Who’s ready for almost all the puzzle pieces to fall into place? //glances around the interwebz// Yeah . . . so are we. Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we go over everything we’ve anxiously been waiting for. So get ready Daywalkers — for all the awesome fight sequences, PervBot antics, and major photographic reveals that Episode 13 has to offer.

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Taleena: I just knew that the whole “complete honesty” thing would bite Ji Sang in the butt.

Wendilynn: I agree, I think it was a colossal mistake not to come completely clean to Dr. Younger. Although, for a moment, when I saw him rushing to the rescue at the end, I thought maybe he had and we would find out in flashback.

Firnlambe: ME TOO!!! I’m kinda sad it didn’t happen that way, but I understand why it did . . . though I really liked Dr. Younger’s teasing facial expressions while they were fighting.

Taleena: Speaking of Dr. the Younger and fight scenes, did anyone else cheer then laugh hilariously at his attempt to beat Hoodie Guy with a stick?

Wendilynn: That was funny and they played the joke well. The Doc’s expression as he seemed to think “well of course it would snap” seemed ironic and funny.

Firnlambe: I was hoping Jason would go into vamp mode once Dr. Younger was knocked out . . . but then I realized he’s “sick” so of course he wouldn’t be able to go into kick ass mode. //sigh// stupid desire to act human.

Taleena: OK. I have a nit to pick with that. Was this planned with Dr. the Younger or not? Because there is evidence either way. AND if it WAS planned, Why oh WHY would they plan it while Ji Sang was “sick”.

Wendilynn: The other sick vampires have no problem going “vamp” sick. So I’m sure that thought didn’t occur to them. And I didn’t see him not changing because he was sick, but not changing to blow his cover with Dr. Younger. This was definitely a planned event, although poorly planned. OR Ji Sang expected it to fail but was really trying to confirm who this second vamp was.

Firnlambe: Yes but the other vampires are not “super vamps”. They can die from the mystery medicine. I don’t care that your theory makes sense lol I wanted to see Jason at least take both remaining members of the hoodie brigade down a few pegs.

Taleena: I agree that Ji Sang is a Super Special Snowflake, but also I can shenanigans, because Ji Sang was detecting Hoodie Gang through the good vibrations all up until an episode ago. That seems awful convenient to me.

Wendilynn: I always thought the vibrations was being sent on purpose, not “just because”. all they would have to do is not take their next dose of superflu to be able to do it.

Firnlambe: Those where my thought as well. Ok enough about the hoodie brigade . . . we need to discuss our mole. After this episode I am thoroughly convinced that Vampire no Sleep has a serious crush on Jason.

Wendilynn: I would have to agree with you. Although she seems to have a soft spot for Dr. Gentle Snacks. Although, his tantrum was really funny. *chuckles* Was anyone else surprised that she has put Smack Talk on the no infect list?

Taleena: I agree that Vampire No Sleep has a soft spot for Dr. Gentle Snacks. She certainly is not as hard line as Dr. E. I was thinking that Dr. Gentle Snacks may give our Dream Team an inadvertent hand. He is not obviously affiliated or toadying, and NO one is thinking he is a mastermind. It would have a nice symmetry if Dr. Gentle Snacks kindness to Intern No Sleep is what turns the tide. I also think that VNS put Smack Talk on the no infect list because she is a child.

Firnlambe: Oooo I like this theory of Dr. Gentle Snacks being the one to pull VnS away from Dr. Evil.

Wendilynn: That’s pretty good. I personally think that VNS sees herself in Smack Talk and so she wants her to have a chance to grow up being normal. Not throwing herself off the top of buildings. You can see moments when her experience as a patient shows on her face as she watches the kids.

Taleena: I think VNS had a rough experience as a vampire kid. For one thing, she was raised under the not so tender mercies of an increasingly megalomaniacal evil genius. She was turned if not precisely against her will, certainly unawares. AT least our Special Snowflake had a loving mom to ply him with medicines to keep the Bitey Spells at bay. I doubt this was the case with VNS.

Firnlambe: Yeah, I’m sure growing up as a human first, then suddenly having a seemingly random thirst for blood could not have been easy to process. Gosh, now I hope she really does have a change of heart . . . If she stays a cold heartless Vamp I’m not going to like having these sympathetic thoughts.

Taleena: On the other Hand if she stays bad we might get a VNS/Rita cat fight. Which . . . I kind of want to see. Fight, fight, fight!

Firnlambe: I think we’d actually have a larger cat fight if VnS turned “good” and went on the offensive towards Jason.

Wendilynn: I think a cat fight might happen anyway. Of course, speaking of cats, HR Auntie needs to stay away from the color red. That lipstick might as well be a shirt.

Firnlambe: ehhhh I see what you did there . . .

Taleena: Although HR Auntie is no longer underestimated by Dr. E. I think that she ultimately bolstered her position a little bit by giving that recorder to Uncle. I don’t know what is on it for sure - a mix of highly blackmail-able material no doubt - but I don’t think she is so foolish as to give away her only copy. She is digging into being that bad-a** tree in the courtyard.

Wendilynn: I’m all for her bad-ass-ery, so who wants to bet that the recorder info has something to do with Rita’s parent’s death?

Taleena: Very likely, I have been waiting for the little nugget of information to resurface. I am still holding out hope that Rita’s parents will have something to do with the vampire cure. ‘Cause c’mon you KNOW they are going to cure Ji Sang in the end. They have to, he was SO Very Happy with a racing heart and a normal temperature.

