Welcome, Daywalkers, to another fun filled episode. We get more questions, more lies, and a stunning truth. Ji Sang learns more about the virus, Rita shows she just might be a worthy opponent, Renfield just might have found a girlfriend, and Intern No Sleeps shocks us all. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, and me as we puzzle over what we learned in the 11th episode of Blood.

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Taleena: I wouldn’t say Intern No Sleep shocked us all, ‘cause clearly our readers saw it coming. Hooray for readers! While it still gives me tics to think about her running around willy-nilly before she was hired, now that we know she is Vampire No Sleep, well above Hoodie Gang in status, I am cool with her being the traitor.

Firnlambe: Gosh I was so saddened that she was our mystery Vampire. I was so pulling for her to be an honestly decent person. Granted it makes PERFECT sense now, and as I said a few posts back--kudos to Vampire No Sleep to pull off the innocent act so damn well.

Wendilynn: What got me, was not that she was the mole, but that she is the little girl who jumped off the building. I bet you anything, after she jumped off the roof, Dr. Evil went and injected himself and then killed Professor Jung. I have to hand it to her, she had not tripped my buttons as the bad guy at all. They’ve been very good about not showing her looking evil or knowing or anything like that. She was even crying in the stairwell after being yelled at. She is selling “miss innocence” very well.

Taleena: But Dr. E, was a vampire when he turned her; I think he had already been a vampire by this time. Whether or not her jump is what caused him to snap and Kill Dr. the Elder is open to interpretation.


Firnlambe: I’m with Wendilynn. VnS’s leap of almost death was totally what caused Dr. E to snap.

Wendilynn: She was in a coma when he turned her. I was just saying her jumping was his catalyst to take the virus to a practical level. He clearly failed the “turn or let die” test.

Taleena: I agree with that. Certainly this is when he began taking practical steps to justify his creation of a Master Race. Also, Vampire no Sleep has got to be on the Low Calorie Child diet too, otherwise Ji Sang would be getting blood sucker vibes off of her.

Firnlambe: I didn’t even think about that fact.

Wendilynn: Considering she became a vamp as a kid, that really upsets me. Since she is not setting off the vamp alert, then it stands to reason she does the same things.

Taleena: As MUCH as I want to talk about me being wrong about who the traitor is though, let’s talk about the marvelous return of Luuvy the PervBot, with his fantastic interjections and Renfield falling for BFF.


Wendilynn: ROFL!! I loved Luuvy in this episode. You can tell that Renfield and Ji Sang have a brother-type relationship because I laughed myself silly when Ji Sang tried to beat Renfield up after Luuvy spilled the beans.

Firnlambe: That chase scene around the house just about broke me . . . I had one hell of a time collecting myself into one cohesive being again.


Taleena: I laughed hardest that Rita tried and tried to stop sneering in order to sweet talk info out of Renfield and was just unable to. THEN everyone was sneering at Renfield and his most awkward coffee “meet-cute” evah!

Wendilynn: Firnlambe gets high fives for totally calling this one. That meet up was so funny. Their little fist bump was adorbs. Everyone looked either appalled or surprised by their behavior. lol

Firnlambe: I was ecstatic once the slow-mo camera shots started rolling. I startled myself at how happy I was at the pairing coming together.

Taleena: The slow swell of music to her hair toss was wüderbar! The way the camera panned to each person in the room as they watched Renfield fall head over heels? Excellent. I think they were all just horrified at the sheer lameness of Renfield’s game. Of course when one has that many “baseball” videos - organized no less - we shouldn’t have expected him to have a smooth way with the ladies.


Wendilynn: I’m thinking he gave Luuvy way too much information.

Taleena: Speaking of sneering, is it wrong to love the b*tch off Rita gets in with SheMinion every time they meet? I am waiting for them to roll on the floor pulling each other’s hair.


Wendilynn: I LOVED that. She pulled no punches letting SheMinion know she’s ground beef as soon as Rita has any say in the matter. And she was very clear with Dr. Evil, too. She called his bluff about his poker face and let him know he didn’t fool her in any way. I’m really warmed up to Rita now. She is a character I really like.

