Well Daywalkers — just like Rita, we've only been able to gather more and more questions. Will this episode finally shed some light on things? or are we doomed to stay hidden in the dark for a few more weeks? Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we discuss where things are headed in episode 10 of Blood.

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Taleena: It’s just not fair show. Here I was having a fun time ridiculing you and you give me genuine feels! Bad show! If you are going to have a silly PervBot you do not ALSO get to have genuine feels. Thems the rules.

Firnlambe: I’ve reached the conclusion that this drama will NEVER follow the typical Kdrama rules.

Wendilynn: lol. this show went and got all cute and adorable this episode.

Taleena: Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Tolerable and entertaining, maybe. It’s just not to be borne that suddenly the room got awful dusty when Dora the Explorer and her dad wheeled down the aisle.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I needed to dust, too. Having Handsome waiting for her at the end of the aisle was too cute, though. Rita was so funny, to me, getting him to pretend to be the groom.

Firnlambe: That whole scene was ridiculously adorable, but I got more of a kick outta Jason being so uncomfortable with that request from Rita.

Taleena: While I knew that something major was going to happen with Cancer Dad (and Mother Superior AND Smack Talk), I really thought that Cancer Dad would be the one to give Ji Sang the “to be vampire or not to be” angst. I was a little surprised that it was Mother Superior, just because she is so OK with her time being up and cruising onto her Heavenly Reward.

Wendilynn: Its hard when a truly good person who makes the world a better place is dying. Being an orphan himself, I think Ji Sang had a hard time with losing someone who had saved so many children.

Taleena: I am not denying that Mother Superior would be the obvious choice in a normal world, but we all know that K drama rules do not adhere to normal world rules and the Dora weighs down Cancer Guy’s scale. I am also more and more sure that Inter No Sleep is on the side of the angels.

Firnlambe: Side of the angels?

Taleena: As in all those lovely commenters who seem to think she is our mystery Dr. E. agent are incorrect. I think she is no where near cold and venal enough to be SheMinion’s partner in crime. Although I wholly approve such twisty thinking in our commenters.

Firnlambe: I agree . . . I was never truly sold on that possibility. And if it turns out she really IS our mystery baddie I’ll be impressed by INS character’s ability to act like such a goodie goodie.

Wendilynn: Agreed, she’s done a great job of pulling the wool over our eyes, if she is the secret agent. But, I also agree that it seems a little far fetched right now. I do like how she is connecting to Smack Talk though. Of course, them getting Smack Talk to behave for handsome Ji Sang and then to see her get all nasty with Dr. Useful Idiot was really funny. I have to hand it to actors who let themselves be the butt of the joke where their looks are concerned. That’s not easy to do in this industry, but I always appreciate it.

Firnlambe: Oh gosh I bust a gut laughing at that whole scene with Smack Talk, Jason and Dr. Useful Idiot. It was probably one of my favorite scenes.

Taleena: SPEAKING of Dr. Useful Idiot: I wonder if he will not innocently enough give Dr. the Younger some info when trying to account for this week’s case of Vampire Rash.

Wendilynn: It’ll be interesting to see how he handles that. That patient is showing all sorts of signs of switching over. I’m surprised Ji Sang isn’t figuring things out by now.

Firnlambe: Wasn’t that patient the same one who glared viciously at Jason through the glass a few episodes back?

Wendilynn: Yes, he’s the one who was clinging to the glass window staring at either Ji Sang and/or the nurses hungrily.

Firnlambe: Yeeeeah, that’s what I thought. Hopefully Jason will finally catch on to the true purpose of the guinea pig ward now that Cancer Dad has been admitted.

Wendilynn: Ooooh, and is Ji Sang pissed about that. He was already upset over finding out that Dr. Evil knew his parents and is lying to him about it. Cancer Dad’s issue tipped the scales of him being able to keep a lid on his temper. Actually, towering fury is probably a better description.

Firnlambe: PLUS!!! He’s a super vamp now . . . he should be able to handle Dr. Evil just fine . . . . I hope.

