Nothing says “A Vampire is Stalking You” like ominous opera music, shadowy garages, and someone playing with your vintage Dracula doll...I mean action figure. Plus! Ji Sang gets some forcible style and Rita lets her human side out to play. Join Wendilynn, Taleena and Firnlambe for episode 12 of Blood.

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Taleena: After a conspicuous absence, the Hoodie Gang (Side note: still a gang when you are down to one thug? Or do the bully boys at the hospital count?) returns. Some many wonderful moments with Hoodie Gang this episode. Where to begin?


Wendilynn: His almost injured tone of voice that “she didn’t notice” struck me as funny. I had an errant thought that he’d been getting attached. lol

Taleena: I had an errant thought that it might be our insubordinate Hoodie Guy, come to switch sides, until Ji Sang went all Inigo Montoya. Does that make Dr. E. Prince Humperdink?! LOL (yes I KNOW Inigo’s nemesis was Count Rugen. But Humperdink is so much more fun to say!)

Wendilynn: ROFL!! Much more fun. Yeah, Ji Sang is not happy to have another hoodie messing with his girl. Although, recognizing him as one of the two that messed with his mom means that this fight is about to go up a notch. Which is sort of a shame as I like this particular bad guy. He’s cute.

Firnlambe: I was thoroughly impressed by this whole end fight scene . . . from Jason’s dark and stealthy breaking and entering to the angsty climax. I really am glad things have not gotten “stale” in this series.

Wendilynn: No, its certainly not stale, that’s for sure. I can’t say I’m going to miss SheMinion’s presence in this series.

Taleena: SheMinion was definitely on the red shirt list. I am not terrible surprised that she died only that Dr. E would do the deed himself. First Hoodie kidnaps her, then Dr. E pontificates, then he kills her. it seems like he went through a lot of trouble for nothing.

Wendilynn: Her replacement should be interesting. He’s at least less frosty.

Firnlambe: Less frosty when he isn’t pissed at least . . . he’s bound have trouble keeping the temper, that I’m sure he has, hidden if patient’s keep slapping him for no apparent reason.

Taleena: As for SheMinion’s replacement - who gives off the faintest of Vampire vibes - Nurse In Your Face is still totally suspicious of him.

Wendilynn: I’m still suspicious of Nurse In Your Face. For a long time I thought all three nurses were in Dr. Evil’s pocket, but after he threatened HR Auntie with firing her helper, I’m not as sure. But I still consider Head Nurse in the evil group. Why would you put someone who wasn’t in your pocket in charge of the ward?

Taleena: Doctor bias against nurses? General arrogance about non vampires? The list goes on and on.

Firnlambe: Wait . . . is Nurse In Your Face the nurse usually placed in the middle of the group?

Taleena: Yeah, the head nurse. The one that tells everybody the rules. I think she was put there because she just loves to make everyone toe the line. The line just happens to be the Dr. E’s at the moment.

Firnlambe: Yeah, I really don’t get the vibe that she’s in Dr. Evil’s pocket at all. I feel like she’s genuinely concerned about what’s going on with the patients and she’s not doing anything because she doesn’t wanna be sacked.

Taleena: It’s possible, because let’s face it. /nobody/ liked SheMinion, so that is not an accurate indicator whether or not someone is in Dr. E’s camp. Even Vampire No Sleep couldn’t wait to slam SheMinion up against the wall and snarl at her.

Wendilynn: I have to say that was highly satisfying to watch. I may be disappointed that Vampire No Sleep is a vampire, but I loved that she put SheMinion in her place. Of course, that was the last straw and made SheMinion desperate to be able to hold her own.

Taleena: So you want to know how the subtext played out in my mind? Here goes: SheMinion totally crushes on Dr. E., is completely jealous of the affection he holds for Vampire No Sleep - which is completely paternal - and so when VNSleep is getting all praised that is what made her snap.

Firnlambe: Oh you and your plausible theories . . .

Wendilynn: Well, she does have that big book of theories for a reason. What I find highly incredible is that Dr. Evil actually expects his minions to do things for him instead of their own selfishness. I was like, “you’ve got to be kidding me?” How can he expect them to be completely unselfish when he is not unselfish himself? I guess being the top dictator comes with some blind spots.


Firnlambe: Well . . . that and he is basically the evilest of evils right now. Evil has no time for vampire fodder.

Wendilynn: Frankly, how she thought she could get away with infecting herself without bad consequences sort of blows my mind. He’d have made her life hell IF he’d have let her live. Which he didn’t.

Taleena: Eh. I think her thought processes went something like: 1) Turn Vampire, 2) Get Dr. E’s Undying Devotion, 3) ??????, 4) Profit! She didn’t seem to have all the steps worked out, just that she’d no longer be human. But enough of SheMinion! Let us turn to the fact that soon we shall see Dr. the Younger in his skivvies running up and down the hospital halls

Wendilynn: I laughed so much when he said that line. Of course, he has to live long enough to get to that point.