Be11 poker face.jpg

Firnlambe: I love that she’s not pulling any punches as well. I’m just worried it’s going to come back and bite her in the butt.

Taleena: You want to know what else is going to bite someone in the butt? The promise to not withhold information within the members of the Dream Team, because that promise lasted less than a day.

Firnlambe: To Jason’s credit . . . Renfield was the one to withhold the information first.

Taleena: You are just lawyering now. Renfield is Ji Sang’s guy and the promise is implicitly invoked as soon as Ji Sang knows info.

Firnlambe: Truuuuuue. but---well-----they’re withholding information for a just cause at least . . right? The general populace would NOT handle the knowledge that Vampires are really real well. That’s gotta count for something.


Wendilynn: Well, until they tell Jung the Younger that his research partner is a Vampire. It doesn’t really matter what else they hold back. The most pertinent information isn’t being told yet.

Taleena: Well, money is still even on Dr. the Younger turning Van Helsing. I am super interested to see what is going to be resurrected from the water stained pages of the Elder’s journal.

Firnlambe: Speaking of the journal . . . Since the definition of VBT-01 is explained in detail--wouldn’t that mean Dr. Van Helsing already knows about the existence of Vampires?

Wendilynn: Yes, what he doesn’t know is that the virus was injected into other people.

Taleena: UH, they are all pretty sure that is what is going on at the Vampire Guinea Pig Ward. What he doesn’t know is Ji Sang is a vamp.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie I’m ready for this to really get interesting. We only have, what, 4 more episodes? I demand more progress on the romance meter!!

Taleena: Eight episodes, er. nine. And you didn’t think Ji Sang answering the pressing “transform into a bat” question was a mark of progress in their romance? More romantic than fending off Wild Dogs of Jeju. it was almost banter. Almost.

Be11 list.jpg

Wendilynn: Him countering her obvious jealousy with a silly question, so she would smile, was adorable. That shows he’s not nearly as oblivious as he acts.

Firnlambe: Ok Fine . . . I suppose that counts (¬_¬)

Taleena: Hey, just because their romance is condescending and lame.... I mean witty and full of sparkle. Hee hee hee. Thanks me laughing at the only Twilight joke I can crack. Can we talk about Cancer Dad? Or really, anyone in that ward. I keep thinking someone is going to all out get all bitey on a loved one or nurse, and I am practically holding my breath every time they are in there waiting for it to happen. I think that it will be the last nail in the coffin of Ji Sang’s doubt about Dr. E’s self justifications.


Firnlambe: I get nervous everytime someone states they are “thirsty” I keep thinking they’ll refuse the water and go for the jugular.

Wendilynn: I get nervous about that too.

Taleena: Glad I’m not the only one. I also had Very Bad Vibes when Renfield was in the morgue with the bodies, because I keep expecting one to sit up with a sheet covering him. (Side Note - Also, we see Renfield’s bare chest! My base nature was happy. My better nature was happy he was wearing black stealth pants to keep a low profile.)

Firnlambe: ψ(`∇´)ψ bare chest time //ahem// I mean how dare they show display such a racy image . . . yeeah that’s what I meant

Wendilynn: Cute boy, naked chest, fake slashed neck, surrounded by dead bodies...what’s not to get excited about? lol

Taleena: I also like to think that Renfield was having fun with movie makeup again. I bet there is a huge part of him that just LOVES working for a Vampire, for the sheer theatricality and romance of it all, and has so far been stymied by Ji Sang’s wet blanket nature. Well NOW is the time for all Good Minions to shine.

Firnlambe: lmao not gonna lie, I just had an image of Renfield taking BFF aside before their first date and giving her one MASSIVE beauty makeover with his clearly superior makeup skills.

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing, helplessly*

Well, if you had already figured out our mole was Intern No Sleep than pat yourselves on the back.  You're conspiracy theory was vindicated.  What other secrets will reveal themselves?  What theories do you have so far? 

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