Wendilynn: He hasn’t reached his full potential yet. He’s up for a major butt kicking, I think. Ji Sang still doesn’t understand his full nature yet. He’s been working all this time to suppress himself. I think the only way he’s going to be able to protect anyone from Dr. Evil is to accept who and what he is and cash in on the benefits while learning how to control the downside. I think him getting ahold of Dr. Elder’s lab notes will be very beneficial in that.

Firnlambe: I think having Rita by his side will also prove to be very beneficial in curbing all his vampire angst. She’s accepting him for who he is and I think that will go a long way in helping him reach his full potential. Particularly now that things are going to start heating up over the vampire ward.

Taleena: I can’t see how Ji Sang and crew (OK Ji Sang and Renfield) haven’t figured out Vampire Creation Ward yet. Of course they are just figuring out that Dr. E is nefarious, but they went to that hospital EXPECTING trouble. The brand New Giant Secretive Ward is suddenly on their bad guy radar? Sad is what it is. Just sad.

Wendilynn: Well, its not like they’ve had other vampires to study. they’ve never dealt with anyone becoming a vampire. This is new territory for them as well. And we know the reagent is some watered down version of the virus so it doesn’t act like what anyone would expect. That they’ve finally figured out that they need their own blood samples is a given. Until they see the blood, they don’t have anything to relate it to.

Taleena: Except, Ji Sang and Dr. the Younger both have seen Vampire Rash before. It was in Dr. Elder’s notes.

Wendilynn: There is a big difference between practice and research. However, all their suspicions are up now. Dr. the Younger has been thrown a loop now that he knows that his Dad was research partners with Ji Sang’s parents.

Firnlambe: He may have been thrown for a loop, but he’s still keeping his wits about him. I’m hoping that seeing Jason’s parents in the old picture will be just the push he needs to place his trust in Jason

Taleena: True. It just seems like the Dream Team could use a mean suspicious mind. The closest thing they have is their loose allegiance to HR Auntie, who is looking like Red Shirt fodder more and more everyday. Too bad her TMZ contact seems to have been “in a car accident” or “taken a drunken leap” or whatever lame excuse they will come up with to explain her absence. What is that tabloid rag that has bat boy and alien abductions and secret lovers of the stars?

Firnlambe: The Quibbler?

Taleena: Lol, from Harry Potter? What was that thing that Luna’s Dad was always going on about?

Firnlambe: I was going to say The Daily Prophet but for the weird and and unusual I figured better stick with a newspaper that really knows it's stuff.

Taleena: My favorite fake newspaper is the Daily Eyestrain from Jasper Fforde’s books.

Wendilynn: The Sun? National Enquirer?

Taleena: World something? Anyhoo, I totally expect to see the Korean version of that come out with a lurid Vampire Doctor cover story. In Taleena’s imaginary version of Blood, reporter chick has her own story: including a harried (but attractive) roommate and a J. Jonah Jameson editor.

Wendilynn: LOL!! As long as she has a cute, but nerdy, photographer by her side, she should stay alive, even if she’s in danger everyday. lol

Taleena: Once again I stun you into awe. Cute Photographer? I smell a role for Lee Kwang Soo.

Wendilynn/Firnlambe: YES!!

Wendilynn: lol For now, though, we’ll just have to stick with a handsome vampire. I’m loving the cuteness happening between him and Rita. Their little date and her questions are going to be funny, I think.

Taleena: There you go keeping me on track again. I hope so. While I am glad she is not Queen Frostine anymore, I am also not looking forward to gushiness. Acerbic with a hint of warmth is the right Rita. I want her to be poking fun at him to get him off his ‘Woe is me DOOM!’ kick.

Wendilynn: I laughed at her “gushiness” on the date because if you can ask anything, of course you’re going to ask silly stuff at first. The bathroom question had me laughing so much.


Firnlambe: Oh gosh the questions . . . her “Do Vampires transform when kissing?” question also had me rolling. I wish she had left it there so Jason could see it when he “accidentally” finds the question list.

