Firnlambe: Oh come on, he can’t not be infected . . . that won't make for good top bad guy status.

Wendilynn: My assumption is also that he’s infected himself. He doesn’t strike me as the type to forgo having awesome inhuman powers. But, I realized just now that they don’t actually say for sure.

Taleena: This is completely OT, and we can stick it in anywhere, but I have to get it off my brain plate now because it is staring out from my notes. 1) Sheesh, even vampires hide in America in K dramas. 2) Daniel had some crappy Halloween candy in his . . . basket? I swear it looked like an Easter basket. Give that poor kid a Snickers or a Kit Kat. Werther's? Really? Now you know the vampire is old, if he is handing out Werther's.

Wendilynn: ROFL!!! Poor Daniel got jipped for missing Halloween. The good candy disappears if you aren’t out there by 7pm. 5:30 pm in my neighborhood.

Taleena: I was going to say- dusk baby. Daniel also had Zero adults trailing him from a discreet distance and he was ALL alone. Hello Korean independent nature peeking through! If he was with a group of his buddies I could totally see it.

Firnlambe: Don’t forget the year this Halloween takes place . . . different times . . . I’m actually impressed by that. Cuz you KNOW if that Halloween was in the 00’s there would have been a parent.

Wendilynn: I was amused Daniel was dressed AS a vampire, getting candy from a vampire’s house. And kudos for getting someone who could actually speak English like he had been living there awhile. And while on the topic of language, our male lead speaking (Ukrainian?) wasn’t too bad. Sounded like my neighbors. He kept blending the foreign language and Korean in various lines. Like someone would who speaks multiple languages.

Taleena: I thought they did handle the languages well. There were definite good parts to this episode. It’s just like they had the check list of vampire things they wanted to check off and then they didn’t actually care if they followed up on them. Brooding over a darkened city talking about his inhumanity, whilst longing for humanity? check. Burny sun? check. Weird skeleton with weird teeth and fingers? check. Self healing bullet wounds? check. DEAR LORD the bullets would still be mangled not pristine! Unless his MAGIC healing powers (F: aka the Force) managed to make the bullets straighten out! *beating head against desk*

Wendilynn: Deep breath Taleena. I didn’t look that closely, I was admiring that back. Although, the bullet they pulled from the girl was mangled.

Firnlambe: Ok we need to get this out in the open . . . was anyone else impressed by Little Brother (yes I still call him Little Brother from his My Love from Another Star days) . . . particularly with his multitude of “like a boss” moments?

Wendilynn: I was. I felt Ahn Jae Hyun did a good job, despite some strange direction he seemed to get from the director. I bought that he could take down a small number of soldiers and that he would get up and brush off the missile attack. I noticed the second time around that he threw away the phone as he walked off all pissed. He also came across smoothly as a surgeon.

Taleena: I laughed a bit at “Scalpel? Oh I’m alone.” Duh. I am thinking I laughed in a bunch of inappropriate places. BUT everyone played their parts well and believably. I could do without the medical monologuing though. AND shots of cotton being stuffed into body cavities. I think 1994 Jason was better acted (don’t hit me!) and the baby was so cute, parts of me demanded a new baby all my own.

Firnlambe: The medical monologuing didn’t bother me too much, probably because I knew to expect it, but OMG such an adorable baby . . . though I think BotC still had a cuter baby.

Wendilynn: The baby was the cutest Asian baby I think I’ve ever seen. And I also agree that the teen actor was very good. Even in the fight scene against hokey looking CGI wolves. (At least they were less hokey then the gorilla)

Taleena: Oh I LOLed so hard at the “wild dogs of Jeju Island” and yes, they were better than Hyde, Jekyll’s Gorilla. I must admit I was thinking that Dr. Wine Glass McShiny Shoes set the dogs free, the way the Hoodie Brigade just watched assessingly.

Wendilynn: Yes, it was a test. And we even get our fated first meeting to boot.

Firnlambe: But of course! I mean the dogs were taking mental commands from the Hoodie Brigade when they attacked the kids.

Taleena: Please tell me that I didn’t miss the baddies planting the bunny for her to find. Because never in a MILLION TRILLION years will I believe that dutch bunnies run wild on Jeju.

Wendilynn: They didn’t show anyone releasing the very tame bunny. But when you want to test someone’s vampire fighting skills, you need a reason to make them stay and not run away.

Firnlambe: You’ve got to admit--that bunny had some superb nerves of steel.

Taleena: Ok, who’s up for a theory or three?

Wendilynn: Shoot

Taleena: So it seems to me that Pinky’s parents were captured/killed by the hiker people. Right? I submit that they were taken by Dr. McShiny Shoes, because they have some research on all natural botanicals that fight vampirism in some way. Grown in the woods of Jeju, natch, because she is going to be stuck on the day her parents disappeared and she met her ghostly friend and we’ll get LOTS of flashbacks to it. LOTS.

Wendilynn: Sounds reasonable. Those two guys weren't friendlies.

Firnlambe: Oh they for sure had “Danger” written all over them. I’m curious as to why the parents even had to die  It sort of seemed like a useless plot twist at this time, though I’m sure (as it’s been mentioned) it will come back to play later in the series.

Taleena: Furthermore, I propose that Jason’s mother’s syringe full of Mysterious Yellow Serum will need Pinky’s organic free range botanic goodness to make him human. AND still furthermore he will discover this need from the formula he pulls from his Floppy Discs of Destiny.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! My gosh, I love your nicknames for things. I’d like to know what is in that yellow killing serum.

Taleena: It’s butterscotch. That’s why Daddy vamp was handing out Werther's.

Wendilynn: You’re gonna make me pee my pants from laughing.

Taleena: Now we have Werther's new campaign slogan all worked out . . .

Wendilynn: Speaking of serums and slogans, what is up with his blood making things grow? I have a black thumb toward all growing things. I think I need some of that.

Taleena: I refuse to speculate. They already don’t play by rules. . . . EVEN K drama rules Firnlambe . . . so I will keep my speculations to a minimum until I am presented with a little more info other than he’s a special snowflake.

Firnlambe: lmao well I will admit that even the random glow sparks of destiny were a bit much for me . . . though I’m standing behind my initial thought process that the glow sparks were because he is a “pure blood” who met his true love.

Wendilynn: Despite the conventional vampire tropes they may or may not follow, for me this is setting up to be not a typical vampire story, and I appreciate that.

Taleena: I wish they hadn’t made it vampire-y. It would have been much better to make it superhero-y. Or something.

Firnlambe: At least we get a nice subtle eye change shift . . no bright amber eyes from Twilight, no blood red evil eyes (yet) and no hint of the brilliant blues that we got from Vampire Prosecutor. Just a nice, seemingly normal looking greenish brown combination when his powers kick in.

Wendilynn: I love the eye color, and as long as he takes that pill, he doesn’t want to drink blood.

Taleena: AND that’s another thing! If you have a pill that does that. I don’t see the big hoopty-do. Sure doesn’t seem like he needs blood to survive. I think I will wait for Dr.McS Shoes to present Neo with the red pill.

Wendilynn: I noticed that Mom was making a very vegetarian meal for them to eat. The whole kitchen was full of vegetables.

Taleena: And they enjoyed the morning sunshine too. Now I know why he is so bratty. If I ate all vegan I would be too.

Well readers? How did Blood live up to your expectations? Did you go in expecting nothing spectacular and found yourself pleasantly surprised? Did you go in expecting great things, only to have your hopes and dreams shattered? Or are you still withholding any final judgements you may have on the series? Let us know what you think in the comments below and we'll see you in episode 2.

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