Firnlambe: No joke. It’s almost like everyone is just gunning to be on Taleena’s Red Shirt list in this series.


Taleena: I think that Dr. E is going to try and feed Dr. the Younger some phony baloney line first before straight up putting Dr. the Younger on the hit list. Rita is actually more of a risk, because Rita: A) is in tight with Ji Sang, B) is the apple of Uncle’s eye. I firmly believe that the Director is still pulling the wool over Uncle’s eyes.

Wendilynn: It does make more sense that Dr. Evil would try recruiting Dr. the Younger first. Of course, this show loves its odd humor moments and so it wouldn’t surprise me if they make sure we get to see him running in his underwear before giving him a red shirt. Speaking of clothing and humor. That shopping trip was too funny. I loved that she deliberately punished him with those silly sunglasses.


Firnlambe: I loved that Jason even let her. That really shows how much he’s come to care for her. He wouldn’t put up with anyone else if they tried to pull all the things Rita is doing.

Taleena: Rita’s attempt at making over Ji Sang’s looks really were a stark contrast to the heaviness of the other storylines. It was almost jarring to go from SheMinion’s death to the requisite shopping trip. The glasses were funny though. I am glad they lightened it up with some humor because then they immediately went to Mother Superior’s dyingness for 20 minutes.

Wendilynn: I actually really like this struggle Ji Sang is facing. I love that Rita is helping him stay focused on what really matters and not get emotional. I think he would have really infected the Nun if it hadn’t been for two things. Rita saying no and Dr. Evil trying to get him to agree that turning her over to ward 21A was the right thing to do.

Taleena: I disagree that Rita stopped him from being emotional. I think she just made him realize that emotions are not necessarily an indicator that the choice was a moral one. The fact that Dr. E was practically a demon on his shoulder to Rita’s angel was a real flashing neon sign about the magnitude of the choice.


Wendilynn: What I meant was not react emotionally and make foolish decisions. But I think you illustrated it better.

Firnlambe: lol let’s be serious, she always illustrates things better for us. I am in complete agreement on the Rita front. It’s nice to see her being a solid foundation for Jason, particularly when he really needs something to ground him in “humanity”.

Taleena: My Magic Eight Ball says young Dora there is going to fill Mother Superior’s shoes (in so far as she rescues kids) in the future.


Wendilynn: That would be sweet. You can tell that Mother Superior is already being encouraged to cross over. She’s clearly getting visitors.

Taleena: So what have we learned this episode: 1 - The Dream Team has shared all info with each other EXCEPT the fact that Ji Sang is a vampire. 2 - Dr. E. knows there is SOME sort of collaboration between the Dream Team members. 3 - Dream Team has confirmed Dr. E is lying pretty much non stop. 4 - Rita CAN work through the night without a giant plate of cookies, unlike Taleena. 5 - Luuvy the PervBot reigns supreme.

Wendilynn: Yay for Luuvy the PervBot. I love him. He is a crack up. I wait for whatever crazy thing he’s going to say that will get Renfield in trouble. lol I was sort of disappointed that something wasn’t said that messed up that cuteness between BFF and Renfield at his house.

Firnlambe: I think at this point if something happened to PervBot, it would be the Kdrama equivalent of killing off R2-D2. You never take out the lovable droids . . . even if he does have a knack for talking too much when it is wanted least.

Taleena: Just you wait until PervBot tells BFF of Renfield’s baseball movie collection. I’m thinking BFF will not be as casual as Rita was. PervBot’s dimension scan was not exactly taken with a happy face.

Wendilynn: No woman alive wants to hear about how much belly fat she has. lol Of course, that he’s actually talking about how well she could handle being pregnant is just funny to me. BFF and Renfield are quickly becoming my favorite couple. They are just too adorable. And that is saying something because I really like all the quiet smiles Ji Sang is making. I have a major weakness for that. I think BFF’s survivability rating has probably gone up unless they feel like breaking Renfield’s heart.

Taleena: Do you think that Vampire No Sleep has a crush on Ji Sang? I think so. Also - Poor Dr. Gentle Snacks! He really doesn’t have any friends does he?!

Wendilynn: He really does seem to be alone. As for VNS, I don’t think she necessarily has a crush, I think she is looking for opportunities to test him. Ultimately they want JI Sang to join their little vampire band. This bit with the Nun really is the first time they had a chance to get under his skin. However, I don’t see them being successful. I’m still expecting bad things to happen with vampire patient in 21A. He’s probably going to fully switch over.

Firnlambe: I’m in the same boat as Taleena . . . I think VnS honestly has a slight crush on Jason, it’s just not a super strong crush.

Taleena: First you leer at a nurse, then you push a doctor, then you get Doc Glowy Eyes to look at you. THEN you turn vampire yourself. Am I missing a step?

Wendilynn: Sounds about right. lol

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