Wendilynn: No, I don’t want him reading in embarrassed silence. I want to see his reactions as she asks them. lol

Firnlambe: Fine . . . I suppose that is the better option.

Wendilynn: What I want to see is Ji Sang throw some security guards around. That stand off in the ward with the Uncle proves things are getting ugly. I expect some type of revolt to happen. You can’t change the hospital overnight and then get upset that your doctors are looking at you like you’ve gone nuts.

Taleena: If Ji sang throws security guards around willy nilly in public he is just begging for Van Helsings to materialize. First rule of Vampire Club - Don’t talk about Vampire Club! Or throw people around. I can never remember.

Firnlambe: True, plus Uncle’s not thinking clearly at the moment . . . all he’s concerned about it himself. He couldn’t care less that he’s burning EVERY bridge he has left or that he is going to push away the only family he has left. And that is something that will come back to bite him in the butt.

Wendilynn: He’s dying. After seeing the success of that other nearly paralyzed patient, there is nothing he won’t do for “salvation”.

Firnlambe: I wonder how he’s going to feel when he learns this “miracle drug” is simply just him becoming an odd Vampire knockoff . . . that’s all I think it is. A super serum that will give those people who take it Vampire qualities but not necessarily the extreme blood lust.

Wendilynn: They are trying to isolate the self healing traits of the virus. I mean, I can understand that part of the research side. I just can’t fathom why he’s willing to kill so many so ruthlessly for the power kick he’s on. I feel like there is still a major part of the story we are not being told.

Taleena: By HE you mean Uncle? or Dr. E? Both I think are pretty easy to explain.

Wendilynn: Dr. Evil is on the power kick. Uncle just wants to live.

Taleena: Crumple Horned Snorkack! Sorry, just remembered my mythical beast. Continue.

Wendilynn: In either case, Ji Sang has just instigated his own butt whooping and I’m curious what truths come out of it. I don’t see him winning a fight with Dr. Evil, yet. And since Dr. Evil knows that Ji Sang is no longer trying to pretend he has stitches, that’s made Dr. E suspicious about Rita possibly knowing more than she should.

Taleena: Oh yes, Dr. E certainly knew how to read L’affaire d’ Band-Aid. Rita has moved up on my Red Shirt List to “imminent car accident level” and BFF has after the b*tch face off with SheMinion.

Firnlambe: At least Rita is keeping her wits about her and realized something was wrong in the parking garage . . . she may not know exactly who is following her, but at least she’s not letting that feeling go unnoticed. As for BFF--she totally should have pawned the sample off to someone else while the attention was directed on her. I was actually half expecting it and was disappointed when she hadn’t.

Taleena: I hear you. I was really hoping that when BFF and Dr. the Younger went into get a sample they would have a dummy sample ready to switch out.

Wendilynn: Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work with Dr. Evil there able to sniff the blood. Even if SheMinion is not a vamp yet, he is. He’d have known.

Taleena: Yeah, but if they had thought ahead they could have fooled the non Vampire guards before Dr. E. got there. As it is, HR Auntie better have a pretty slick diversion to get the sample because she is so high in the watch out list it is not funny.

Firnlambe: They could have just as easily used regular blood . . . it just wouldn’t have been the infected blood. I’m sure it would have smelled the same. And I’m not sold the nurse HR Auntie has is worth investing in.

Wendilynn: We still don’t know which nurses are in Dr. Evil’s pocket. It would not surprise me at all to find out that all three of those ladies are under cover.

Well then . . . this episode didn't really help clear up any of our questions did it. When questions pile up--things never seem to clear up fast enough do they? //sigh// I suppose all we can do is ponder what'll happen next. Will HR Auntie finally be able to smuggle blood out from the vampire ward? Will we ever learn who our mystery woman is that has private conversations with Dr. Evil? Can Rita get Jason to reveal more answers for her growing Q&A list, or will Dr. Evil attempt to take her out before she has the chance to ask? all because she may know too much? Remember to leave your theories and thoughts in the comment section below. You know how much we love hearing from you ^-^

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