Firnlambe: If the truth on that recorder comes out to be something other than Uncle ordering Rita’s parents to their doom I’ll be upset. I don’t know what else could be so worth him turning a blind eye to HR Auntie’s snooping around ward 21A. I’m also in agreement on the parents having the cure, or at least the fundamentals to create the cure.

Wendilynn: I’m also hoping they cure Ji Sang in the end, and its very possible her parents were involved somehow, why else show us that they were killed? I have to say that I felt my heartstrings tug when Ji Sang was so wistfully talking about trying to feel human for a moment. And its a testament to their close relationship that Renfield didn’t even try to argue him out of doing it.

Taleena: Remember that it was RIta’s father that founded the hospital. There must be some reason that this was the hospital that Dr. E set up shop in. As for Renfield, I was highly - HIGHLY - amused at him choking down Rita’s cooking.

Firnlambe: More than being amused at PervBot’s wake up call? ‘Cus that was hysterical.

Taleena: There is no comparison to PervBot. PervBot is incomparable. One can only wish for an entire show of PervBot.

Wendilynn: PervBot is lucky he hasn’t been dismantled with that wake up call. Waking me up that way would put its electronic health in jeopardy. lol Still laughed my butt off, though.

Taleena: Can we talk about “phase three” of the Vampire drug not being ready? I know I have been expecting the patients in the Guinea Pig Ward to turn since the first injection of the trail drugs but maybe this untested, unready version will be the thing which tips the scale.

Firnlambe: Oh I’m sure this will cause many problems. I just hope Dora the K-Explorer won’t be too hurt when dear old dad goes crazy.

Wendilynn: The previews do show Dad has some issues. Although I had to cheer Dora for giving Smack Talk some of her sass back.

Taleena: So what is the prognosis ladies? Are you happy with Rita moving in with the boys? And were you amused by her need for her own personal house slippers from home? And, AND was anyone else just WAITING for Hoodie Guy to knock over the flowers on a pole thing Rita had sitting around her room like Errol Flynn knocked over candelabras? AND were you disappointed they were unscathed? WHAT kind of fight was that?! Lame.

Firnlambe: I was more amused that Rita had Jason already wrapped around her little finger //cough cough// Midnight melon ice cream runs //cough cough// And in regards to Hoodie Guy in Rita’s house, since when did Vampires have the ability to see the past in such vivid detail?!?

Wendilynn: Emotional moments can sear themselves into your memories.

Firnlambe: BUT it was the other vampire, not the one who fought the fight.

Wendilynn: Both of them were involved.

Taleena: We could quibble about that Firnlambe, but then we’d have to get into the whole tangled issue of why K drama flashbacks are always remembered in the third person, and we DON’T want to go there.

Wendilynn: AS for Rita moving in with the boys, I didn’t blink too much about her packing lots of clothes. She’s a fussy sort of person. When she went to pack the dolls, I started busting up. Watching Jason get more irritated till he was left in exasperation saying, “fine, pack everything” was awesome. She had to know she was being a pill and still he went for ice cream...sort of.

Taleena: I was irritated that Rita was blabbing so loud at work. The hospital corridors are ECHO-y. Sheesh! Bring it down a notch will ya? You’re giving everything away to whatever minion may be listening around the corner.

Firnlambe: Ohhhh the "Let's forget we're talking about super secret subjects in public" trope, it's so over used. Well, putting VnS's eavesdropping session aside . . . All I hope for is that the twitchy SheMinion replacement gets taken out soon.

Taleena: Dr. LensCrafter?

Wendilynn: lol, okay, that’s a funny nickname. You know his “happy doctor” routine is going to crack soon. He’s not a happy camper, especially when he was told a better researcher would be joining the team soon.

Taleena: Yup, he’s the type to crack into gibbering, maniacal laughter, and foaming at the mouth after a five straight minutes of increasingly strident “I’m Happy!”

Wendilynn: I bet he cracks next episode. However, I cracked in my grudging disbelief that there is a real romance brewing between Rita and Ji Sang. That whole hand on the heart and cheek scene melted me. I’m in it now. I’m fully committed to these two. The warmth and sweetness may still need a lot of thawing till Ji Sang is comfortable showing a lot of affection, but I have faith in Rita that she can do it.

Taleena: Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Sure the romance is there between Rita and Ji Sang, but the romance between me and chocolate cake is richer and more meaningful.

Firnlambe: You just don’t approve that Jason hasn’t brought Rita his love offering of Melon ice cream aren’t you . . .

Taleena: Ice Cream is more a midnight BFF kind of food - OR pregnant women food. It doesn’t speak Romance to me. Why Yes, I do have a hierarchy of romantic foods, why do you ask?

Wendilynn: I don’t know, bringing me ice cream in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, would melt my cold heart. lol

Firnlambe: I’m with Wendilynn on this particular topic.

Taleena: Clearly if we keep exploring this issue, deep fissures will emerge in our friendship. the Ice Cream Argument of 2015.

Someday Daywalkers the Rita/Jason ship will finally set sail . . . someday. So now that things are really starting to pick up, how much longer will it be before our Dream Team all finally know the secret that Jason has been desperately hiding from them. Will Vampire No Sleep switch sides with help from Dr. Gentle Snacks? or does Dr. Evil have too strong of a hold on her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we love that so many of you really love this drama and we always appreciate reading your thoughts on how things will play out. Particularly since so many of you are really good at predicting where the show will end up going next.

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